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Vynnycky, Michael and Lacaze, Jacques On the modelling of joint formation in dissolutive brazing processes. (2019) Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 116 (1). 73-99. ISSN 0022-0833

Brändle de Motta, Jorge César and Costa, Pedro and Derksen, Jos J. and Peng, Cheng and Wang, Lian-Ping and Breugem, Wim-Paul and Estivalèzes, Jean-Luc and Vincent, Stéphane and Climent, Éric and Fede, Pascal and Barbaresco, Pierrette and Renon, Nicolas Assessment of numerical methods for fully resolved simulations of particle-laden turbulent flows. (2019) Computers and Fluids, 179. 1-14. ISSN 0045-7930

Lacaze, Jacques and Jacques, Bruno and Mazet, Thierry and Vynnycky, Michael Numerical Simulation of Brazing Aluminium Alloys with Al–Si Alloys. (2018) Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals, 71 (11). 2623-2629. ISSN 0972-2815

Gojon, Romain and Bogey, Christophe and Mihaescu, Mihai Oscillation Modes in Screeching Jets. (2018) AIAA Journal, 56 (7). 2918-2924. ISSN 0001-1452

Gojon, Romain and Bogey, Christophe Flow Features near Plate Impinged by Ideally Expanded and Underexpanded Round Jets. (2018) AIAA Journal, 56 (2). 445-457. ISSN 0001-1452

Chen, Song and Gojon, Romain and Mihaescu, Mihai High-Temperature Effects on Aerodynamic and Acoustics Characteristics of a Rectangular Supersonic Jet. (2018) In: 2018 AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference, 25 June 2018 - 29 June 2018 (Atlanta, United States).

Ceci, Alessandro and Gojon, Romain and Mihaescu, Mihai Large Eddy Simulations for Indirect Combustion Noise Assessment in a Nozzle Guide Vane Passage. (2018) Flow, Turbulence and Combustion. 1-13. ISSN 1386-6184

Bogey, Christophe and Gojon, Romain Feedback loop and upwind-propagating waves in ideally expanded supersonic impinging round jets. (2017) Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 823. 562-591. ISSN 0022-1120

Goubet, Olivier and Baudic, Gwilherm and Gabry, Frédéric and Oechtering, Tobias J. Low Complexity Scalable Iterative Algorithms for IEEE 802.11p Receivers. (2015) IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 64 (9). 3944-3956. ISSN 0018-9545

Lazar, Jonathan and Barbosa, Simone and Gulliksen, Jan and Mcewan, Tom and Martinez Normand, Loïc and Palanque, Philippe and Prates, Raquel and Tsai, Janice and Winckler, Marco Antonio and Wulf, Volker Workshop on engaging the human-computer interaction community with public policymaking internationally. (2013) In: ACM CHI International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - CHI 2013, 27 April 2013 - 2 May 2013 (Paris, France).

Cossu, Carlo and Brandt, Luca and Bagheri, Shervin and Henningson, Dan S. Secondary threshold amplitudes for sinuous streak breakdown. (2011) Physics of Fluids, 23 (7). 074103-1. ISSN 1070-6631

Jerlerud Pérez, Rosa and Toffolon-Masclet, Caroline and Joubert, Jean-Marc and Sundman, Bo The Zr–Sn binary system: New experimental results and thermodynamic assessment. (2008) Calphad, 32 (3). 593-601. ISSN 0364-5916

Kjellqvist, Lina and Selleby, Malin and Sundman, Bo Thermodynamic modelling of the Cr–Fe–Ni–O system. (2008) Calphad, 32 (3). 577-592. ISSN 0364-5916

Shi, Ping-Fang and Engström, Anders and Höglund, Lars and Chen, Qing and Sundman, Bo and Agren, John and Hillert, Mats Computational Thermodynamics and Kinetics in Materials Modelling and Simulations. (2007) Journal of Iron and Steel Research International, 14 (5). 210-215. ISSN 1006-706X

Peçanha, Rockfeller Maciel and Ferreira, Flàvio and Carvalho Coelho, Gilberto and Nunes, Carlos Angelo and Sundman, Bo Thermodynamic modeling of the NbeB system. (2007) Intermetallics, 15 (8). 999-1005. ISSN 0966-9795

Lu, Xiao-Gang and Selleby, Malin and Sundman, Bo Calculations of thermophysical properties of cubic carbides and nitrides using the Debye–Grüneisen model. (2007) Acta Materialia, 55 (4). 1215-1226. ISSN 1359-6454

Lee , Byeong-Joo and Sundman, Bo and Il Kim , Sung and Chin, Kwang-Geun Thermodynamic Calculations on the Stability of Cu2S in Low Carbon Steels. (2007) ISIJ International , 47 (1). 163-171. ISSN 0915-1559

Baykov, Vitaly I. and Jerlerud Pérez, Rosa and Korzhavyi, Pavel A. and Sundman, Bo and Johansson, Börje Structural stability of intermetallic phases in the Zr–Sn system. (2006) Scripta Materialia, 55 (5). 485-488. ISSN 1359-6462

Wang, Jianhua and Lu, Xiao-Gang and Sundman, Bo and Su, Xuping Thermodynamic reassessment of the Au–Te system. (2006) Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 407 (1 - 2). 106-111. ISSN 0925-8388

Mao, Huahai and Hillert, Mats and Selleby, Malin and Sundman, Bo Thermodynamic Assessment of the CaO–Al2O3–SiO2 System. (2006) Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 89 (1). 298-308. ISSN 0002-7820

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