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Stähler, Simon C. and Khan, Amir and Banerdt, William Bruce and Lognonné, Philippe and Giardini, Domenico and Ceylan, Savas and Drilleau, Mélanie and Duran, A. Cecilia and Garcia, Raphaël F. and Huang, Quancheng and Kim, Doyeon and Lekic, Vedran and Samuel, Henri and Schimmel, Martin and Schmerr, Nicholas and Sollberger, David and Stutzmann, Éléonore and Xu, Zongbo and Antonangeli, Daniele and Charalambous, Constantinos and Davis, Paul M. and Irving, Jessica C. E. and Kawamura, Taichi and Knapmeyer, Martin and Maguire, Ross and Marusiak, Angela G. and Panning, Mark P. and Perrin, Clément and Plesa, Ana-Catalina and Rivoldini, Attilio and Schmelzbach, Cédric and Zenhäusern, Géraldine and Beucler, Éric and Clinton, John and Dahmen, Nikolaj and van Driel, Martin and Gudkova, Tamara and Horleston, Anna and Pike, W. Thomas and Plasman, Matthieu and Smrekar, Suzanne E. Seismic detection of the martian core. (2021) Science, 373 (6553). 443-448. ISSN 0036-8075

Van Sebille, Erik and Aliani, Stefano and Law, Kara L. and Maximenko, Nikolai and Alsina, José M. and Bagaev, Andrei and Bergmann, Melanie and Chapron, Bertrand and Chubarenko, Irina and Cózar, Andrés and Delandmeter, Philippe and Egger, Matthias and Fox-Kemper, Baylor and Garaba, Shungudzemwoyo P and Goddijn-Murphy, Lonneke and Hardesty, Britta D. and Hoffman, Matthew J . and Isobe, Atsuhiko and Jongedijk, Cleo E. and Kaandorp, Mikael L. A. and Khatmullina, Liliya and Koelmans, Albert A. and Kukulka, Tobias and Laufkötter, Charlotte and Lebreton, Laurent and Lobelle, Delphine and Maes, Christophe and Martinez-Vicente, Victor and Morales Maqueda, Miguel A. and Poulain, Marie and Rodríguez, Ernesto and Ryan, Peter G. and Shanks, Alan L. and Shim, Won Joon and Suaria, Giuseppe and Thiel, Martin and van den Bremer, Ton S. and Wichmann, David The physical oceanography of the transport of floating marine debris. (2020) Environmental Research Letters, 15 (2). 1-32. ISSN 1748-9326

Kartashev, Anton V. and Bondarev, Vitaly and Flerov, Igor and Gorev, Michail and Pogorel’tsev, Evgeniy I. and Shabanov, Alexander Vasilievich and Molokeev, Maxim Sergeevich and Guillemet, Sophie and Raevskii, Igor P. Study of the Physical Properties and Electrocaloric Effect in the BaTiO3 Nano- and Microceramics. (2019) Physics of the Solid State, 61 (6). 1052-1061. ISSN 1063-7834

Pampura, Tatiana and Meili, Markus and Holm, K. and Candaudap, Frédéric and Probst, Anne Buried Paleosols as Reference Objects for Assessing the Current Level of Soil Pollution with Lead in the Lower Volga Steppes. (2019) Eurasian Soil Science, 52 (1). 34-49. ISSN 1064-2293

Orgogozo, Laurent and Grenier, Christophe and Quintard, Michel and Pokrovsky, Oleg S. and Goddéris, Yves and Viers, Jérôme and Labat, David and Audry, Stéphane and Prokushkin, Anatoly S. Modélisation numérique des pergélisols : transferts couplés thermiques et hydriques en milieu poreux variablement saturé avec gel/dégel. (2016) In: Congrès Français de Thermique 2016, 31 May 2016 - 3 June 2016 (Toulouse, France).

Krisyuk, Vladislav V. and Baidina, Iraida A. and Turgambaeva, Asiya E. and Nadolinny, Vladimir A. and Kozlova, Svetlana G. and Korolkov, Ilya V. and Duguet, Thomas and Vahlas, Constantin and Igumenov, Igor K. Volatile Heterobimetallic Complexes from PdIIand CuIIβ-Diketonates: Structure, Magnetic Anisotropy, and Thermal Properties Related to the Chemical Vapor Deposition of Cu-Pd Thin Films. (2015) ChemPlusChem, 80 (9). 1457-1464. ISSN 2192-6506

Pampura, Tatiana and Probst, Anne and Ladonin, Dmitry V. and Demkin, Vitaly A. Lead content and isotopic composition in submound and recent soils of the Volga upland. (2013) Eurasian Soil Science, 46 (11). 1059-1075. ISSN 1064-2293

Bulusheva, Lyubov Gennadievna and Okotrub, Alexander Vladimirovich and Flahaut, Emmanuel and Asanov, Igor P. and Gevko, Pavel N. and Koroteev, V. O. and Fedoseeva, Yu. V. and Yaya, Aboubakar and Ewels, Chris P. Bromination of double-walled carbon nanotubes. (2012) Chemistry of Materials, 24 (14). 2708-2715. ISSN 0897-4756

Gorev, Michail and Bondarev, Vitaly and Flerov, Igor and Maglione, Mario and Simon, Annie and Sciau, Philippe and Boulos, Madona and Guillemet, Sophie Thermal expansion, polarization and phase diagrams of Ba1−yBi2y/3Ti1−xZrxO3 and Ba1−yLayTi1−y/4O3 compounds. (2009) Journal of Physics : Condensed Matter, 21 (7). 1-7. ISSN 0953-8984

Pampura, Tatiana and Demkin, Vitaly A. and Probst, Anne Investigation of climate change and history of lead deposition using soil archives. (2008) Mineralogical Magazine, 7 (1). 341-343. ISSN 0026-461X

Bhosle, Sounil and Piquet, Hubert and Diez, Rafael and Lomaev, Mikail and Tarasenko, Victor and Zissis, Georges Efficiency computation of current controlled excilamps. (2008) In: 11th International Symposium on High Pressure, Low Temperature Plasma Chemistry (HAKONE XI), 7 September 2008 - 12 September 2008 (Oléron, France). (Unpublished)

Lyubimov, Dimitry and Lyubimova, Tanya and Mojtabi, Abdelkader and Sadilov, Evgueni S. Thermosolutal convection in a horizontal porous layer heated from below in the presence of a horizontal through flow. (2008) Physics of Fluids, 20 (4). 1-10. ISSN 1070-6631

Aslanyan, I. R. and Bonino, Jean-Pierre and Celis, J.-P. Effect of reinforcing submicron SiC particles on the wear of electrolytic NiP coatings Part 1. Uni-directional sliding. (2006) Surface and Coatings Technology, 2 (9). 2909-2916. ISSN 0257-8972

Aslanyan, I. R. and Bonino, Jean-Pierre and Celis, J.-P. Effect of reinforcing submicron SiC particles on the wear of electrolytic NiP coatings Part 2: Bi-directional sliding. (2006) Surface and Coatings Technology, 2 (3-4). 581-589. ISSN 0257-8972

Vorobev, Anatoliy and Lyubimov, Dimitry and Lyubimova, Tanya and Mojtabi, Abdelkader and Zappoli, Bernard Validation of averaged equations for thermal vibrational convection in near-critical fluids. (2004) Comptes Rendus Mécanique, 332 (10). 803-809. ISSN 1631-0721

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