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Stempflé, Philippe and Bourrat, Xavier and Pantale, Olivier and Njiwa, Richard Kouitat and Jehl, Jean-Philippe and Domatti, Anne and Lopez, Evelyne Multiscale structure of nacre biomaterial: Thermomechanical behavior and wear processes. (2018) Materials Science and Engineering C, 91. 78-93. ISSN 0928-4931

Duval, Mickaël and Lozinski, Alexei and Passieux, Jean-Charles and Salaün, Michel Residual error based adaptive mesh refinement with the non-intrusive patch algorithm. (2018) Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 329. 118-143. ISSN 0045-7825

Atamuradov, Vepa and Medjaher, Kamal and Dersin, Pierre and Lamoureux, Benjamin and Zerhouni, Noureddine Prognostics and health management for maintenance practitioners - Review, implementation and tools evaluation. (2017) International Journal of Prognostics and Health Management, 8 (060). 1-31. ISSN 2153-2648

Brahimi, Mehdi and Medjaher, Kamal and Leouatni, Mohammed and Zerhouni, Noureddine Critical Components Selection for a Prognostics and Health Management System Design: an Application to an Overhead Contact System. (2017) In: Proceedings of Annual Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society 2016, 3 October 2016 - 6 October 2016 (Denver, USA, United States).

Atamuradov, Vepa and Medjaher, Kamal and Lamoureux, Benjamin and Dersin, Pierre and Zerhouni, Noureddine Fault detection by segment evaluation based on inferential statistics for asset monitoring. (2017) In: Annual Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society 2017, 30 September 2017 - 5 October 2017 (St. Petersburg, Florida, United States).

Ouagne, Pierre and Evon, Philippe and Placet, Vincent and Soulat, Damien From fibre extraction to the composite manufacturing processes: Which path to adopt to maximise the mechanical properties of natural fibre based composites? (2017) In: International Conference on Structural Analysis of Advanced Materials (ICSAAM 2017), 19 September 2017 - 22 September 2017 (Bucharest, Romania).

Ossété Gombé, Bérenger and Goavec Mérou, Gwenhael and Breschi, Karla and Guyennet, Hervé and Friedt, Jean-Michel and Felea, Violeta and Medjaher, Kamal A SAW wireless sensor network platform for industrial predictive maintenance. (2017) Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing. 1-12. ISSN 0956-5515

Skima, Haithem and Medjaher, Kamal and Varnier, Christophe and Zerhouni, Noureddine Experimental monitoring data for prognostics and health management of MEMS. (2017) In: CoDIT 2017, 4th InternationaConference on Control, Decision and Information Technologies, 5 April 2017 - 7 April 2017 (Barcelona, Spain).

Ouagne, Pierre and Barthod-Malat, Benjamin and Evon, Philippe and Labonne, Laurent and Placet, Vincent Fibre extraction from oleaginous flax for technical textile applications: influence of pre-processing parameters on fibre extraction yield, size distribution and mechanical properties. (2017) Procedia Engineering, 200. 213-220. ISSN 1877-7058

Brahimi, Mehdi and Medjaher, Kamal and Leouatni, Mohammed and Zerhouni, Noureddine Development of a prognostics and health management system for the railway infrastructure – Review and methodology. (2016) In: Prognostics and System Health Management Conference (PHM-Chengdu), 19 October 2016 - 21 October 2016 (Chengdu, China).

Skima, Haithem and Medjaher, Kamal and Varnier, Christophe and Dedu, Eugen and Bourgeois, Julien and Zerhouni, Noureddine Fault prognostics of micro-electro-mechanical systems using particle filtering. (2016) In: IFAC AMEST 2016, 19 October 2016 - 21 October 2016 (Biarritz, France).

Maitre, Josselin and Sen Gupta, Jayant and Medjaher, Kamal and Zerhouni, Noureddine A PHM System Approach: Application to a Simplified Aircraft Bleed System. (2016) In: 2016 IEEE Aerospace Conference, 5 March 2016 - 12 March 2016 (Big Sky, United States).

Bony, Guénaëlle and Morhange, Christophe and Marriner, Nick and Baralis, Alexandre and Kaniewski, David and Rossignol, Ingrid and Lungu, Vasilica History and influence of the Danube delta lobes on the evolution of the ancient harbour of Orgame (Dobrogea, Romania). (2015) Journal of Archaeological Science, 61. 186-203. ISSN 0305-4403

Le Gorrec, Yann and Matignon, Denis Matrix-valued Impedances with Fractional Derivatives and Integrals in Boundary Feedback Control: a port-Hamiltonian approach. (2015) In: 5th IFAC Workshop on Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Methods for Nonlinear Control, 4 July 2015 - 7 July 2015 (Lyon, France).

Stempflé, Philippe and Domatti, Anne and Carrière, Pascal and Pantalé, Olivier and Cote, Jean Marc and Takadoum, Jamal Triboactive surfaces in multi-asperity nanotribology. (2015) In: 42nd Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology, 7 September 2015 - 9 September 2015 (Lyon, France).

Fondard, Jérémie and Billard, Alain and Bertrand, Ghislaine and Briois, Pascal Synthesis and characterization of La2NiO4+δ coatings deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering using plasma emission monitoring. (2014) Solid State Ionics, 265. 73-79. ISSN 0167-2738

Karray, Mohamed Hedi and Chebel-Morello, Brigitte and Zerhouni, Noureddine PETRA: Process Evolution using a TRAce-based system on a maintenance platform. (2014) Knowledge-Based Systems, 68. 21-39. ISSN 0950-7051

Amiot, Fabien and Bornert, Michel and Doumalin, Pascal and Dupré, Jean-Christophe and Fazzini, Marina and Orteu, Jean-José and Poilane, Christophe and Robert, Laurent and Rotinat, René and Toussaint, Eveline and Wattrisse, Bertrand and Wienin, Jean-Samuel Assessment of digital image correlation measurement accuracy in the ultimate error regime: main results of a collaborative benchmark. (2013) Strain, 49 (6). 483-496. ISSN 1475-1305

Lombard, Bruno and Matignon, Denis and Le Gorrec, Yann A fractional Burgers equation arising in nonlinear acoustics: theory and numerics. (2013) In: NOLCOS - 9th IFAC Symposium on Nonlinear Control Systems, 4 September 2013 - 6 September 2013 (Toulouse, France).

Stempflé, Philippe and Bourrat, Xavier and Kouitat Njiwa, Richard and Pantalé, Olivier and Lopez, Evelyne and Takadoum, Jamal A multiscale tribological study of nacre : Evidence of wear nanomechanisms controlled by the frictional dissipated power. (2012) In: 15th Nordic Symposium on Tribology (NordTrib 2012), 12-15 June 2012, Trondheim, Norway .

Le Gorrec, Yann and Matignon, Denis Diffusive systems coupled to an oscillator: a Hamiltonian formulation. (2012) In: 4th IFAC Workshop on Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Methods for Nonlinear Control, 29-31 Aug 2012, Bertinoro, Italy .

Causse, Mickaël and Dehais, Frédéric and Arexis, Mahé and Pastor, Josette Cognitive aging and flight performances in general aviation pilots. (2011) Aging, Neuropsychology and Cognition, 18 (5). 544-561. ISSN 1382-5585

Stempflé, Philippe and Pantalé, Olivier and Djilali, Toufik and Njiwa, Richard Kouitat and Bourrat, Xavier and Takadoum, Jamal Evaluation of the real contact area in three-body dry friction by micro-thermal analysis. (2010) Tribology International, 43 (10). 1794-1805. ISSN 0301-679X

Stempflé, Philippe and Pantalé, Olivier and Rousseau, Marthe and Lopez, Evelyne and Bourrat, Xavier Mechanical properties of the elemental nanocomponents of nacre structure. (2010) Materials Science and Engineering: C, 30 (5). 715-721. ISSN 0928-4931

Saqui-Sannes, Pierre de and Villemur, Thierry and Mota, Sara and Fontan, Benjamin and Bouassida, Mohamed Salah and Chridi, Najah and Chrisment, Isabelle and Vigneron, Laurent Formal verification of secure group communication protocols modelled in UML. (2010) Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering, 6 (1-2). 125-133. ISSN 1614-5046

Tran, Duc Hoan and Sareni, Bruno and Roboam, Xavier and Espanet, Christophe Integrated Optimal Design of a Passive Wind Turbine System: An Experimental Validation. (2010) IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, 1 (1). 48-56. ISSN 1949-3029

Dedu, Eugen and Lochin, Emmanuel A study on the benefit of TCP packet prioritisation. (2009) In: The 17th Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed, and Network-Based Processing (PDP 2009), 18-20 Fev 2009, Weimar, Germany .

Stille, Peter and Steinmann, M. and Pierret, M.-C. and Gauthier-Lafaye, François and Aubert, Dominique and Probst, Anne and Viville, Daniel and Chabaux, F. The impact of vegetation on fractionation of rare earth elements(REE) during water–rock interaction. (2006) Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 88 (1-3). 341-344. ISSN 0375-6742

Madeline, J.B. and Meireles, Martine and Persello, J and Martin, Céline and Botet, Robert and Schweins, R and Cabane, Bernard From colloidal dispersions to colloidal pastesthrough solid–liquid separation processes. (2005) Pure and Applied Chemistry, 7 (8). 1369-1394. ISSN 0033-4545

Bourgeois, Julien and Henriet, Adrien and Lacan, Jérôme and Pérennou, Tanguy Using a trace-based simulation tool to test the efficiency of error codes applied to wireless multimedia streaming. (2005) In: EUROMEDIA' 05 : Workshop on Distributed Multimedia Databases and Multimedia Adaptation - WDMDMA, 11-13 Apr 2005, Toulouse, France .

Lacan, Jérôme and Michel, Christian Analysis of a circular code model. (2001) Journal of Theoretical Biology, 2 (2). 159-170. ISSN 0022-5193

Bouvet, Christophe. De l'uniaxial au multiaxial : comportement pseudoélastique des alliages à mémoire de forme. PhD, Université de Franche-Comté, 2001, 223 p.

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