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Stempflé, Philippe and Bourrat, Xavier and Pantalé, Olivier and Njiwa, Richard Kouitat and Jehl, Jean-Philippe and Domatti, Anne and Lopez, Evelyne Multiscale structure of nacre biomaterial: Thermomechanical behavior and wear processes. (2018) Materials Science and Engineering C, 91. 78-93. ISSN 0928-4931

Stempflé, Philippe and Bourrat, Xavier and Kouitat Njiwa, Richard and Pantalé, Olivier and Lopez, Evelyne and Takadoum, Jamal A multiscale tribological study of nacre : Evidence of wear nanomechanisms controlled by the frictional dissipated power. (2012) In: 15th Nordic Symposium on Tribology (NordTrib 2012), 12-15 June 2012, Trondheim, Norway .

Ebigbo, Anozie and Golfier, Fabrice and Quintard, Michel Pore-scale modelling of biofilm activity in the underground storage of hydrogen. (2012) In: Interpore 2012, 14 May 2012 - 16 May 2012 (West Lafayette, United States). (Unpublished)

Leguédois, Sophie and Party, Jean-Paul and Dupouey, Jean-Luc and Gauquelin, Thierry and Gégout, Jean-Claude and Lecareux, Caroline and Badeau, Vincent and Probst, Anne La carte de végétation du CNRS à l'ère du numérique. (2011) European Journal of Geography. ISSN 1278-3366

Wood, Brian D. and Golfier, Fabrice and Quintard, Michel Dispersive transport in porous media with biofilms: local mass equilibrium in simple unit cells. (2011) International Journal of Environment and Waste Management, 7 (1/2). 24-48. ISSN 1478-9876

Stempflé, Philippe and Pantalé, Olivier and Djilali, Toufik and Njiwa, Richard Kouitat and Bourrat, Xavier and Takadoum, Jamal Evaluation of the real contact area in three-body dry friction by micro-thermal analysis. (2010) Tribology International, 43 (10). 1794-1805. ISSN 0301-679X

Aubin, Joelle and Commenge, Jean-Marc and Falk, Laurent and Prat, Laurent E. Technologies et méthodes innovantes d'intensification : miniaturisation des procédés. (2010) In: Génie des Procédés Durables - du concept à la concrétisation industrielle. (Technique et ingénierie. Série Chimie). Dunod, Paris, 86-114. ISBN 978-2-10-051605-6

Avella, Catalina and Delgado, Luis Fernando and Görner, Tatiana and Albasi, Claire and Galmiche, M. and De Donato, Philippe Effect of cytostatic drug presence on extracellular polymeric substances formation in municipal wastewater treated by membrane bioreactor. (2010) Bioresource Technology, 101 (2). 518-526. ISSN 0960-8524

Saqui-Sannes, Pierre de and Villemur, Thierry and Mota, Sara and Fontan, Benjamin and Bouassida, Mohamed Salah and Chridi, Najah and Chrisment, Isabelle and Vigneron, Laurent Formal verification of secure group communication protocols modelled in UML. (2010) Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering, 6 (1-2). 125-133. ISSN 1614-5046

Calamaz, Madalina and Limido, Jérôme and Nouari, Mohammed and Espinosa, Christine and Coupard, D. and Salaün, Michel and Girot, F. and Chieragatti, Rémy Toward a better understanding of tool wear effect through a comparison between experiments and SPH numerical modelling of machining hard materials. (2009) International Journal of Refractory Metals & Hard Materials, 3 (3). 595-604. ISSN 0958-0611

Golfier, Fabrice and Wood, Brian D. and Orgogozo, Laurent and Quintard, Michel and Bues, Michel Biofilms in porous media: development of macroscopic transport equations via volume averaging with closure for local mass equilibrium conditions. (2009) Advances in Water Resources, 32. 463-485. ISSN 0309-1708

Dietz, Adrian and Aguilar-Lasserre, Alberto and Azzaro-Pantel, Catherine and Pibouleau, Luc and Domenech, Serge A fuzzy multiobjective algorithm for multiproduct batch plant: Application to protein production. (2008) Computers & Chemical Engineering, 3 (1-2). 292-306. ISSN 0098-1354

Dietz, Adrian and Azzaro-Pantel, Catherine and Pibouleau, Luc and Domenech, Serge Ecodesign of Batch Processes: Optimal Design Strategies for Economic and Ecological Bioprocesses. (2007) International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering, 5. ISSN 1542-6580

Stempflé, Philippe and Pantalé, Olivier and Njiwa, Richard Kouitat and Rousseau, Marthe and Lopez, Evelyne and Bourrat, Xavier Friction-induced sheet nacre fracture: effects of nano-shocks on cracks location. (2007) International Journal of Nanotechnology, 4 (6). 712-729. ISSN 1475-7435

Rigaud, Vincent and Daloz, Dominique and Drillet, Josée and Perlade, Astride and Maugis, Philippe and Lesoult, Gérard Phases Equilibrium Study in Quaternary Iron-rich Fe–Al–Mn–C Alloys. (2007) ISIJ International, 47 (6). 898-906. ISSN 0915-1559

Dietz, Adrian and Aguilar-Lasserre, Alberto and Azzaro-Pantel, Catherine and Pibouleau, Luc and Domenech, Serge Multiobjective Multiproduct Batch Plant Design Under Uncertainty. (2006) In: 16th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering (ESCAPE 16) and 9th International Symposium on Process Systems Engineering, 17 July 2006 - 19 July 2006 (Garmisch PartenKirschen, Germany).

Azzaro-Pantel, Catherine and Dietz, Adrian and Domenech, Serge and Pibouleau, Luc Ordonnancement et conception d’ateliers. Applications. (2006) Techniques de l'Ingénieur, AGC301. ISSN 1963-0697

Probst, Anne and Party, Jean-Paul and Février, Clotilde and Dambrine, Etienne and Thomas, Anne-Laure and Stussi, J.M. Evidence of Springwater Acidification in the Vosges Mountains (North-East of France): Influence of Bedrock Buffering Capacity. (1999) Water, Air, & Soil Pollution, 1 (3-4). 395-411.

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