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Teychené, Johanne and Roux-de Balmann, Hélène and Maron, Laurent and Galier, Sylvain Interactions in saccharide/cation/water systems: Insights from density functional theory. (2020) Food Chemistry, 327. 127054. ISSN 0308-8146

Nguyen, Quang Hung and Talou, Thierry and Evon, Philippe and Cerny, Muriel and Merah, Othmane Fatty acid composition and oil content during coriander fruit development. (2020) Food Chemistry, 326. 127034. ISSN 0308-8146

Verdier, Thomas and Balthazard, Lesmie and Montibus, Mathilde and Magniont, Camille and Evon, Philippe and Bertron, Alexandra Using glycerol esters to prevent microbial growth on sunflower-based insulation panels. (2020) Proceedings of the ICE - Construction Materials. ISSN 1747-650X

Uitterhaegen, Evelien and Labonne, Laurent and Merah, Othmane and Talou, Thierry and Ballas, Stéphane and Véronèse, Thierry and Evon, Philippe Innovative insulating materials from coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) straw for building applications. (2020) Journal of Agricultural Studies, 8 (4). 1-18. ISSN 2166-0379

Jaillon, Agathe and Jumel, Julien and Lachaud, Frédéric and Paroissien, Eric Mode I Cohesive Zone Model Parameters Identification and Comparison of Measurement Techniques based on uncertainty estimation. (2020) International Journal of Solids and Structures, 191-192. 577-587. ISSN 0020-7683

Evon, Philippe Les matériaux biosourcés, une alternative pour l’avenir. (2020) [Popular scientific article]

Lagrange, Adrien and Fauvel, Mathieu and May, Stéphane and Bioucas-Dias, José M. and Dobigeon, Nicolas Matrix cofactorization for joint representation learning and supervised classification : application to hyperspectral image analysis. (2020) Neurocomputing, 385. 132-147. ISSN 0925-2312

Snijders, Tom A.B. and Faye, Malick and Brailly, Julien Network dynamics with a nested node set: sociability in seven villages in Senegal. (2020) Statistica Neerlandica. 1-24. ISSN 00390402

An, Jing and Chervin, Christian and Almasaud, Rasha Althiab and Bouzayen, Mondher and Zouine, Mohamed and Chervin, Christian Auxin and ethylene regulation of fruit set. (2020) Plant Science, 292. 110381. ISSN 0168-9452

Simon, Valérie and Uitterhaegen, Evelien and Robillard, Anaïs and Ballas, Stéphane and Véronèse, Thierry and Vilarem, Gérard and Merah, Othmane and Talou, Thierry and Evon, Philippe VOC and carbonyl compound emissions of a fiberboard resulting from a coriander biorefinery: comparison with two commercial wood-based building materials. (2020) Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 1-15. ISSN 0944-1344

Amponsah, William and Marra, Francesco and Marchi, Lorenzo and Roux, Hélène and Braud, Isabelle and Borga, Marco Objective analysis of envelope curves for peak floods of European and Mediterranean flash floods. (2020) In: Climate change, hazards and adaptation options : handling the impacts of a changing climate. (Climate Change Management). Springer International Publishing, Cham, 267-276. ISBN 978-3-030-37425-9

Graças, Jonathas Pereira and Lima, Joni Esrom and Peres, Lázaro Eustáquio Pereira and Jamet, Elisabeth and Vitorello, Victor Alexandre and Dunand, Christophe and Chervin, Christian Ethylene signaling causing tolerance of arabidopsis thaliana roots to low pH stress is linked to class III peroxidase activity. (2020) Journal of Plant Growth Regulation. 1-10. ISSN 0721-7595

Périé, Paul and Evon, Philippe Emballages alimentaires : vers un impact environnemental neutre ? (2020) [Popular scientific article]

Binet, Stéphane and Probst, Jean-Luc and Batiot, Chritelle and Seidel, Jean-Luc and Emblanch, Chritophe and Peyraube, Nicolas and Charlier, Jean-Baptiste and Bakalowicz, Michel and Probst, Anne Global warming and acid atmospheric deposition impacts on carbonate dissolution and CO2 fluxes in French karst hydrosystems: Evidence from hydrochemical monitoring in recent decades. (2020) Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 270. 184-200. ISSN 0016-7037

Chen, Yi and Hu, Guojian and Celeste, Rodriguez and Liu, Meiying and Binder, Brad Mark and Chervin, Christian Roles of SlETR7, a newly discovered ethylene receptor, in tomato plant and fruit development. (2020) Horticultural Research, 7 (17). 1-12. ISSN 2052-7276

Chen, Yi and Almasaud, Rasha Althiab and Carrie, Emma and Desbrosses, Guilhem and Binder, Brad M. and Chervin, Christian Ethanol, at physiological concentrations, affects ethylene sensing in tomato germinating seeds and seedlings. (2020) Plant Science, 291. 110368. ISSN 0168-9452

Nguyen, Geneviève and Brailly, Julien and Purseigle, François Strategic outsourcing and precision agriculture: towards a silent reorganization of agricultural production in France ? (2020) In: ASSA-AAEA 2020 - Annual Meeting of the Allied Social Sciences Association and the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association, 3 January 2020 - 5 January 2020 (San Diego, United States).

Min, Yuanyuan and Nasrallah, Houssein and Poinsot, Didier and Lecante, Pierre and Tison, Yann and Martinez, Hervé and Roblin, Pierre and Falqui, Andrea and Poteau, Romuald and del Rosal, Iker and Gerber, Iann C. and Hierso, Jean-Cyrille and Axet Marti, Maria Rosa and Serp, Philippe 3D Ruthenium Nanoparticle Covalent Assemblies from Polymantane Ligands for Confined Catalysis. (2020) Chemistry of Materials, 32 (6). 2365-2378. ISSN 0897-4756

Bergou, El Houcine and Diouane, Youssef and Kungurtsev, Vyacheslav Complexity iteration analysis for strongly convex multi-objective optimization using a Newton path-following procedure. (2020) Optimization Letters. ISSN 1862-4472

Bergou, El Houcine and Diouane, Youssef and Kungurtsev, Vyacheslav Convergence and Complexity Analysis of a Levenberg–Marquardt Algorithm for Inverse Problems. (2020) Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications. ISSN 0022-3239

Gestraud, Cecilia and Roblin, Pierre and Morris, Jeffrey F. and Meireles, Martine and Hallez, Yannick Injection time controls the final morphology of nanocrystals during in situ-seeding synthesis of silver nanodisks. (2020) CrystEngComm, 22 (10). 1769-1778. ISSN 1466-8033

Bossard, Cédric and Granel, Henri and Jallot, Édouard and Montouillout, Valérie and Fayon, Franck and Soulié, Jérémy and Drouet, Christophe and Wittrant, Yohann and Lao, Jonathan Mechanism of Calcium Incorporation Inside Sol–Gel Silicate Bioactive Glass and the Advantage of Using Ca(OH)2 over Other Calcium Sources. (2019) ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, 5 (11). 5906-5915. ISSN 2373-9878

Digan, Laura and Horgue, Pierre and Debenest, Gérald and Dubos, Simon and Pommier, Sébastien and Paul, Etienne and Dumas, Claire An improved hydrodynamic model for percolation and drainage dynamics for household and agricultural waste beds. (2019) Waste Management, 98. 69-80. ISSN 0956-053X

Brailly, Julien and Comet, Catherine and Delarre, Sébastien and Eloire, Fabien and Favre, Guillaume and Lazega, Emmanuel and Mounier, Lise and Montes-Lihn, Jaime and Oubenal, Mohamed and Penalva-Icher, Elise and Pina-Stranger, Alvaro Neo-structural economic sociology beyond embeddedness: relational infrastructures and social processes in markets and market institutions. (2018) Economic sociology, 19 (3). 36-49. ISSN 1871-3351

Thiéblin, Elodie and Amarger, Fabien and Hernandez, Nathalie and Roussey, Catherine and Trojahn dos Santos, Cassia Cross-querying LOD data sets using complex alignments: an experiment using AgronomicTaxon, Agrovoc, DBpedia and TAXREF-LD. (2018) International Journal of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies, 13 (2). 104-119. ISSN 1744-2621

Ben Amor, Nahla and El Khalfi, Zeineb and Fargier, Hélène and Sabbadin, Régis Efficient Policies for Stationary Possibilistic Markov Decision Processes. (2017) In: ECSQARU 2017: European Conference on Symbolic and Quantitative Approaches to Reasoning with Uncertainty, 10 July 2017 - 14 July 2017 (Lugano, Switzerland).

Ermakova, Liana and Mothe, Josiane La structure thème-rhème pour l'ordonnancement de documents en recherche d'information. (2017) Document numérique, 20 (1). 39-66. ISSN 1279-5127

Barraud-Didier, Valérie and Henninger, Marie-Christine and El Akremic, Assâad The relationship between members' trust and participation in the governance of cooperatives: the role of organizational commitment. (2012) International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, 15 (1). 1-24. ISSN 1096-7508

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