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Charpentier, Jean-Frédéric and Lefèvre, Yvan and Lajoie-Mazenc, Michel. A 2D Finite Element Formulation for the Study of the High Frequency Behaviour of Wound Components. (1996) IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 32 (3). 1098-1101. ISSN 0018-9464

Silva, Ranil and Dairaine, Laurent and Seneviratne, Aruna and Fry, Michel. A comparison of automatic protocol generation techniques. (1996) Australian Computer Journal, 2 (2). 55-60. ISSN 0004-8917

Ludwig, Wolfgang and Probst, Jean-Luc. A global modelling of the climatic, morphological, and lithological control of river sediment discharges to the oceans. (1996) Bulletin of the International Association of Scientific Hydrology, 236. 21-28.

Loubière, Sophie and Laurent, Christophe and Bonino, Jean-Pierre and Rousset, Abel. A metastable chromium carbide powder obtained by carburization of a metastable chromium oxide. (1996) Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 243 (1-2). 59-66. ISSN 0925-8388

Grundmann, Miloslav and Mojtabi, Abdelkader and Hof, B. Van 'T. Asymptotic solution of natural convection problem in a square cavity heated from below. (1996) International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow, 6 (5). 29-36. ISSN 0961-5539

Duquenne, Philippe. Chapitre 3.1 : Découpage d'un projet et organigramme des tâches. (1996) In: Gestion de projets. Editions Weka, 1-34.

Duquenne, Philippe. Chapitre 3.6 : Ingenierie simultanée. (1996) In: Gestion des projets. Editions Weka, 1-26.

Metzger, Jean-Paul and Muller, Etienne. Characterizing the complexity of landscape boundaries by remote sensing. (1996) Landscape Ecology, 11 (2). 65-77. ISSN 0921-2973

Sareni, Bruno and Krähenbühl, Laurent and Beroual, Abderrahmane and Brosseau, Christian. Complex effective permittivity of a lossy composite material. (1996) Journal of Applied Physics, 80 (8). 4560-4565. ISSN 0021-8979

Noureddine, Farid. Conception d'un outil logiciel graphique pour l'analyse comportementale d'un robot en mode dégradé. (1996) Revue Internationale de CFAO et d'informatique graphique, 11 (1-2). 199-214. ISSN 0298-0924

Bourée, Françoise and Baudour, Jean-Louis and El Badraoui, E. and Musso, Jean and Laurent, Christophe and Rousset, Abel. Crystal and magnetic structure of piezoelectric, ferrimagnetic and magnetoelectric aluminium iron oxide FeAlO3 from neutron powder diffraction. (1996) Acta Crystallographica Section B: Structural Science, B52 (2). 217-222. ISSN 0108-7681

Gerbaud, Vincent. Détermination de l'état de sursaturation et effet des polysaccharides sur la cristallisation du bitartrate de potassium dans les vins. PhD, Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse, 1996

Sareni, Bruno and Krähenbühl, Laurent and Beroual, Abderrahmane and Brosseau, Christian. Effective dielectric constant of periodic composite materials. (1996) Journal of Applied Physics, 80 (3). 1688-1696. ISSN 0021-8979

Alizadeh, A. and Dechamp-Guillaume, Grégory and Sarrafi, Ahmad and Rahimian, Heshmat and Barrault, Gérard. Electrophoretic Analysis of Total and Membrane Proteins of Xanthomonas campestris Pathovars, the Causal Agents of the Leaf Streak of Cereals and Grasses in Iran. (1996) Journal of Phytopathology, 144 (2). 97-101. ISSN 0931-1785

Harran, Gilles and Chassaing, Patrick and Joly, Laurent and Chibat, Mohamed. Etude numérique des effets de densité dans un jet de mélange turbulent en microgravité. (1996) Revue Générale de Thermique, 3 (411). 151-176. ISSN 0035-3159

Plouraboué, Franck and Winkler, Kenneth and Petitjean, Luc and Hulin, Jean-Pierre and Roux, Stéphane. Experimental study of fracture surface roughness on rocks with crack velocity. (1996) Physical Review E, 53 (1). 277-283. ISSN 1063-651X

Plouraboué, Franck and Roux, Stéphane. Experimental study of the roughness of crumpled surfaces. (1996) Physica A Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 227 (3-4). 173-182.

Ewers, Bernd and Bordeneuve-Guibé, Joël and Garcia, Jean-Pierre and Piquin, Jeannick. Expert supervision of an anti-skid control system of a commercial aircraft. (1996) In: IEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Control, 15-19 Sept 1996, Dearborn, USA .

Ewers, Bernd and Bordeneuve-Guibé, Joël and Garcia, Jean-Pierre and Piquin, Jeannick. Expert supervision of conventional control systems. (1996) In: 5th IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, 08-11 Sept 1996, New Orleans, USA .

Fabre, Jean-Charles and Pérennou, Tanguy. FRIENDS - A flexible architecture for implementing fault tolerant and secure distributed applications. (1996) In: Proceedings 2nd European Dependable Computing Conference (EDCC-2), 02-04 Oct 1996, Taormina, Italy .

Sadowski, Nelson and Lefèvre, Yvan and Neeves, CGC and Carlson, Renato. Finite Elements Coupled to Electrical Circuit Equations in the Simulation of Switched Reluctance Drives: Attention to Mechanical Behaviour. (1996) IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 32 (3). 1086-1089. ISSN 0018-9464

Silva, Adriana S. and Bond, Robert and Plouraboué, Franck and Wirtz, Denis. Fluctuation dynamics of a single magnetic chain. (1996) Physical Review E, 54 (5). 5502-5510. ISSN 1063-651X

El Attari, Hania and Sarrafi, Ahmad and Alizadeh, A. and Dechamp-Guillaume, Grégory and Barrault, Gérard. Genetic analysis of partial resistance to bacterial leaf streak ( Xanthomonas campestris pv. cerealis ) in wheat. (1996) Plant Pathology, 45 (4). 736-741. ISSN 0032-0862

Haida, Souad and Snoussi, Maria and Latouche, Claude and Probst, Jean-Luc. Géodynamique actuelle du bassin versant de l'Oued Tensift (Maroc) : Erosion mécanique et bilan des transports solides fluviaux. (1996) Sciences Géologiques, Bulletin, 49 (7-23). 7-23. ISSN 0302-2692

Gilbert, Franck and Stora, Georges and Bertrand, Jean-Claude. In situ bioturbation and hydrocarbon fate in an experimental contaminated Mediterranean coastal ecosystem. (1996) Chemosphere, 33 (8). 1449-1458. ISSN 0045-6535

Taillandier, Patricia and Gilis, Jean-François and Ramon-Portugal, Felipe and Laforce, Patrice and Strehaiano, Pierre. Influence of medium composition, pH and temperature on the growth and viability of Lactobacillus acidophilus. (1996) Biotechnology Letters, 18 (7). 775-780. ISSN 0141-5492

Laurent, Christophe and Rousset, Abel and Bonnefond, Pierre and Oquab, Djar and Lavelle, Bruno. Mechanical properties of alumina-metal-zirconia nano-micro hybrid composites. (1996) Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 16 (9). 937-943. ISSN 0955-2219

Rycke, Jean de and Mazars, Philippe and Nougayrède, Jean-Philippe and Tasca, Christian and Boury, Michèle and Herault, Frédéric and Valette, Annie and Oswald, Eric. Mitotic block and delayed lethality in HeLa epithelial cells exposed to Escherichia coli BM2-1 producing cytotoxic necrotizing factor type 1. (1996) Infection and immunity, 6 (5). 1694-705. ISSN 0019-9567

Laurent, Christophe and Dooryhée, Eric and Dufour, Christian and Gourbilleau, Fabrice and Levalois, Marc and Nouet, Gérard and Paumier, E.. Modification by high energy ion irradiation of iron-alumina nano-composites. (1996) Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 107 (1-4). 232-238. ISSN 0168-583X

Henry, Françoise and Probst, Jean-Luc and Thouron, Danièle and Depetris, Pedro J. and Garçon, Véronique. Nd-Sr Isotopic compositions of dissolved and particulate material transported by the Parana and Uruguay rivers during high (December 1993) and low (September 1994) water periods. (1996) Sciences Géologiques, Bulletin, 49 (1-4). 89-100. ISSN 0302-2692

Amiotte Suchet, Philippe and Probst, Jean-Luc. Origines du carbone inorganique dissous dans les eaux de la Garonne. Variations saisonnières et interannuelles. (Sources of dissolved inorganic carbon in the Garonne river water. Seasonal and interannual variations). (1996) Sciences Géologiques, Bulletin, 49 (1-4). 101-126. ISSN 0302-2692

Plihon, Florence and Taillandier, Patricia and Strehaiano, Pierre. Oxygen effect on lactose catabolism by a Leuconostoc mesenteroides strain: modeling of general O2-dependent stoichiometry. (1996) Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 49 (1). 63-69. ISSN 0006-3592

Pinelli, Eric and Monje, Marie-Carmen and El Adlouni, Chakib and Marty, Jean-Louis and Grosse, Yann and Pfohl-Leszkowicz, Annie. Phenobarbital enhanced genotoxicity of ochratoxin A. (1996) Cell Biology and Toxicology, 12 (4-6). 392. ISSN 0742-2091

Ludwig, Wolfgang and Probst, Jean-Luc and Kempe, Stefan. Predicting the oceanic input of organic carbon by continental erosion. (1996) Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 10 (1). 23-41. ISSN 0886-6236

Urrutigoïty, Martine and Cecutti, Marie-Christine and Senocq, François and Gorrichon, Jean-Pierre and Gleizes, Alain. Preliminary study of [Ni(en)3] (CF3CO2)2 and Ni(en) (hfpd)2 as precursors for metalorganic chemical vapour deposition: structural properties and thermal behaviours (en = ethylenediamine, hfpd = hexafluoropentadionato(−)). (1996) Inorganica Chimica Acta, 248 (1). 15-21. ISSN 0020-1693

Bertagnoli, Stéphane and Gelfi, Jacqueline and Le Gall, Ghislaine and Boilletot, Eric and Vautherot, Jean-François and Rasschaert, Denis and Laurent, Sylvie and Petit, Frédérique and Boucraut-Baralon, Corine and Milon, Alain. Protection against myxomatosis and rabbit viral hemorrhagic disease with recombinant myxoma viruses expressing rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus capsid protein. (1996) Journal of virology, 7 (8). 5061-5066. ISSN 0022-538X

Legendre, Dominique. Quelques aspects des forces hydrodynamiques et des transferts de chaleur sur une bulle sphérique. PhD, Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse, 1996

Ludwig, Wolfgang and Amiotte Suchet, Philippe and Probst, Jean-Luc. River discharges of carbon to the world's oceans: determining local inputs of alkalinity and of dissolved and particulate organic carbon. (1996) Sciences de la terre et des planètes (Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences) , t. 323. 1007-1014. ISSN 1250-8050

Khallouf, Hicham and Gershuni, Grigori Z. and Mojtabi, Abdelkader. Some properties of convective oscillations in porous medium. (1996) Numerical Heat Transfer, Part A: Applications, 30 (6). 605-618. ISSN 1040-7782

Quénard, Olivier and Laurent, Christophe and Brieu, Marc and Rousset, Abel. Synthesis, microstructure and oxidation of Co-MgAl2O4 and Ni-MgAl2O4 nanocomposite powders. (1996) Nanostructured Materials, 7 (5). 497-507. ISSN 0965-9773

Veyssy, Eric and Colas, Christine and Etcheber, Henri and Maneux, Eric and Probst, Jean-Luc. Transports fluviaux de carbone organique par la Garonne à l'entrée de l'estuaire de la Gironde. (1996) Sciences Géologiques, Bulletin, 49 (1-4). 127-153. ISSN 0302-2692

Boeglin, Jean-Loup and Probst, Jean-Luc. Transports fluviaux de matières dissoutes et particulaires sur un bassin versant en région tropicale : le bassin amont du Niger au cours de la période 1990-1993. (1996) Sciences Géologiques, Bulletin, 49 (1-4). 25-45. ISSN 0302-2692

Alazard, Daniel and Chrétien, Jean-Pierre and Le Du, M.. CAT: Robust attitude control of a telescope with flexible modes. (1996) In: Dynamics and control of structures in Space III, 1 May 1996 (London, United Kingdom).

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