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Migliorini, Yannick and Imbert, Jean-Paul and Roy, Raphaëlle N. and Lafont, Alex and Dehais, Frédéric Degraded States of Engagement in Air Traffic Control. (2022) Safety, 8 (19).

Zamoum, Selma and Lacan, Jérôme and Boucheret, Marie-Laure and Dupé, Jean-Baptiste and Gineste, Mathieu Complexity analysis for recent ALOHA random access techniques in satellite communications. (2021) International Journal of Satellite Communications and Networking, 39 (2). 142-159. ISSN 1542-0973

Ortega, Lorenzo and Medina, Daniel and Vilà-Valls, Jordi and Vincent, François and Chaumette, Eric Positioning Performance Limits of GNSS Meta-Signals and HO-BOC Signals. (2020) Sensors, 20 (12). 3586-3613. ISSN 1424-8220

Das, Priyanka and Ortega, Lorenzo and Vilà-Valls, Jordi and Vincent, François and Chaumette, Eric and Davain, Loïc Performance Limits of GNSS Code-Based Precise Positioning: GPS, Galileo & Meta-Signals. (2020) Sensors, Special issue Human-Machine Interaction and Sensors, 20 (8). 2196-2217. ISSN 1424-8220

Tachella, Julian and Altmann, Yoann and Mellado, Nicolas and McCarthy, Aongus and Tobin, Rachael and Buller, Gerald S. and Tourneret, Jean-Yves and McLaughlin, Steve Real-time 3D reconstruction from single-photon lidar data using plug-and-play point cloud denoisers. (2019) Nature Communications. 1-6. ISSN 2041-1723

Corbineau, Marie-Caroline and Kouamé, Denis and Chouzenoux, Emilie and Tourneret, Jean-Yves and Pesquet, Jean-Christophe Preconditioned P-ULA for Joint Deconvolution-Segmentation of Ultrasound Images. (2019) IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 26 (10). 1456-1460. ISSN 1070-9908

Lesouple, Julien and Robert, Thierry and Sahmoudi, Mohamed and Tourneret, Jean-Yves and Vigneau, Willy Multipath Mitigation for GNSS Positioning in an Urban Environment Using Sparse Estimation. (2019) IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 20 (4). 1316-1328. ISSN 1524-9050

Zamoum, Selma and Lacan, Jérôme and Boucheret, Marie-Laure and Dupé, Jean-Baptiste and Gineste, Mathieu Asynchronous Packet Localization with Random SPOTiT in Satellite Communications. (2019) In: WPMC 2019 - The 22nd International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications, 24 November 2019 - 27 November 2019 (Lisbon, Portugal).

Auger, Antoine and Lochin, Emmanuel and Kuhn, Nicolas Making Trustable Satellite Experiments: an Application to a VoIP Scenario. (2019) In: IEEE 89th Vehicular Technology Conference: IEEE VTC2019-Spring, 28 April 2019 - 1 May 2019 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).

Zamoum, Selma and Lacan, Jérôme and Boucheret, Marie-Laure and Dupé, Jean-Baptiste and Gineste, Mathieu Shared Position Technique for Interfered Random Transmissions in Satellite Communications. (2018) In: 9th Advanced Satellite Multimedia Systems Conference (ASMS), 10 September 2018 - 12 September 2018 (Berlin, Germany).

Canuet, Lucien and Lacan, Jérôme and Vedrenne, Nicolas and Rissons, Angélique and Artaud, Géraldine Performance evaluation of coded transmission for adaptive-optics corrected satellite-to-ground laser links. (2018) In: 2017 IEEE International Conference on Space Optical Systems and Applications (ICSOS), 14 November 2017 - 16 November 2017 (Nara, Japan).

Cluzel, Sylvain and Franck, Laurent and Radzik, José and Cazalens, Sonia and Dervin, Mathieu and Baudoin, Cédric and Dragomirescu, Daniela 3GPP NB-IoT coverage extension using LEO satellites. (2018) In: 2018 IEEE 87th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Spring), 3 June 2018 - 6 June 2018 (Porto, Portugal).

Canuet, Lucien and Lacan, Jérôme and Rissons, Angélique and Vedrenne, Nicolas and Artaud, Géraldine Cross layer optimisation for adaptive-optics corrected satellite to Ground laser links. (2018) In: 8th symposium on Optronics in Defence and Security - OPTRO2018, 6 February 2018 - 8 February 2018 (Paris, France).

Zamoum, Selma and Lacan, Jérôme and Boucheret, Marie-Laure and Gineste, Mathieu and Dupé, Jean-Baptiste Deterministic Distribution of Replicas Positions for Multiuser Random Transmissions in Satcoms. (2018) In: IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM), 9 December 2018 - 13 December 2018 (Abu Dabi, United Arab Emirates).

Lesouple, Julien and Tourneret, Jean-Yves and Sahmoudi, Mohamed and Barbiero, Franck and Faurie, Frédéric Multipath mitigation in global navigation satellite systems using a bayesian hierarchical model with Bernoulli Laplacian priors. (2018) In: Workshop on Statistical Signal Processing - SSP 2018, 10 June 2018 - 13 June 2018 (Freiburg Im Breisgau, Germany).

Cluzel, Sylvain and Dervin, Mathieu and Radzik, José and Cazalens, Sonia and Baudoin, Cédric and Dragomirescu, Daniela Physical layer abstraction for performance evaluation of leo satellite systems for iot using time-frequency aloha scheme. (2018) In: 6th IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing (GlobalSIP 2018), 26 November 2018 - 29 November 2018 (Anaheim, United States).

Lesouple, Julien and Barbiero, Franck and Faurie, Frédéric and Sahmoudi, Mohamed and Tourneret, Jean-Yves Smooth Bias Estimation for Multipath Mitigation Using Sparse Estimation. (2018) In: 21st International Conference on Information Fusion (FUSION 2018), 10 July 2018 - 13 July 2018 (Cambridge, United Kingdom).

Kbayer, Nabil and Galy, Jerome and Chaumette, Eric and Vincent, François and Renaux, Alexandre and Larzabal, Pascal On Lower Bounds for Non Standard Deterministic Estimation. (2017) IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 65 (6). 1538-1553. ISSN 1053-587X

Tauran, Bastien and Lochin, Emmanuel and Lacan, Jérôme and Arnal, Fabrice and Gineste, Mathieu and Clarac, Laurence and Kuhn, Nicolas Making H-ARQ suitable for a mobile TCP receiver over LEO satellite constellations. (2017) In: 9th EAI International Conference on Wireless and Satellite Systems (formerly PSATS), 14 September 2017 - 15 September 2017 (Oxford, United Kingdom). (Unpublished)

Bonacci, David and Vincent, François and Gigleux, Benjamin Robust DoA estimation in case of multipath environment for a sense and avoid airborne radar. (2017) IET Radar, Sonar and Navigation. ISSN 1751-8792

Prendes, Jorge and Chabert, Marie and Pascal, Frédéric and Giros, Alain and Tourneret, Jean-Yves A Bayesian Nonparametric Model Coupled with a Markov Random Field for Change Detection in Heterogeneous Remote Sensing Images. (2016) SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences, 9 (4). 1889-1921. ISSN 1936-4954

Reynal, Maxime and Colineaux, Yvanne and Vernay, Andre and Dehais, Frédéric Pilot Flying vs. Pilot Monitoring during the approach phase: an eye–tracking study. (2016) In: International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction in Aerospace (HCI-Aero 2016), 14 September 2016 - 16 September 2016 (Paris, France).

Peysakhovich, Vsevolod and Hurter, Christophe and Telea, Alexandru Attribute-driven edge bundling for general graphs with applications in trail analysis. (2015) In: The 8th IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium (PacificVis 2015), 14 April 2015 - 17 April 2015 (Hangzhou, China).

Causse, Mickaël and Alonso, Roland and Vachon, François and Parise, Robert and Orliaguet, Jean-Pierre and Tremblay, Sébastien and Terrier, Patrice Testing usability and trainability of indirect touch interaction: perspective for the next generation of air traffic control systems. (2014) Ergonomics, 57 (11). 616-1627. ISSN 0014-0139

Bothorel, Gwenael and Serrurier, Mathieu and Hurter, Christophe Visualization of Frequent Itemsets with Nested Circular Layout and Bundling Algorithm. (2014) In: International Symposium on Visual Computing - ISVC 2014, 29 July 2013 - 31 July 2013 (Rethymnon, Greece).

Gaspard-Boulinc, Hélène and Chatty, Stéphane and Hurter, Christophe and Marcy, Joran and Conversy, Stéphane and Lesbordes, Rémi Collaboration et tangibilité : de nouvelles perspectives pour le contrôle aérien. (2013) In: Interaction Homme-Machine (IHM 2013), 13 November 2013 - 15 November 2013 (Bordeaux, France).

Prévost, Raoul and Coulon, Martial and Bonacci, David and LeMaitre, Julia and Millerioux, Jean-Pierre and Tourneret, Jean-Yves Cyclic redundancy check-based detection algorithms for automatic identification system signals received by satellite. (2013) International Journal of Satellite Communications and Networking, 31 (4). 157-176. ISSN 1542-0973

Alonso, Roland and Causse, Mickaël and Vachon, François and Parise, Robert and Dehais, Frédéric and Terrier, Patrice Evaluation of head-free eye tracking as an input device for air traffic control. (2013) Ergonomics, 56 (2). 246-255. ISSN 0014-0139

Letondal, Catherine and Hurter, Christophe and Lesbordes, Rémi and Vinot, Jean-Luc and Conversy, Stéphane Flights in my Hands: Coherence Concerns in Designing Strip'TIC, a Tangible Space for Air Traffic Controllers. (2013) In: International Conference for Human-Computer Interaction - CHI 2013, 27 April 2013 - 2 May 2013 (Paris, France).

Kuhn, Nicolas and Van Wambeke, Nicolas and Gineste, Mathieu and Gadat, Benjamin and Lochin, Emmanuel and Lacan, Jérôme On the Impact of Link Layer Retransmissions on TCP for Aeronautical Communications. (2013) In: 5th International Conference on Personal Satellite Services - PSATS 2013, Toulouse, France, 27-28 Jun 2013 .

Cordeil, Maxime and Hurter, Christophe and Lesbordes, Rémi and Letondal, Catherine and Vinot, Jean-Luc and Conversy, Stéphane Tangible Encoding of Temporal Data in Air Traffic Control. (2013) In: ACM CHI International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - CHI 2013, 27 April 2013 - 2 May 2013 (Paris, France). (Unpublished)

Méric, Hugo and Lacan, Jérôme and Arnal, Fabrice and Lesthievent, Guy and Boucheret, Marie-Laure Improving Broadcast Channel Rate Using Hierarchical Modulation. (2012) In: 18th European Wireless (EW 2012), 18 April 2012 - 20 April 2012 (Poznan, Poland).

Tran Thai, Tuan and Lochin, Emmanuel and Lacan, Jérôme Online multipath convolutional coding for real-time transmission. (2012) In: 19th International Packet Video Workshop, 10 May 2012 - 11 May 2012 (Munich, Germany).

Hurter, Christophe and Roux, Serge and Conversy, Stéphane and Imbert, Jean-Paul Visualization of uncertainty for air traffic controllers. (2011) In: IEEE VisWeek 2011, 24-28 Oct 2011, Providence, USA .

Causse, Mickaël and Hurter, Christophe The physiological user’s response as a clue to assess visual variables effectiveness. (2009) In: HCI 2009 international, 19 July 2009 - 24 July 2009 (San Diego, United States).

Calmettes, Vincent and Dion, Arnaud and Boutillon, Emmanuel and Liegeon, Emmanuel Fast acquisition unit for GPS-GALILEO receivers in space environment. (2008) In: ION : Institute of Navigation - National Technical Meeting, 28-30 Jan 2008, San Diego, United States .

Bouabdallah, Amine and Kieffer, Michel and Lacan, Jérôme and Sabeva, Galina and Scot, Gaël and Bazile, Caroline and Duhamel, Pierre Evaluation of cross-layer reliability mechanisms for satellite digital multimedia broadcast. (2007) IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, 5 (1). 391-404. ISSN 0018-9316

Oster, Yann and Lacan, Jérôme and Duverdier, Alban Benchmark of Reed-Muller codes for Short Packet Transmission. (2007) In: 25th AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems Conference, Seoul, Corée, 10 April 2007 - 13 April 2007 (Seoul, Korea, Republic Of).

Schlienger, Céline and Conversy, Stéphane and Chatty, Stéphane and Anquetil, Magali and Mertz, Christophe Improving users’ comprehension of changes with animation and sound: an empirical assessment. (2007) In: 11th IFIP TC 13 International Conference - Human-Computer Interaction - INTERACT 2007, 10-14 Sep 2007, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil .

Cantillo, Juan and Lacan, Jérôme and Buret, Isabelle Cross-layer enhancement of error control techniques for adaptation layers of DVB satellites. (2006) International Journal of Satellite Communications and Networking, 2 (6). 579-590. ISSN 1542-0973

Dairaine, Laurent and Lancérica, Laurent and Lacan, Jérôme and Fimes, Jérôme Content-access QoS in peer-to-peer networks using a fast MDS erasure code. (2005) Computer Communications, 2 (15). 1778-1790. ISSN 0140-3664

De Belleville, Florestan and Dairaine, Laurent and Gineste, Mathieu and Fraboul, Christian Reducing satellite communication cost using terrestrial peer to peer to recover losts. (2005) In: 23rd AIAA ICSSC (International Communication Satellite Systems Conference), 25 September 2005 - 28 September 2005 (Rome, Italy).

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