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Radjagobalou, Robbie and Dias da Silva Freitas, Victoria and Blanco, Jean-François and Gros, Fabrice and Dauchet, Jeremy and Cornet, Jean-François and Loubière, Karine A revised 1D equivalent model for the determination of incident photon flux density in a continuous-flow LED-driven spiral-shaped microreactor using the actinometry method with Reinecke's salt. (2021) Journal of Flow Chemistry. ISSN 2062-249X

Néri, Adrien and Guignard, Jérémy and Monnereau, Marc and Bystricky, Misha and Perrillat, Jean-Philippe and Andrault, Denis and King, Andrew and Guignot, Nicolas and Tenailleau, Christophe and Duployer, Benjamin and Toplis, Michael J. and Quitté, Ghylaine Reevaluation of metal interconnectivity in a partially molten silicate matrix using 3D microtomography. (2020) Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, 308. 106571. ISSN 0031-9201

Gossiaux, Alice and Rollin, Marc and Guérold, François and Felten, Vincent and Laviale, Martin and Bachelet, Quentin and Poupin, Pascal and Chauvet, Eric and Bec, Alexandre and Danger, Michael Temperature and nutrient effects on the relative importance of brown and green pathways for stream ecosystem functioning: A mesocosm approach. (2020) Freshwater Biology, 65 (7). 1239-1255. ISSN 0046-5070

Rey, Christophe and Ennaoui, Karima and Mephu Nguifo, Engelbert and Nourine, Lhouari and Toumani, Farouk and Faivre, Mathieu and Dargent, Lauren and Girod, Hervé Knowledge Bases Integration. (2020) In: 1st International Conference on Cognitive Aircraft Systems - ICCAS 2020, 18 March 2020 - 19 March 2020 (Toulouse, France). (Unpublished)

Mazières, Valentin and Ibrahim, Ali Al and Chauvière, Cédric and Bonnet, Pierre and Pascaud, Romain and Clergereaux, Richard and Dap, Simon and Liard, Laurent and Pascal, Olivier Transient Electric Field Shaping With the Linear Combination of Configuration Field Method for Enhanced Spatial Control of Microwave Plasmas. (2020) IEEE Access, 8. 177084-177091. ISSN 2169-3536

Bougouin, Alexis and Lacaze, Laurent and Bonometti, Thomas Collapse of a liquid-saturated granular column on a horizontal plane. (2019) Physical Review Fluids, 4 (12). 124306. ISSN 2469-990X

Bossard, Cédric and Granel, Henri and Jallot, Édouard and Montouillout, Valérie and Fayon, Franck and Soulié, Jérémy and Drouet, Christophe and Wittrant, Yohann and Lao, Jonathan Mechanism of Calcium Incorporation Inside Sol–Gel Silicate Bioactive Glass and the Advantage of Using Ca(OH)2 over Other Calcium Sources. (2019) ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, 5 (11). 5906-5915. ISSN 2373-9878

Radjagobalou, Robbie and Blanco, Jean-François and Dias da Silva Freitas, Victoria and Supplis, Caroline and Gros, Fabrice and Dechy-Cabaret, Odile and Loubière, Karine A revised experimental protocol for implementing the actinometry method with the Reinecke’s salt. (2019) Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, 382. 111934. ISSN 1010-6030

Bulusheva, Lyubov Gennadievna and Sysoev, Vitalii I. and Lobiak, Egor V. and Fedoseeva, Yu. V. and Makarova, Anna A. and Dubois, Marc and Flahaut, Emmanuel and Okotrub, Alexander Vladimirovich Chlorinated holey double-walled carbon nanotubes for relative humidity sensor. (2019) Carbon, 148. 413-420. ISSN 0008-6223

Roche, Jane and Mouloungui, Zéphirin and Cerny, Muriel and Merah, Othmane Effect of Sowing Dates on Fatty Acids and Phytosterols Patterns of Carthamus tinctorius L. (2019) Applied Sciences, 9 (14). 2839. ISSN 2076-3417

Bourdot, Alexandra and Magniont, Camille and Lagouin, Méryl and Niyigena, César and Evon, Philippe and Amziane, Sofiane Impact of Bio-Aggregates Properties on the Chemical Interactions with Mineral Binder, Application to Vegetal Concrete. (2019) Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology, 17 (9). 542-558. ISSN 1347-3913

Derennes, Pierre and Chabridon, Vincent and Morio, Jérôme and Balesdent, Mathieu and Simatos, Florian and Bourinet, Jean-marc and Gayton, Nicolas Nonparametric importance sampling techniques for sensitivity analysis and reliability assessment of a launcher stage fallout. (2019) In: Modeling and Optimization in Space Engineering : State of the Art and New Challenges. (Springer Optimization and Its Applications ; 144). Springer. ISBN 978-3-030-10500-6

Barbottin, Aude and Chardigny, Jean-Michel and Chardot, Thierry and Charmet, Gilles and Debaeke, Philippe and Duc, Gérard and Fardet, Anthony and Jeuffroy, Marie-Hélène and Lullien-Pellerin, Valérie and Magrini, Marie-Benoît and Marion, Didier and Mouloungui, Zéphirin and Renard, Michel and Sebillotte, Clementina Diversité des agricultures – le cas des filières céréales, oléagineux et légumineuses à graines. (2018) Innovations agronomiques, 68. 39-77. ISSN 1958-5853

Audoin, Elise and Bergez, Jacques-Eric and Choisis, Jean-Philippe and Duru, Michel and Goncalves, Amélie and Ryschawy, Julie and Taverne, Marie and Triboulet, Pierre and Therond, Olivier Petit guide de l'accompagnement à la conception collective d'une transition agroécologique à l'échelle du territoire. (2018) [Report]

Habibi, M. K. Khakim and Battaïa, Olga and Cung, Van-Dat and Dolgui, Alexandre An efficient two-phase iterative heuristic for Collection-Disassembly problem. (2017) Computers & Industrial Engineering, 110. 505-514. ISSN 0360-8352

Gaudio, Noémie and Gendre, Xavier and Saudreau, Marc and Seigner, Vincent and Balandier, Philippe Impact of tree canopy on thermal and radiative microclimates in a mixed temperate forest: A new statistical method to analyse hourly temporal dynamics. (2017) Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 237-238. 71-79. ISSN 0168-1923

Habibi, M. K. Khakim and Battaïa, Olga and Cung, Van-Dat and Dolgui, Alexandre Collection-disassembly problem in reverse supply chain. (2017) International Journal of Production Economics, 183. 334-344. ISSN 0925-5273

Battaïa, Olga and Delorme, Xavier and Dolgui, Alexandre and Frederic, Grimaud and Finel, Brigitte Flow line balancing problem: A survey. (2016) In: 2015 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Systems Management (IESM), 21 October 2015 - 23 October 2015 (Seville, Spain).

Bentaha, Mohand Lounes and Battaïa, Olga and Dolgui, Alexandre and Hu, S. Jack Second order conic approximation for disassembly line design with joint probabilistic constraints. (2015) European Journal of Operational Research, 247 (3). 957-967. ISSN 0377-2217

Battaïa, Olga and Delorme, Xavier and Dolgui, Alexandre and Hagemann, Johannes and Horlemann, Anika and Kovalev, Sergey and Malyutin, Sergey Workforce minimization for a mixed-model assembly line in the automotive industry. (2015) International Journal of Production Economics, 170. 489-500. ISSN 0925-5273

Riggs, Robert J. and Battaïa, Olga and Hu, S. Jack Disassembly line balancing under high variety of end of life states using a joint precedence graph approach. (2015) Journal of Manufacturing Systems, 37. 638-648. ISSN 0278-6125

Ilgin, Mehmet Ali and Gupta, Surendra M. and Battaïa, Olga Use of MCDM techniques in environmentally conscious manufacturing and product recovery: state of the art. (2015) Journal of Manufacturing Systems, 37. 746-758. ISSN 0278-6125

Safi, Carl and Frances, Christine and Ursu, Alina Violeta and Laroche, Céline and Pouzet, Cécile and Vaca-Garcia, Carlos and Pontalier, Pierre-Yves Understanding the effect of cell disruption methods on the diffusion of Chlorella vulgaris proteins and pigments in the aqueous phase. (2015) Algal Research, 8. 61-68. ISSN 2211-9264

Bentaha, Mohand Lounes and Dolgui, Alexandre and Battaïa, Olga A bibliographic review of production line design and balancing under uncertainty. (2015) In: 15th IFAC Symposium on Information Control Problems in Manufacturing (INCOM 2015), 11 May 2015 - 13 May 2015 (Ottawa, Canada).

Bentaha, Mohand Lounes and Battaïa, Olga and Dolgui, Alexandre An exact solution approach for disassembly line balancing problem under uncertainty of the task processing times. (2015) International Journal of Production Research, 53 (6). 1807-1818. ISSN 0020-7543

Makssoud, Fatme and Maurizio Faccio, Dr. Yuval Cohen, Dr. and Battaïa, Olga and Dolgui, Alexandre and Mpofu, Khumbulani and Olabanji, Olayinka Re-balancing problem for assembly lines: new mathematical model and exact solution method. (2015) Assembly Automation, 35 (1). 16-21. ISSN 0144-5154

Battaïa, Olga and Brissaud, Daniel and Dolgui, Alexandre and Guschinsky, Nikolai Variety-oriented design of rotary production systems. (2015) CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology, 64 (1). 411-414. ISSN 0007-8506

Safi, Carl and Ursu, Alina Violeta and Laroche, Céline and Zebib, Bachar and Merah, Othmane and Pontalier, Pierre-Yves and Vaca-Garcia, Carlos Aqueous extraction of proteins from microalgae: Effect of different cell disruption methods. (2014) Algal Research, 3. 61-65. ISSN 2211-9264

Safi, Carl and Charton, Michael and Ursu, Alina Violeta and Laroche, Céline and Zebib, Bachar and Pontalier, Pierre-Yves and Vaca-Garcia, Carlos Release of hydro-soluble microalgal proteins using mechanical and chemical treatments. (2014) Algal Research, 3. 55-60. ISSN 2211-9264

Pignolet, Olivier and Jubeau, Sébastien and Vaca-Garcia, Carlos and Michaud, Philippe Highly valuable microalgae: biochemical and topological aspects. (2013) Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology, 40 (8). 781-796. ISSN 1367-5435

Cournut, Sylvie and Madelrieux, Sophie and Rapey, Hélène and Nozières, Marie-Odile and Poccard-Chapuis, René and Corniaux, Christian and Choisis, Jean-Philippe and Ryschawy, Julie Dynamics of livestock farming in extensive livestock farming territories: what processes are going on ? (2012) In: 63. Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP), 27 August 2012 - 31 August 2012 (Bratislava, Slovakia).

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