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Lognonné, Philippe and Banerdt, W. B. and Pike, W. T. and Giardini, Domenico and Christensen, U. and Garcia, Raphaël F. and Kawamura, T. and Kedar, S. and Knapmeyer-Endrun, B. and Margerin, L. and Nimmo, F. and Panning, M. and Tauzin, B. and Scholz, J.-R. and Antonangeli, D. and Barkaoui, S. and Beucler, E. and Bissig, F. and Brinkman, N. and Calvet, M. and Ceylan, S. and Charalambous, C. and Davis, P. and van Driel, M. and Drilleau, Mélanie and Fayon, L. and Joshi, R. and Kenda, B. and Khan, A. and Knapmeyer, M. and Lekic, V. and McClean, J. and Mimoun, David and Murdoch, Naomi and Pan, L. and Perrin, C. and Pinot, B. and Pou, L. and Menina, S. and Rodriguez, S. and Schmelzbach, C. and Schmerr, N. and Sollberger, D. and Spiga, A. and Stähler, S. and Stott, A. and Stutzmann, E. and Tharimena, S. and Widmer-Schnidrig, R. and Andersson, F. and Ansan, V. and Beghein, C. and Böse, M. and Bozdag, E. and Clinton, J. and Daubar, I. and Delage, P. and Fuji, N. and Golombek, M. and Grott, M. and Horleston, A. and Hurst, K. and Irving, J. and Jacob, A. and Knollenberg, J. and Krasner, S. and Krause, C. and Lorenz, R. and Michaut, C. and Myhill, R. and Nissen-Meyer, T. and ten Pierick, J. and Plesa, A.-C. and Quantin-Nataf, C. and Robertsson, J. and Rochas, L. and Schimmel, M. and Smrekar, S. and Spohn, T. and Teanby, N. and Tromp, J. and Vallade, J. and Verdier, N. and Vrettos, Christos and Weber, R. and Banfield, D. and Barrett, E. and Bierwirth, M. and Calcutt, S. and Compaire, N. and Johnson, C.L. and Mance, D. and Euchner, F. and Kerjean, L. and Mainsant, Guenolé and Mocquet, A. and Rodriguez Manfredi, J. A and Pont, G. and Laudet, P. and Nebut, T. and de Raucourt, S. and Robert, O. and Russell, C. T. and Sylvestre-Baron, A. and Tillier, S. and Warren, T. and Wieczorek, M. and Yana, C. and Zweifel, P.. Constraints on the shallow elastic and anelastic structure of Mars from InSight seismic data. (2020) Nature Geoscience, 13 (3). 213-220. ISSN 1752-0894

Lognonné, Philippe and Banerdt, W. Bruce and Giardini, D. and Pike, W. T. and Christensen, U. and Laudet, P. and de Raucourt, S. and Zweifel, P. and Calcutt, S. and Bierwirth, M. and Hurst, K. J. and Ijpelaan, F. and Umland, J. W. and Llorca-Cejudo, R. and Larson, S. A. and Garcia, Raphaël F. and Kedar, S. and Knapmeyer-Endrun, B. and Mimoun, David and Mocquet, A. and Panning, M. P. and Weber, R. C. and Sylvestre-Baron, A. and Pont, G. and Verdier, N. and Kerjean, L. and Facto, L. J. and Gharakanian, V. and Feldman, J. E. and Hoffman, T. L. and Klein, D. B. and Klein, K. and Onufer, N. P. and Paredes-Garcia, J. and Petkov, M. P. and Willis, J. R. and Smrekar, S. E. and Drilleau, Mélanie and Gabsi, T. and Nebut, T. and Robert, O. and Tillier, S. and Moreau, C. and Parise, M. and Aveni, G. and Ben Charef, S. and Bennour, Y. and Camus, T. and Dandonneau, P. A. and Desfoux, C. and Lecomte, B. and Pot, O. and Revuz, P. and Mance, D. and tenPierick, J. and Bowles, N. E. and Charalambous, C. and Delahunty, A. K. and Hurley, J. and Irshad, R. and Liu, Huafeng and Mukherjee, A. G. and Standley, I. M. and Stott, A. E. and Temple, J. and Warren, T. and Eberhardt, M. and Kramer, A. and Kühne, W. and Miettinen, E.-P. and Monecke, M. and Aicardi, C. and André, M. and Baroukh, J. and Borrien, A. and Bouisset, A. and Boutte, P. and Brethomé, K. and Brysbaert, C. and Carlier, T. and Deleuze, M. and Desmarres, J. M. and Dilhan, D. and Doucet, C. and Faye, D. and Faye-Refalo, N. and Gonzalez, R. and Imbert, C. and Larigauderie, C. and Locatelli, E. and Luno, L. and Meyer, J.-R. and Mialhe, F. and Mouret, J. M. and Nonon, M. and Pahn, Y. and Paillet, A. and Pasquier, P. and Perez, G. and Perez, R. and Perrin, L. and Pouilloux, B. and Rosak, A. and Savin de Larclause, I. and Sicre, J. and Sodki, M. and Toulemont, N. and Vella, B. and Yana, C. and Alibay, F. and Avalos, O. M. and Balzer, M. A. and Bhandari, P. and Blanco, E. and Bone, B. D. and Bousman, J. C. and Bruneau, P. and Calef, F. J. and Calvet, R. J. and D’Agostino, S. A. and de los Santos, G. and Deen, R. G. and Denise, R. W. and Ervin, J. and Ferraro, N. W. and Gengl, H. E. and Grinblat, F. and Hernandez, D. and Hetzel, M. and Johnson, M. E. and Khachikyan, L. and Lin, J. Y. and Madzunkov, S. M. and Marshall, S. L. and Mikellides, I. G. and Miller, E. A. and Raff, W. and Singer, J. E. and Sunday, C. M. and Villalvazo, J. F. and Wallace, M. C. and Banfield, D. and Rodriguez-Manfredi, J. A. and Russell, C. T. and Trebi-Ollennu, A. and Maki, J. N. and Beucler, E. and Böse, M. and Bonjour, C. and Berenguer, J. L. and Ceylan, S. and Clinton, J. and Conejero, V. and Daubar, I. and Dehant, V. and Delage, P. and Euchner, F. and Estève, I. and Fayon, L. and Ferraioli, L. and Johnson, C. L. and Gagnepain-Beyneix, J. and Golombek, M. and Khan, A. and Kawamura, T. and Kenda, B. and Labrot, P. and Murdoch, Naomi and Pardo, C. and Perrin, C. and Pou, L. and Sauron, A. and Savoie, D. and Stähler, S. and Stutzmann, E. and Teanby, N. A. and Tromp, J. and van Driel, M. and Wieczorek, M. and Widmer-Schnidrig, R. and Wookey, J.. SEIS: Insight’s Seismic Experiment for Internal Structure of Mars. (2019) Space Science Reviews, 215 (1). 1-170. ISSN 0038-6308

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