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ElMeligy, Tarek A. and Epifano, Enrica and Sokol, Maxim and Hug, Gilles and Hans, Marcus and Schneider, Jochen M. and Barsoum, Michel W. Isothermal Oxidation of Ti3Al0.6Ga0.4C2 MAX Phase Solid Solution in Air at 1000 °C to 1300 °C. (2022) Journal of The Electrochemical Society (JES), 169 (3). 031510. ISSN 0013-4651

Selim, Omar and Gowree, Erwin Ricky and Lagemann, Christian and Talboys, Edward and Jagadeesh, Chetan and Brücker, Christoph Peregrine Falcon’s Dive: Pullout Maneuver and Flight Control Through Wing Morphing. (2021) AIAA Journal, 59 (10). 3979-3987. ISSN 0001-1452

Eiken, Janin and Subasic, Emir and Lacaze, Jacques 3D phase-field computations of microsegregation in nodular cast iron compared to experimental data and Calphad-based Scheil-prediction. (2019) Materialia, 9. 100538. ISSN 2589-1529

Felis, Francisco and Strassl, Florian and Laurini, Larissa and Dietrich, Nicolas and Billet, Anne-Marie and Roig, Véronique and Herres-Pawlis, Sonja and Loubière, Karine Using a bio-inspired copper complex to investigate reactive mass transfer around an oxygen bubble rising freely in a thin-gap cell. (2019) Chemical Engineering Science, 207. 1256-1269. ISSN 0009-2509

Schmeller, Dirk S. and Loyau, Adeline and Bao, Kunshan and Brack, Werner and Chatzinotas, Antonis and De Vleeschouwer, François and Friesen, Jan and Gandois, Laure and Hansson, Sophia V. and Haver, Marilen and Le Roux, Gaël and Shen, Ji and Teisserenc, Roman and Vredenburg, Vance T. People, pollution and pathogens – Global change impacts in mountain freshwater ecosystems. (2018) Science of the Total Environment, 622-623. 756-763. ISSN 0048-9697

Puig, Jean and Prange, Andreas and Arati, Baptiste and Laime, Charles and Lenormand, Pascal and Ansart, Florence Optimization of the synthesis route of a barium boron aluminosilicate sealing glass for SOFC applications. (2017) Ceramics International, 43 (13). 9753-9758. ISSN 0272-8842

Puig, Jean and Ansart, Florence and Lenormand, Pascal and Conradt, Reinhard and Gross-Barsnick, Sonja-Michaela Development of barium boron aluminosilicate glass sealants using a sol–gel route for solid oxide fuel cell applications. (2016) Journal of Materials Science, 51 (2). 979-988. ISSN 0022-2461

De Souza, Roger A. and Voisin, Christophe and Schraknepper, Henning and Teusner, Markus and Kessel, Markus and Dufour, Pascal and Tenailleau, Christophe and Guillemet-Fritsch, Sophie Complex diffusion behavior of oxygen in nanocrystalline BaTiO3 ceramics. (2013) Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 16 (6). 2568-2575. ISSN 1463-9076

Bordeneuve-Guibé, Joël and Bako, Laurent and Miksch, Roland and Jeanneau, Matthieu Flexible aircraft control based on an adaptive output feedback control scheme. (2009) In: IFAC Workshop on Control of Distributed on Parameter Systems, 20 July 2009 - 24 July 2009 (Toulouse, France). (Unpublished)

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