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Mazières, Valentin and Pascaud, Romain and Pascal, Olivier and Clergereaux, Richard and Stafford, Luc and Dap, Simon and Liard, Laurent Spatio-temporal dynamics of a nanosecond pulsed microwave plasma ignited by time reversal. (2020) Plasma Sources Science and Technology, 29 (12). 125017-125028. ISSN 0963-0252

Allard, Charlotte and Schué, Léonard and Fossard, Frédéric and Recher, Gaëlle and Nascimento, Rafaella and Flahaut, Emmanuel and Loiseau, Annick and Desjardins, Patrick and Martel, Richard and Gaufrès, Etienne Confinement of Dyes inside Boron Nitride Nanotubes: Photostable and Shifted Fluorescence down to the Near Infrared. (2020) Advanced Materials (2001429). 1-10. ISSN 0935-9648

Benammar, Meryem and Piantanida, Pablo and Shamai, Shlomo On the Compound Broadcast Channel: Multiple Description Coding and Interference Decoding. (2020) IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 66 (1). 38-64. ISSN 0018-9448

Deveaud, Romain and Mothe, Josiane and Ullah, Md Zia and Nie, Jian-Yun Learning to Adaptively Rank Document Retrieval System Configurations. (2018) ACM Transactions on Information Systems - TOIS, 37 (1). 1-41. ISSN 1046-8188

Bruel, Jean-Michel and Combemale, Benoît and Guerra, Esther and Jézéquel, Jean-Marc and Kienzle, Jörg and De Lara, Juan and Mussbacher, Gunter and Syriani, Eugene and Vangheluwe, Hans Model Transformation Reuse across Metamodels. (2018) In: 11th International Conference on Model Transformation (ICMT 2018), 25 June 2018 - 26 June 2018 (Toulouse, France).

Jay, Antoine and Raine, Mélanie and Richard, Nicolas and Mousseau, Normand and Goiffon, Vincent and Hémeryck, Anne and Magnan, Pierre Simulation of Single Particle Displacement Damage in Silicon – Part II: Generation and Long-Time Relaxation of Damage Structure. (2017) IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 64 (1). 141-148. ISSN 0018-9499

Ermakova, Liana and Goeuriot, Lorraine and Mothe, Josiane and Mulhem, Philippe and Nie, Jian-Yun and Sanjuan, Eric CLEF 2017 Microblog Cultural Contextualization Lab Overview. (2017) In: International Conference of the Cross-Language Evaluation Forum for European Languages (CLEF 2017), 11 September 2017 - 14 September 2017 (Dublin, Ireland).

Deveaud, Romain and Mothe, Josiane and Nie, Jian-Yun Learning to Rank System Configurations. (2016) In: 25th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2016), 24 October 2016 - 28 October 2016 (Indianapolis, United States).

Levasseur, O. and Stafford, Luc and Gherardi, Nicolas and Naudé, Nicolas and Beche, Eric and Esvan, Jérôme and Blanchet, Pierre and Riedl, Bernard and Sarkissian, Andranik Role of substrate outgassing on the formation dynamics of either hydrophilic or hydrophobic wood surfaces in atmospheric-pressure, organosilicon plasmas. (2013) Surface and Coatings Technology, 234. 42-47. ISSN 0257-8972

Gomez, Dorian and Paulin, Mathias and Vanderhaeghe, David and Poulin, Pierre Time and Space Coherent Occlusion Culling for Tileable Extended 3D Worlds. (2013) In: International Conference on Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics (CADGC), 16 November 2013 - 18 November 2013 (Hong Kong, China).

Le Jeune, Anne-Hélène and Bourdiol, Floriane and Aldamman, Lama and Perron, Tania and Amyot, Marc and Pinel-Alloul, Bernadette Factors affecting methylmercury biomagnification by a widespread aquatic invertebrate predator, the phantom midge larvae Chaoborus. (2012) Environmental Pollution, 165. 100-108. ISSN 0269-7491

Cousinié, Sandra and Mauline, Léïla and Gressier, Marie and Kandibanda, Srinivasa Rao and Datas, Lucien and Reber, Christian and Menu, Marie-Joëlle Bulk or surface grafted silylated Ru(ii) complexes on silica as luminescent nanomaterials. (2012) New Journal of Chemistry, 36 (n. 6). 1355-1367. ISSN 1144-0546

Bigot, Jérémie and Longcamp, Marieke and Dal Maso, Fabien and Amarantini, David A new statistical test based on the wavelet cross-spectrum to detect time–frequency dependence between non-stationary signals: Application to the analysis of cortico-muscular interactions. (2011) NeuroImage, 55 (4). 1504-1518. ISSN 1053-8119

Saussié, David and Bérard, Caroline and Akhrif, Ouassima and Saydy, Lahcen Robust scheduled control of longitudinal flight with handling quality satisfaction. (2011) Aeronautical Journal, 115 (1165). 163-174. ISSN 0001-9240

Brouillet, Fabien and Baylac, Gilles and Cartilier, Louis and Bataille, Bernard High-amylose sodium carboxymethyl starch matrices for oral, sustained drug release: development of a spray-drying manufacturing process. (2010) Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, 36 (7). 795-805. ISSN 0363-9045

Teisserenc, Roman and Lucotte, Marc and Houel, Stéphane Terrestrial organic matter biomarkers as tracers of Hg sources in lake sediments. (2010) Biogeochemistry, 103 (1-3). 235-244. ISSN 0168-2563

Ouellet, Jean-François and Lucotte, Marc and Teisserenc, Roman and Paquet, Serge and Canuel, René Lignin biomarkers as tracers of mercury sources in lakes water column. (2009) Biogeochemistry, 94 (5). 123-140. ISSN 0168-2563

Cousinié, Sandra and Gressier, Marie and Reber, Christian and Dexpert-Ghys, Jeannette and Menu, Marie-Joëlle Europium(III) Complexes Containing Organosilyldipyridine Ligands Grafted on Silica Nanoparticles. (2008) Langmuir, 24 (12). 6208-6214. ISSN 0743-7463

Le Gal, Julien and Benoist, Eric and Gressier, Marie and Bélanger-Gariépy, Francine and Beauchamp, André L. Sodium [2-(mercaptomethylcarbonylamino)-N-(2-mercaptophenyl)ethanamide(4-)-[kappa]4S,N,N',S']oxorhenate(V) monohydrate. (2007) Acta Crystallographica Section E, 63. m647-m649. ISSN 1600-5368

Le Gal, Julien and Benoist, Eric and Gressier, Marie and Bélanger-Gariépy, Francine and Beauchamp, André L. Tetraphenylphosphonium [2-(mercaptomethylcarbonylamino)-N-(2-methylaminophenyl)ethanamido(4-)-[kappa]4S,N,N',N'']oxorhenate(V). (2007) Acta Crystallographica Section E, 63. m868-m869. ISSN 1600-5368

Le Gal, Julien and Benoist, Eric and Gressier, Marie and Bélanger-Gariépy, Francine and Beauchamp, André L. Tetraphenylphosphonium [N-(2-aminophenyl)-2-(mercaptomethylcarbonylamino)ethanamido(4-)-[kappa]4S,N,N',N'']oxorhenate(V). (2007) Acta Crystallographica Section E, 63. m865-m867. ISSN 1600-5368

Allali, Mustapha and Cousinié, Sandra and Gressier, Marie and Tessier, Christian and Beauchamp, André L. and Coulais, Yvon and Dartiguenave, Michèle and Benoist, Eric Ethylenediamine- and propylenediaminediacetic acid derivatives as ligands for the "fac-[M(CO)3]+" core (M = Re, 99mTc). (2006) Inorganica Chimica Acta, 3 (7). 2128-2134. ISSN 0020-1693

Baptiste, Pierre and Giard, Vincent and Haït, Alain and Soumis, François Gestion de production et ressources humaines: méthodes de planification dans les systèmes productifs. (2005) Presses Internationales Polytechniques, Montreal, Canada. ISBN 978-2-553-01145-0

Haït, Alain and Baptiste, Pierre Ordonnancement d'atelier et ressources humaines: affectation des opérateurs dans un flowshop. (2005) Journal Européen des Systèmes Automatisés (JESA), 3 (8). 897-923. ISSN 1269-6935

Kerevanian, Grigorios-Kourken and Sidorenko, A. and Bénard, Emmanuel and Cooper, Richard K. and Raghunathan, Srinivasan and Saeed, F. and Paraschivoiu, Ion and Kafyeke, Fassi Effect of height and density of roughness elements on turbulent boundary layers. (2003) In: 41st Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit, 6 January 2003 - 9 January 2003 (Reno, United States).

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