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Liné, Clarisse and Reyes-Herrera, Juan and Bakshi, Mansi and Wazne, Mohammad and Costan, Valentin and Roujol, David and Jamet, Elisabeth and Castillo-Michel, Hiram and Flahaut, Emmanuel and Larue, Camille Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy contribution to disentangle nanomaterial (DWCNT, TiO2) impacts on tomato plants. (2021) Environmental Science Nano, 8 (10). 2920-2931. ISSN 2051-8153

Usmani, Suhail and Mikolasek, Mirko and Gillet, Angélique and Sánchez Costa, José and Rigoulet, Mathilde and Chaudret, Bruno and Bousseksou, Azzedine and Lassalle-Kaiser, Benedikt and Demont, Philippe and Molnár, Gábor and Salmon, Lionel and Carrey, Julian and Tricard, Simon Spin crossover in Fe(triazole)–Pt nanoparticle self-assembly structured at the sub-5 nm scale. (2020) Nanoscale, 12 (15). 8180-8187. ISSN 2040-3364

Gavira, Jose A. and Rodriguez-Ruiz, Isaac and Martinez-Rodriguez, Sergio and Basu, Shibom and Teychené, Sébastien and McCarthy, Andrew A. and Mueller-Dieckman, Christoph Attaining atomic resolution from in situ data collection at room temperature using counter-diffusion-based low-cost microchips. (2020) Acta Crystallographica Section D Structural Biology, 76 (8). 751-758. ISSN 2059-7983

Bakshi, Mansi and Liné, Clarisse and Bedolla, Diana E. and Stein, Ricardo José and Kaegi, Ralf and Sarret, Géraldine and Pradas del Real, Ana E. and Castillo-Michel, Hiram and Abhilash, P.C. and Larue, Camille Assessing the impacts of sewage sludge amendment containing nano-TiO2 on tomato plants: A life cycle study. (2019) Journal of Hazardous Materials, 369. 191-198. ISSN 0304-3894

Lorne, Thomas and Jiménez-Ruiz, Mónica and Rols, Stéphane and Payrastre, Corinne and Escudier, Jean-Marc and Rubio-Zuazo, Juan and Zbiri, Mohamed and Galibert, Anne-Marie and Soula, Brigitte and Flahaut, Emmanuel Investigation of the grafting of fluorophores onto double-walled carbon nanotubes: the influence of the geometry of the molecules. (2018) Applied Surface Science, 457. 1181-1191. ISSN 0169-4332

Gineste, Stéphane and Di Cola, Emanuela and Amouroux, Baptiste and Till, Ugo and Marty, Jean-Daniel and Mingotaud, Anne-Françoise and Mingotaud, Christophe and Violleau, Frédéric and Berti, Debora and Parigi, Giacomo and Luchinat, Claudio and Balor, Stéphanie and Sztucki, Michael and Lonetti, Barbara Mechanistic Insights into Polyion Complex Associations. (2018) Macromolecules, 51 (4). 1427-1440. ISSN 0024-9297

Lorne, Thomas and Jiménez-Ruiz, Mónica and Rols, Stéphane and Escudier, Jean-Marc and Rubio-Zuazo, Juan and Zbiri, Mohamed and Galibert, Anne-Marie and Soula, Brigitte and Flahaut, Emmanuel Competition between covalent and non-covalent grafting of fluorescein isothiocyanate on double-walled carbon nanotubes: a quantitative approach. (2017) Carbon, 123. 735-743. ISSN 0008-6223

Pham, Van Nhat and Radajewski, Dimitri and Round, Adam and Brennich, Martha and Pernot, Petra and Biscans, Béatrice and Bonneté, Françoise and Teychené, Sébastien Coupling high throughput microfluidics and small-angle x-ray scattering to study protein crystallization from solution. (2017) Analytical Chemistry, 89 (4). 2282-2287. ISSN 0003-2700

Guibert, Romain and Fonta, Caroline and Estève, François and Plouraboué, Franck On the normalization of cerebral blood flow. (2013) Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism, 33. 669-672. ISSN 0271-678X

Descombes, Xavier and Plouraboué, Franck and El Boustani, Abdelhakim and Fonta, Caroline and Leduc, Géraldine and Serduc, Raphael and Weitkamp, Timm Brain Tumor Vascular Network Segmentation from Micro-Tomography. (2011) In: 2011 IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging , 30 March 2011 - 2 April 2011 (Chicago, United States).

Risser, Laurent and Plouraboué, Franck and Cloetens, Peter and Fonta, Caroline A 3D-investigation shows that angiogenesis in primate cerebral cortex mainly occurs at capillary level. (2009) International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience, 27 (2). 185-196. ISSN 0736-5748

De Resende, Valdirene Gonzaga and Cordier, Anne and De Grave, Eddy and Laurent, Christophe and Eeckhout, Sigrid G. and Giuli, Gabriele and Peigney, Alain and Da Costa, Geraldo M. and Vandenberghe, Robert E. Presence of Metallic Fe Nanoclusters in r-(Al,Fe)2O3 Solid Solutions. (2008) Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 112 (42). 16256-16263. ISSN 1932-7447

Remigy, Jean-Christophe and Meireles, Martine and Thibault, Xavier Morphological characterization of a polymeric microfiltration membrane by synchrotron radiation computed microtomography. (2007) Journal of Membrane Science, 3 (1-2). 27-35. ISSN 0376-7388

Michel, Thierry and Alvarez, Laurent and Sauvajol, Jean-Louis and Almairac, Robert and Aznar, Raymond and Mathon, Olivier and Bantignies, Jean-Louis and Flahaut, Emmanuel Structural selective charge transfer in iodine-doped carbon nanotubes. (2006) Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 6 (5-6). 1190-1192. ISSN 0022-3697

Eichert, Diane and Salomé, Murielle and Banu, Mihai and Susini, Jean and Rey, Christian Preliminary characterization of calcium chemical environment in apatitic and non-apatitic calcium phosphates of biological interest by X-ray absorption spectroscopy. (2005) Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy, 6 (6). 850-858. ISSN 0584-8547

Plouraboué, Franck and Cloetens, Peter and Fonta, Caroline and Steyer, Alexandre and Lauwers, Frédéric and Marc-Vergnes, J. P X-ray high-resolution vascular network imaging. (2004) Journal of Microscopy, 215 (2). 139-148. ISSN 0022-2720

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