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Rimani, Jasmine and Lesire, Charles and Lizy-Destrez, Stéphanie and Viola, Nicole Application of MBSE to model Hierarchical AI Planning problems in HDDL. (2021) In: ICAPS 2021, 2 August 2021 - 13 August 2021 (Virtual event, China).

Rimani, Jasmine and Viola, Nicole and Lizy-Destrez, Stéphanie Application of a hierarchical task planner to a lunar lava tube analogue robotic mission. (2021) In: International Astronautical Congress 2021, 25 October 2021 - 29 October 2021 (Saudi Arabia).

Vilà-Valls, Jordi and Linty, Nicola and Closas, Pau and Dovis, Fabio and Curran, James T. Survey on signal processing for GNSS under ionospheric scintillation: Detection, monitoring, and mitigation. (2020) Journal of the Institute of Navigation, 67 (3). 511-536. ISSN 0028-1522

Iannucci, Leonardo and Basséguy, Régine and Cristiani, Pierangela and Angelini, Emma and Grassini, Sabrina Electrochemical characterization of stainless steels passive layers in hypersaline solution. (2020) In: Eurocorr 2020, 7 September 2020 - 11 September 2020 (Virtual - Bruxelles, Belgium). (Unpublished)

Iannucci, Leonardo and Lombardo, Luca and Parvis, Marco and Cristiani, Pierangela and Basséguy, Régine and Angelini, Emma and Grassini, Sabrina An imaging system for microbial corrosion analysis. (2019) In: 2019 IEEE International Instrumentation & Measurement Technology Conference, 20 May 2019 - 23 May 2019 (Auckland, New Zealand).

Coquery, Clément and Carosio, Federico and Negrell, Claire and Caussé, Nicolas and Pébère, Nadine and David, Ghislain New bio-based phosphorylated chitosan/alginate protective coatings on aluminum alloy obtained by the LbL technique. (2019) Surfaces and Interfaces, 16. 59-66. ISSN 2468-0230

Freyria, Francesca S. and Marocco, Antonello and Esposito, Serena and Bonelli, Barbara and Barrera, Gabriele and Tiberto, Paola and Allia, Paolo and Oudayer, Pauline and Roggero, Aurélien and Matéo-Vélez, Jean-Charles and Dantras, Eric and Pansini, Michele Simulated Moon Agglutinates Obtained from Zeolite Precursor by Means of a Low-Cost and Scalable Synthesis Method. (2019) ACS Earth and Space Chemistry, 3 (9). 1884-1895. ISSN 2472-3452

Nistico, Roberto and Evon, Philippe and Labonne, Laurent and Vaca Medina, Guadalupe and Montoneri, Enzo and Vaca-Garcia, Carlos and Negre, Michèle Post-harvest tomato plants and urban food wastes for manufacturing plastic films. (2017) Journal of Cleaner Production, 167. 68-74. ISSN 0959-6526

Baldi, M. and Bertinelli, M. and Chiaraluce, F. and Closas, P. and Dhakal, P. and Garello, R. and Maturo, N. and Navarro, M. and Palomo, J. M. and Paolini, E. and Pfletschinger, S. and Silva, P. F. and Simone, L. and Vilà-Valls, Jordi State-of-the-art space mission telecommand receivers. (2017) IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine, 32 (6). 4-15. ISSN 0885-8985

Viola, Nicole and Lizy-Destrez, Stéphanie and Escudier, Bénédicte and Zenou, Emmanuel and Ambrosi, Richard and Bannister, Nigel and Hutchinston, Ian and Williams, Hugo and Messidoro, Piero and Gargioli, Eugenio and Saccocia, Giorgio The international post-graduate Master programme for space exploration, SEEDS: education and training from a System Engineering perspective. (2016) In: 7th International Systems & Concurrent Engineering for Space Applications Conference (SECESA 2016), 5 October 2016 - 7 October 2016 (Madrid, Spain).

Rigo-Mariani, Rémy and Roccuzzo, Vincenzo and Sareni, Bruno and Repetto, Maurizio and Roboam, Xavier Power flow optimization in a microgrid with two kinds of energy storage. (2016) COMPEL: The International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 35 (3). 860-870. ISSN 0332-1649

Rigo-Mariani, Rémy and Roccuzzo, Vincenzo and Sareni, Bruno and Repetto, Maurizio and Roboam, Xavier Power flow optimization in a microgrid with two kinds of energy storage. (2014) In: 13th International Workshop on Optimization and Inverse Problems in Electromagnetism, 10 September 2014 - 12 September 2014 (Delft, Netherlands).

Caputo, Jean-Guy and Gozzelino, Laura and Laviano, Francesco and Ghigo, Gianluca and Gerbaldo, Roberto and Noudem, Jacques G. and Thimont, Yohann and Bernstein, Pierre Screening magnetic fields by superconductors: A simple model. (2013) Journal of Applied Physics, 114 (23). 233913. ISSN 0021-8979

Vaca-Garcia, Carlos and Gozzelino, Giuseppe and Glasser, Wolfgang and Borredon, Marie-Elisabeth Dynamic mechanical thermal analysis transitions of partially and fully substituted cellulose fatty esters. (2002) Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, 41 (3). 281-288. ISSN 0887-6266

Vaca-Garcia, Carlos and Thiebaud-Roux, Sophie and Borredon, Marie-Elisabeth and Gozzelino, Giuseppe Cellulose esterification with fatty acids and acetic anhydride in lithium chloride/N,N -dimethylacetamide medium. (1998) Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society, 75 (2). 315-319. ISSN 0003-021X

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