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Brugnoli, Andrea and Haine, Ghislain and Matignon, Denis Explicit structure-preserving discretization of port-Hamiltonian systems with mixed boundary control. (2022) In: 25th International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems (MTNS 2022), 12 September 2022 - 16 September 2022 (Bayreuth, Germany).

Brugnoli, Andrea and Matignon, Denis A port-Hamiltonian formulation for the full von-Kármán plate model. (2022) In: 10th European Nonlinear Dynamics Conference (ENOC), 17 July 2022 - 22 July 2022 (Lyon, France).

Brugnoli, Andrea and Haine, Ghislain and Serhani, Anass and Vasseur, Xavier Numerical Approximation of Port-Hamiltonian Systems for Hyperbolic or Parabolic PDEs with Boundary Control. (2021) Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics, 09 (06). 1278-1321. ISSN 2327-4352

Brugnoli, Andrea and Alazard, Daniel and Pommier-Budinger, Valérie and Matignon, Denis A port-Hamiltonian formulation of linear thermoelasticity and its mixed finite element discretization. (2021) Journal of Thermal Stresses, 44 (6). 643-661. ISSN 0149-5739

Brugnoli, Andrea and Rashad, Ramy and Califano, Federico and Stramigioli, Stefano and Matignon, Denis Mixed finite elements for port-Hamiltonian models of von Kármán beams. (2021) In: Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Methodes for Nonlinear Control (LHMNLC 2021), 11 October 2021 - 13 October 2021 (Berlin, Germany).

Bacchin, Patrice and Snisarenko, Dmytro and Stamatialis, Dimitrios and Aimar, Pierre and Causserand, Christel Combining fluorescence and permeability measurements in a membrane microfluidic device to study protein sorption mechanisms. (2020) Journal of Membrane Science, 614. 118485. ISSN 0376-7388

Das, Pritam and Remigy, Jean-Christophe and Lahitte, Jean-François and van der Meer, Andries D. and Garmy-Susini, Barbara and Coetsier, Clémence and Desclaux, Sandrine and Bacchin, Patrice Development of double porous poly (ε - caprolactone)/chitosan polymer as tissue engineering scaffold. (2020) Materials Science and Engineering C, 107. 110257. ISSN 0928-4931

Ter Beek, Odyl and Pavlenko, Denys and Suck, M. and Helfrich, S. and Bolhuis-Versteeg, Lydia A.M and Snisarenko, Dmytro and Causserand, Christel and Bacchin, Patrice and Aimar, Pierre and van Oerle, René and Wetzels, Rick J.H. and Verhezen, Paul and Henskens, Yvonne and Stamatialis, Dimitrios New membranes based on polyethersulfone – SlipSkin™ polymer blends with low fouling and high blood compatibility. (2019) Separation and Purification Technology, 225. 60-73. ISSN 1383-5866

Das, Pritam and van der meer, Andries and Vivas, Aisen and Arik, Yusuf and Remigy, Jean-Christophe and Lahitte, Jean-François and Lammertink, Rob and Bacchin, Patrice Tunable Microstructured Membranes in Organs-on-Chips to Monitor Transendothelial Hydraulic Resistance. (2019) Tissue Engineering: Parts A, B, and C. 1-41. ISSN 1937-3368

Gvozdić, Biljana and Dung, On-Yu and van Gils, Dennis P. M. and Bruggert, Gert-Wim H. and Alméras, Élise and Sun, Chao and Lohse, Detlef and Huisman, Sander G. Twente mass and heat transfer water tunnel: Temperature controlled turbulent multiphase channel flow with heat and mass transfer. (2019) Review of Scientific Instruments, 90 (7). 1-15. ISSN 0034-6748

Gvozdić, Biljana and Dung, On-Yu and Alméras, Elise and van Gils, Dennis P.M. and Lohse, Detlef and Huisman, Sander G. and Sun, Chao Experimental investigation of heat transport in inhomogeneous bubbly flow. (2019) Chemical Engineering Science, 198. 260-267. ISSN 0009-2509

Das, Pritam and van der Meer, Andries and Vivas, Aisen and Arik, Yusuf B. and Remigy, Jean-Christophe and Lahitte, Jean-François and Lammertink, Rob G.H. and Bacchin, Patrice Tunable microstructured membranes in organ‐on‐chip to monitor trans‐endothelial hydraulic resistance. (2019) Tissue Engineering Part A. 1-41. ISSN 1937-3341

Abtahi, Seyed Mehran and Marbelia, Lisendra and Gebreyohannes, Abaynesh Yihdego and Ahmadiannamini, Pejman and Joannis-Cassan, Claire and Albasi, Claire and de Vos, Wiebe M. and Vankelecom, Ivo F.J. Micropollutant rejection of annealed polyelectrolyte multilayer based nanofiltration membranes for treatment of conventionally-treated municipal wastewater. (2019) Separation and Purification Technology, 209. 470-481. ISSN 1383-5866

Gvozdić, Biljana and Alméras, Elise and Mathai, Varghese and Zhu, Xiaojue and van Gils, Dennis P. M. and Verzicco, Roberto and Huisman, Sander G. and Sun, Chao and Lohse, Detlef Experimental investigation of heat transport in homogeneous bubbly flow. (2018) Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 845. 226-244. ISSN 0022-1120

Abtahi, Seyed Mehran and Ilyas, Shazia and Joannis-Cassan, Claire and Albasi, Claire and De Vos, Wiebe M. Micropollutants removal from secondary-treated municipal wastewater using weak polyelectrolyte multilayer based nanofiltration membranes. (2018) Journal of Membrane Science, 548. 654-666. ISSN 0376-7388

Hirschberg, Lionel and Schuller, Thierry and Collinet, Jean and Schram, Christophe and Hirschberg, Avraham Analytical model for the prediction of pulsations in a cold-gas scale-model of a Solid Rocket Motor. (2018) Journal of Sound and Vibration, 419. 452-458. ISSN 0022-460X

Ilyas, Shazia and English, Renee and Aimar, Pierre and Lahitte, Jean-Francois and De Vos, Wiebe M. Preparation of multifunctional hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes by dynamic assembly of weak polyelectrolyte multilayers. (2017) Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 533. 286-295. ISSN 0927-7757

Snisarenko, Dmytro and Pavlenko, Denys and Stamatialis, Dimitrios and Aimar, Pierre and Causserand, Christel and Bacchin, Patrice Insight into the transport mechanism of solute removed in dialysis by a membrane with double functionality. (2017) Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 126. 97-108. ISSN 0263-8762

Lazar, Jonathan and Churchill, Elizabeth F. and Grossman, Tovi and Van Der Veer, Gerrit and Palanque, Philippe and Morris, John "Scooter" and Mankoff, Jennifer Making the field of computing more inclusive. (2017) Communications of the ACM, 60 (3). 50-59. ISSN 0001-0782

Fuoco, Alessio and Zwijnenberg, Harmen and Galier, Sylvain and Roux-de Balmann, Hélène and De Luca, Giorgio Structural properties of cation exchange membranes: characterization,electrolyte effect and solute transfer. (2016) Journal of Membrane Science, 520. 45-53. ISSN 0376-7388

Sendekie, Zenamarkos Bantie and Gaveau, Arthur and Lammertink, Rob and Bacchin, Patrice Bacteria Delay the Jamming of Particles at Microchannel Bottlenecks. (2016) Scientific Reports, 6 (31471). 1-10. ISSN 2045-2322

Masmoudi, Malek and Hans, Erwin W. and Haït, Alain Tactical project planning under uncertainty: fuzzy approach. (2016) European Journal of Industrial Engineering, 10 (3). 301-317. ISSN 1751-5254

Fabié, Laure and Agostini, Pierre and Stopel, Martijn and Blum, Christian and Lassagne, Benjamin and Subramaniam, Vinod and Ondarçuhu, Thierry Direct patterning of nanoparticles and biomolecules by liquid nanodispensing. (2015) Nanoscale, 7 (10). 4497-4504. ISSN 2040-3364

Bhaskara, Usha Rashmi and Tourrette, Audrey and Jocic, Dragan and Warmoeskerken, Marijn M.C.G. Attachment of β-Cyclodextrins on Cotton and Influence of β-Cyclodextrin on Ester Formation with BTCA on Cotton. (2014) AATCC Journal of Research, 1 (3). 28-38. ISSN 2330-5517

Pondman, Kirsten M. and Sobik, Martin and Nayak, Annapurna and Tsolaki, Anthony G. and Jäkel, Anne and Flahaut, Emmanuel and Hampel, Silke and ten Haken, Bennie and Sim, Robert B. and Kishore, Uday Complement activation by carbon nanotubes and its influence on the phagocytosis and cytokine response by macrophages. (2014) Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine, 10 (6). 1287-1299. ISSN 1549-9634

Hernández, Ignacio and Staffelbach, Gabriel and Poinsot, Thierry and Román Casado, Juan C. and Kok, Jim B.W. LES and acoustic analysis of thermo-acoustic instabilities in a partially premixed model combustor. (2013) Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences - Séries II, Mécanique, 341 (1-2). 121-130. ISSN 1631-0721

Rolle, Aurélie and Thoréton, Vincent and Rozier, Patrick and Capoen, Edouard and Mentré, Olivier and Boukamp, Bernard and Daviero-Minaud, Sylvie Evidence of the Current Collector Effect: Study of the SOFC Cathode Material Ca3Co4O9+δ. (2012) Fuel Cells, 12 (2). 288-301. ISSN 1615-6846

Oh, Jung Min and Legendre, Dominique and Mugele, Frieder Shaken not stirred — On internal flow patterns in oscillating sessile drops. (2012) Europhysics Letters, 98 (3). ISSN 0295-5075

Lukanov, Petar and Anuganti, Vijay K. and Krupskaya, Yulia and Galibert, Anne-Marie and Soula, Brigitte and Tîlmaciu, Carmen and Velders, Aldrik H. and Klingeler, Ruediger and Büchner, Bernd and Flahaut, Emmanuel CCVD Synthesis of Carbon-Encapsulated Cobalt Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications. (2011) Advanced Functional Materials, 241 (18). 3583-3588. ISSN 1616-301X

Kulkarni, Amit and Tourrette, Audrey and Warmoeskerken, Marijn M.C.G. and Jocic, Dragan Microgel-based surface modifying system for stimuli-responsive functional finishing of cotton. (2010) Carbohydrate Polymers, 82 (4). 1306-1314. ISSN 0144-8617

Abbas, Micheline and Van der Hoef, Martin and Kuipers, Hans Discrete Particle Model for simulating liquid-solid fluidization. (2010) In: 7th International Conference of Multiphase Flows , 30 May 2010 - 4 June 2010 (Tampa, United States).

Cao, Jian and Akkerman, Remko and Boisse, Philippe and Chen, Julie and Cheng, H. S. and De Graaf, E.F. and Gorczyka, Jennifer L. and Harrison, Philippe and Hivet, G. and Launay, Jérôme and Lee, W. and Liu, L. and Lomov, Stepan V. and Long, A. and De Luycker, Emmanuel and Morestin, Fabrice and Padvoiskis, Julia and Peng, X.Q. and Sherwood, J. and Stoilova, Tz. and Tao, X.M. and Verpoest, Ignass and Willems, An and Wiggers, J. and Yu, T.X. and Zhu, B. Characterization of mechanical behavior of woven fabrics: experimental methods and benchmark results. (2008) Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 39 (6). 1037-1053. ISSN 1359-835X

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