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Delaplace, Guillaume and Jeantet, Romain and Grenville, Richard and Cuvelier, Gérard and Loubière, Karine How dimensional analysis allows to go beyond Metzner–Otto concept for non-Newtonian fluids. (2020) Reviews in Chemical Engineering. ISSN 2191-0235

Mayen, Laëtitia and Jensen, Nicholai D. and Laurencin, Danielle and Marsan, Olivier and Bonhomme, Christian and Gervais, Christel and Smith, Mark E. and Coelho, Cristina and Laurent, Guillaume and Trebosc, Julien and Gan, Zhehong and Chen, Kuizhi and Rey, Christian and Combes, Christèle and Soulié, Jérémy A soft-chemistry approach to the synthesis of amorphous calcium ortho/pyrophosphate biomaterials of tunable composition. (2020) Acta Biomaterialia, 103. 333-345. ISSN 1742-7061

Ouagne, Pierre and Soulat, Damien and Evon, Philippe and Renouard, Sullivan and Ferreira, Manuela and Labonne, Laurent and Labanieh, Ahmad Rashed and Laine, Eric and De Luycker, Emmanuel Use of bast fibres including flax fibres for high challenge technical textile applications. Extraction, preparation and requirements for the manufacturing of composite reinforcement fabrics and for geotextiles. (2020) In: Handbook of Natural Fibres (2nd Edition). (Processing and Applications : The Textile Institute Book Series). Elsevier, 169-204. ISBN 978-0-12-818782-1

Berth, Alexandre and Lecouturier, Didier and Loubière, Karine and Dhulster, Pascal and Delaplace, Guillaume Modelling and optimisation of gas-liquid mass transfer in a microporous hollow fiber membrane aerated bioreactor used to produce surfactin. (2019) Biochemical Engineering Journal, 145. 109-119. ISSN 1369-703X

Arico, Cassandra and Ouendi, Saliha and Taberna, Pierre-Louis and Roussel, Pascal and Simon, Patrice and Lethien, Christophe Fast Electrochemical Storage Process in Sputtered Nb2O5 Porous Thin Films. (2019) ACS Nano, 13 (5). 5826-5832. ISSN 1936-0851

Vono, Maxime and Dobigeon, Nicolas and Chainais, Pierre Split-and-augmented Gibbs sampler - Application to large scale inverse problems. (2019) IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 67 (6). 1648-1661. ISSN 1053-587X

Nguyen, Thi Phuong Khanh and Beugin, Julie and Berbineau, Marion and Marais, Juliette Application of fuzzy theory for identifying the required availability of an autonomous localization unit in European Train Control System. (2019) Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems: Technology, Plann, 23 (3). 265-281. ISSN 1547-2450

Ouendi, Saliha and Arico, Cassandra and Blanchard, Florent and Codron, Jean-Louis and Wallart, Xavier and Taberna, Pierre-Louis and Roussel, Pascal and Clavier, Laurent and Simon, Patrice and Lethien, Christophe Synthesis of T-Nb2O5 thin-films deposited by Atomic Layer Deposition for miniaturized electrochemical energy storage devices. (2019) Energy Storage Materials, 16. 581-588. ISSN 2405-8297

Hadid, Baya and Duviella, Eric and Chiron, Pascale and Archimède, Bernard A flood mitigation control strategy based on the estimation of hydrographs and volume dispatching. (2019) In: 1st IFAC Workshop on Control Methods for Water Resource Systems CMWRS, 19 September 2019 - 20 September 2019 (Delft, Netherlands).

Vono, Maxime and Dobigeon, Nicolas and Chainais, Pierre Modèles augmentés asymptotiquement exacts. (2019) In: 27e colloque du Groupe de Recherche et d'Etudes du Traitement du Signal et des Images (GRETSI 2019), 26 August 2019 - 29 August 2019 (Lille, France).

Vono, Maxime and Dobigeon, Nicolas and Chainais, Pierre On variable splitting for Markov chain Monte Carlo. (2019) In: Workshop on Signal Processing with Adaptative Sparse Structured Representations (SPARS 2019), 1 April 2019 - 4 April 2019 (Toulouse, France).

Vono, Maxime and Dobigeon, Nicolas and Chainais, Pierre Un modèles augmenté asymptotiquement exact pour la restauration bayésienne d'images dégradées par un bruit de Poisson. (2019) In: 27e colloque du Groupe de Recherche et d'Etudes du Traitement du Signal et des Images (GRETSI 2019), 26 August 2019 - 29 August 2019 (Lille, France).

Vono, Maxime and Dobigeon, Nicolas and Chainais, Pierre Sparse Bayesian binary logistic regression using the split-and-augmented Gibbs sampler. (2018) In: IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing (MLSP 2018), 17 September 2018 - 20 September 2018 (Aalborg, Denmark).

Brailly, Julien and Comet, Catherine and Delarre, Sébastien and Eloire, Fabien and Favre, Guillaume and Lazega, Emmanuel and Mounier, Lise and Montes-Lihn, Jaime and Oubenal, Mohamed and Penalva-Icher, Elise and Pina-Stranger, Alvaro Neo-structural economic sociology beyond embeddedness: relational infrastructures and social processes in markets and market institutions. (2018) Economic sociology, 19 (3). 36-49. ISSN 1871-3351

Labanieh, Ahmad Rashed and Garnier, Christian and Ouagne, Pierre and Dalverny, Olivier and Soulat, Damien Intra-ply yarn sliding defect in hemisphere preforming of a woven preform. (2018) Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 107. 432-446. ISSN 1359835X

Stevanović, Jennifer and Teanby, N. A. and Wookey, James and Selby, N. and Daubar, I. J. and Vaubaillon, Jeremie and Garcia, Raphaël F. Bolide Airbursts as a Seismic Source for the 2018 Mars InSight Mission. (2017) Space Science Reviews, 211 (1-4). 525-545. ISSN 0038-6308

Rizzolo, Serena and Boukenter, Aziz and Périsse, Jocelyn and Bouwmans, Géraud and El Hamzaoui, Hicham and Bigot, Laurent and Ouerdane, Youcef and Cannas, Marco and Bouazaoui, Mohammed and Macé, Jean Reynald and Bauer, Sophie and Girard, Sylvain Radiation Response of OFDR Distributed Sensors Based on Microstructured Pure Silica Optical Fibers. (2015) In: 2015 15th European Conference on Radiation and Its Effects on Components and Systems (RADECS), 14 September 2015 - 18 September 2015 (Moscow, Russian Federation).

Rolle, Aurélie and Thoréton, Vincent and Rozier, Patrick and Capoen, Edouard and Mentré, Olivier and Boukamp, Bernard and Daviero-Minaud, Sylvie Evidence of the Current Collector Effect: Study of the SOFC Cathode Material Ca3Co4O9+δ. (2012) Fuel Cells, 12 (2). 288-301. ISSN 1615-6846

Grzeskowiak, Marjorie and Achrait-Furlan, Latifa and Vestiel, Eric and Vindevoghel, Jean Antennes intégrées multicouches. Caractérisation diélectriques et applications. (2001) In: TELECOM'2001 & 2ème JFMMA, 17 October 2001 - 19 October 2001 (Casablanca, Morocco).

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