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Bouti, Karima and Verheecke‐Vaessen, Carol and Mokrane, Salim and Meklat, Atika and Djemouai, Nadjette and Sabaou, Nasserdine and Mathieu, Florence and Riba, Amar Polyphasic characterization of Aspergillus section Flavi isolated from animal feeds in Algeria. (2019) Journal of Food Safety, 40 (1). ISSN 0149-6085

Chaouch, Hocine and Merazka, Fatiha and Marthon, Philippe Multiple description coding technique to improve the robustness of ACELP based coders AMR-WB. (2019) Speech Communication, 108. 33-40. ISSN 0167-6393

Beyaz, Khaled and Vaca-Garcia, Carlos and Vedrenne, Emeline and Haddadine, Nabila and Benaboura, Ahmed and Thiebaud-Roux, Sophie Graft copolymerization of hydroxyethyl cellulose with solketal acrylate: Preparation and characterization for moisture absorption application. (2019) International Journal of Polymer Analysis and Characterization, 24 (3). 245-256. ISSN 1023-666X

Sahnoune, Mohamed and Kaci, Mustapha and Taguet, Aurélie and Delbé, Karl and Mouffok, Samir and Abdi, Said and Lopez-Cuesta, José-Marie and Focke, Walter W. Tribological and mechanical properties of polyamide-11/halloysite nanotube nanocomposites. (2019) Journal of Polymer Engineering, 39 (1). 25-34. ISSN 2191-0340

Ait-Yakoub, Zina and Djouadi, Yassine and Dubois, Didier and Prade, Henri Asymmetric Composition of Possibilistic Operators in Formal Concept Analysis: Application to the Extraction of Attribute Implications from Incomplete Contexts. (2017) International Journal of Intelligent Systems, 32 (12). 1285-1311. ISSN 0884-8173

Beyaz, Khaled and Charton, Michael and Rouilly, Antoine and Vedrenne, Emeline and Vaca-Garcia, Carlos and Benaboura, Ahmed and Thiebaud-Roux, Sophie Synthesis of graft -copolymers from palm cellulose and solketal acrylate and their characterization. (2017) Industrial Crops and Products, 97. 32-40. ISSN 0926-6690

Nouri, Sabrina and Ghezal, Abdelrahmane and Abboudi, Saïd and Spitéri, Pierre A numerical study of the transitions of laminar natural flows in a square cavity. (2017) Fluid Dynamics and Materials Processing journal, 14 (2). 121-135. ISSN 1555-256X

Ihdene, Malika and Ben Malek, Toufik and Aberkane, Sofiane and Mouderes, Mourad and Spitéri, Pierre and Ghezal, Abderrahmane Analytical and numerical study of the evaporation on mixed convection in vertical rectangular cavity. (2017) Fluid Dynamics and Materials Processing journal, 13 (2). 85-105. ISSN 1555-256X

Benreguia, Nadia and Barnabé, Antoine and Trari, Mohamed Preparation and characterization of the semiconductor CuMnO2 by sol-gel route. (2016) Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 56. 14-19. ISSN 1369-8001

Belhadi, Asma and Dubois, Didier and Khellaf, Faiza and Prade, Henri Reasoning with Multiple-Agent Possibilistic Logic. (2016) In: 10th International Conference on Scalable Uncertainty Management (SUM 2016), 21 October 2016 - 23 October 2016 (Nice, France).

Ait-Yakoub, Zina and Djouadi, Yassine and Dubois, Didier and Prade, Henri Concepts formels incomplets ou incertains: vers une généralisation possibiliste de l'analyse formelle de concepts. (2016) In: 25émes Rencontres Francophones sur la Logique Floue et ses Applications (LFA 2016), 2 November 2016 - 4 November 2016 (La Rochelle, France).

Benreguia, Nadia and Barnabé, Antoine and Trari, Mohamed Sol–gel synthesis and characterization of the delafossite CuAlO2. (2015) Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, 75 (3). 670-679. ISSN 0928-0707

Belhadi, Asma and Dubois, Didier and Khellaf, Faiza and Prade, Henri Logique possibiliste multi-agents : Validité et Complétude. (2015) In: 24ème Conférence sur la Logique Floue et ses Applications (LFA 2015), 5 November 2015 - 6 November 2015 (Poitiers, France).

Mohand Oussaid, Linda and Ait Sadoune, Idir and Aït-Ameur, Yamine and Ahmed-Nacer, Mohamed Formal Modelling of Output Multi-Modal HCI in Event-B: Modalities and Media Allocation. (2014) In: AAAI Spring Symposium (AAAI 2014), 24 March 2014 - 26 March 2014 (Palo Alto, CA, United States).

Fadila, Leslous and Marthon, Philippe and Mohand, Ouanes Improving the Robustness of Difference of Convex Algorithm in the Research of a Global Optimum of a Nonconvex Differentiable Function Defined on a Bounded Closed Interval. (2014) Applied Mathematical Sciences, 8 (1). 1-12. ISSN 1314-7552

Aiche, Farid and Abbas, Moncef and Dubois, Didier Chance-constrained programming with fuzzy stochastic coefficients. (2013) Fuzzy Optimisation and Decision-Making, 12 (2). 125-152. ISSN 1568-4539

Menacer, Djamel Eddine and Sibertin-Blanc, Christophe and Drias, Habiba A market-oriented agent-based model for information retrieval. (2013) International Journal of Digital Information and Wireless Communications, 3 (3). 72-84. ISSN 2225-658X

Belhadi, Asma and Dubois, Didier and Khellaf, Faiza and Prade, Henri Multiple agent possibilistic logic. (2013) Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics, 23 (4). 299-320. ISSN 1166-3081

Nedjhioui, Mohamed and Moulai-Mostefa, Nadji and Canselier, Jean-Paul and Bensmaili, Aicha Investigation of Combined Effects of Xanthan Gum,Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate, and Salt on Some Physicochemical Properties of Their Mixtures Using a Response Surface Method. (2009) Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, 30 (9). 1333-1341. ISSN 0193-2691

Azira, Hakima and Tazerouti, Amel and Canselier, Jean-Paul Study of Foaming Properties and Effect of the Isomeric Distribution of Some Anionic Surfactants. (2008) Journal of Surfactants and Detergents, 1 (4). 279-286. ISSN 1558-9293

Touil, Djamel and Belaadi, Salah and Frances, Christine The specific selection function effect on clinker grinding efficiency in a dry batch ball mill. (2008) International Journal of Mineral Processing, 87 (3-4). 141-145. ISSN 0301-7516

Nedjhioui, Mohamed and Canselier, Jean-Paul and Moulai-Mostefa, Nadji and Bensmaili, Aicha and Skender, Abdelhak Determination of micellar system behavior in the presence of salt and water-soluble polymers using the phase diagram technique. (2007) In: EuroMed 2006 - Conference on Desalination Strategies in South Mediterranean Countries, 21- 25 May 2006, Montpellier, France .

Touil, Djamel and Belaadi, Salah and Boughedaoui, Mènouar and Chikhi, Saadane and Frances, Christine Modélisation d’un préchauffeur à cyclones d’une cimenterie et analyse des pertes physico-chimiques d’exergie. (2007) In: 11ème Congrès de la Société Française de Génie des Procédés, 9-11 Oct 2007, Saint-Etienne .

Touil, Djamel and Belaadi, Salah and Frances, Christine Energy efficiency of cement finish grinding in a dry batch ball mill. (2006) Cement and Concrete Research, 36 (3). 416-421. ISSN 0008-8846

Touil, Djamel and Belabed, H. F. and Frances, Christine and Belaadi, Salah Heat Exchange Modeling of a Grate Clinker Cooler and Entropy Production Analysis. (2005) International Journal of Heat and Technology, 23 (1). 61-68.

Assassi, Naziha and Canselier, Jean-Paul and Tazerouti, Amel Analysis of chlorinated, sulfochlorinated and sulfonamide derivatives of n-tetradecane by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. (2005) Journal of Chromatography A, 1071 (1-2). 71-80. ISSN 0021-9673

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