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Déjean, Sebastien and Ionescu, Radu Tudor and Mothe, Josiane and Ullah, Md Zia Forward and Backward Feature Selection for Query Performance Prediction. (2020) In: 35th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC 2020), 30 March 2020 - 3 April 2020 (Brno, Czech Republic).

Visan, Anita Ioana and Stan, George E. and Ristoscu, Carmen and Popescu-Pelin, Gianina and Sopronyi, Mihai and Besleaga, Cristina and Luculescu, Catalin and Chifiriuc, Mariana Carmen and Hussien, M.D. and Marsan, Olivier and Kergourlay, Emmanuelle and Grossin, David and Brouillet, Fabien and Mihailescu, Ion N. Combinatorial MAPLE deposition of antimicrobial orthopedic maps fabricated from chitosan and biomimetic apatite powders. (2016) International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 511 (1). 505-515. ISSN 0378-5173

Chauvet, Eric and Ferreira, Verónica and Giller, Paul S. and McKie, Brendan G. and Tiegs, Scott D. and Woodward, Guy and Elosegi, Arturo and Dobson, Michael and Fleituch, Tadeusz and Graça, Manuel A. S. and Gulis, Vladislav and Hladyz, Sally and Lacoursiere, Jean O. and Lecerf, Antoine and Pozo, Jesús and Preda, Elena and Riipinen, Miira P. and Risnoveanu, Geta and Vadineanu, Angheluta and Vought, Lena B.-M. and Gessner, Mark O. Litter Decomposition as an Indicator of Stream Ecosystem Functioning at Local-to-Continental Scales. (2016) Advances in Ecological Research, 55. 99-182. ISSN 0065-2504

Ionescu, Radu Tudor and Ionescu, Andreea Lavinia and Mothe, Josiane and Popescu, Dan Patch Autocorrelation Features: A translation and rotation invariant approach for image classification. (2016) Artificial Intelligence Review, 2016. 1-32. ISSN 0269-2821

Ionescu, Radu Tudor and Chifu, Adrian-Gabriel and Mothe, Josiane DeShaTo: Describing the Shape of Cumulative Topic Distributions to Rank Retrieval Systems without Relevance Judgments. (2015) In: 22nd International Symposium on String Processing and Information Retrieval (SPIRE 2015), 1 September 2015 - 4 September 2015 (London, United Kingdom).

Chifu, Adrian-Gabriel and Hristea, Florentina and Mothe, Josiane and Popescu, Marius Word sense discrimination in information retrieval: a spectral clustering-based approach. (2014) Information Processing & Management, 51 (2). 16-31. ISSN 0306-4573

Woodward, Guy and Gessner, Mark O. and Giller, Paul S. and Gulis, Vladislav and Hladyz, Sally and Lecerf, Antoine and Malmqvist, Björn and McKie, Brendan G. and Tiegs, Scott D. and Cariss, Helen and Dobson, Mike and Elosegi, Arturo and Ferreira, Verónica and Graça, Manuel A. S. and Fleituch, Tadeusz and Lacoursiere, Jean O. and Nistorescu, Marius and Pozo, Jesús and Risnoveanu, Geta and Schindler, Markus and Vadineanu, Angheluta and Vought, Lena B.-M. and Chauvet, Eric Continental-Scale Effects of Nutrient Pollution on Stream Ecosystem Functioning. (2012) Science Magazine , 336 (6087). 1438-1440. ISSN 0036-8075

Dragoman, Mircea and Flahaut, Emmanuel and Dragoman, Daniela and Al Ahmad, Mahmoud and Plana, Robert Writing simple RF electronic devices on paper with carbon nanotube ink. (2009) Nanotechnology, 20 (37). ISSN 0957-4484

Popescu, Simona and Demetrescu, Ioana and Mitran, V. and Gleizes, Alain MOCVD-Fabricated TiO2 Thin Films: Influence of Growth Conditions on Fibroblast Cells Culture. (2008) Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 483. 266-274. ISSN 1542-1406

Popescu, Simona and Demetrescu, Ioana and Sarantopoulos, Christos and Gleizes, Alain and Iordachescu, Dana The biocompatibility of titanium in a buffer solution: compared effects of a thin film of TiO2 deposited by MOCVD and of collagen deposited from a gel. (2007) Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine, 18 (10). 2075-2083. ISSN 0957-4530

Balasoiu, Sorin and Gourinat, Yves Équations analytiques explicites du mouvement d’une minifusée. (2000) In: Congrès Français de Mécanique, September 1990 (Toulouse, France). (Unpublished)

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