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Marin, Raphaël and Combeau, Hervé and Zollinger, Julien and Dehmas, Moukrane and Rouat, Bernard and Lamontagne, Aude and Loukachenko, Natalia and Lhenry-Robert, Lucile σ-Phase Formation in Super Austenitic Stainless Steel During Directional Solidification and Subsequent Phase Transformations. (2020) Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 51 (7). 3526-3534. ISSN 1073-5623

Bellavoine, Marion and Dumont, Myriam and Dehmas, Moukrane and Stark, Andreas and Schell, Norbert and Drillet, Josée and Hébert, Véronique and Maugis, Philippe Ferrite recrystallization and austenite formation during annealing of cold-rolled advanced high-strength steels: In situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction and modeling. (2019) Materials Characterization, 154. 20-30. ISSN 1044-5803

Izard, Edouard and Lacaze, Laurent and Bonometti, Thomas and Pedrono, Annaig Numerical Modeling of a Granular Collapse Immersed in a Viscous Fluid. (2018) In: Advances in Hydroinformatics SimHydro 2017 : Choosing The Right Model in Applied Hydraulics. Springer Nature Singapore, 1099-1116. ISBN 978-981-10-7218-5

Izard, Edouard and Lacaze, Laurent and Bonometti, Thomas Modelling the normal bouncing dynamics of spheres in a viscous fluid. (2017) In: Powders and Grains 2017 – 8th International Conference on Micromechanics on Granular Media, 3 July 2017 - 7 July 2017 (Montpellier, France).

Floch, Vincent and Doleyres, Yasmine and Amand, Sylvain and Aufray, Maëlenn and Pébère, Nadine and Verchère, Didier Adherence measurements and corrosion resistance in primer/hot-dip galvanized steel systems. (2013) The Journal of Adhesion, 89 (5). 339-357. ISSN 0021-8464

Masse, Jean-Philippe and Poquillon, Dominique Mechanical behavior of entangled materials with or without cross-linked fibers. (2013) Scripta Materialia, 68 (1). 39-43. ISSN 1359-6462

Malard, Benoît and Remy, B. and Scott, Colin and Deschamps, Alexis and Chêne, Jacques and Dieudonné, Thomas and Mathon, Marie-Hélène Hydrogen trapping by VC precipitates and structural defects in a high strength Fe-Mn-C steel studied by small-angle neutron scattering. (2012) Materials Science and Engineering A, 536. 110-116. ISSN 0921-5093

Duminica, Florin-Daniel and Maury, Francis and Hausbrand, R. Effect of H2 on the microstructure and properties of TiO2 films grown by atmospheric pressure MOCVD on steel substrates. (2009) ECS Transactions, 25 (8). 249-256. ISSN 1938-6737

Connétable, Damien and Lacaze, Jacques and Maugis, Philippe and Sundman, Bo A Calphad assessment of Al–C–Fe system with the carbide modelled as an ordered form of the fcc phase. (2008) Calphad, 32 (2). 361-370. ISSN 0364-5916

Connétable, Damien and Maugis, Philippe First principle calculations of the k-Fe3AlC perovskite and ironealuminium intermetallics. (2008) Intermetallics, 16 (3). 345-352. ISSN 0966-9795

Bonometti, Thomas and Magnaudet, Jacques and Gardin, Pascal On the dispersion of solid particles in a liquid agitated by a bubble swarm. (2007) Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, 38B (5). 739-750. ISSN 1073-5615

Duminica, Florin-Daniel and Maury, Francis and Hausbrand, R. Growth of TiO2 thin films by AP-MOCVD on stainless steel substrates for photocatalytic applications. (2007) Surface and Coatings Technology, 201 (22 - 23). 9304-9308. ISSN 0257-8972

Duminica, Florin-Daniel and Maury, Francis and Hausbrand, R. N-doped TiO2 coatings grown by atmospheric pressure MOCVD for visible light-induced photocatalytic activity. (2007) Surface and Coatings Technology, 201 (22 - 23). 9349-9353. ISSN 0257-8972

Perez, Michel and Courtois, Eglantine and Acevedo, Daniel and Epicier, Thierry and Maugis, Philippe Precipitation of niobium carbonitrides in ferrite: chemical composition measurements and thermodynamic modelling. (2007) Philosophical Magazine Letters , 87 (9). 645-656. ISSN 0950-0839

Duminica, Florin-Daniel and Maury, Francis and Abisset, Sidonie Pyrosol deposition of anatase TiO2 thin films starting from Ti(OiPr)4/acetylacetone solutions. (2007) Thin Solid Films, 515 (20 - 21). 7732-7739. ISSN 0040-6090

Perrard, F. and Deschamps, Alexis and Maugis, Philippe Modelling the precipitation of NbC on dislocations in a-Fe. (2007) Acta Materialia, 55 (4). 1255-1266. ISSN 1359-6454

Rigaud, Vincent and Daloz, Dominique and Drillet, Josée and Perlade, Astride and Maugis, Philippe and Lesoult, Gérard Phases Equilibrium Study in Quaternary Iron-rich Fe–Al–Mn–C Alloys. (2007) ISIJ International, 47 (6). 898-906. ISSN 0915-1559

Climent, Éric and Simonnet, M. and Magnaudet, Jacques Preferential accumulation of bubbles in Couette-Taylor flow patterns. (2007) Physics of Fluids, 1. ISSN 1070-6631

Danoix, Fréderic and Bémont, Emilie and Maugis, Philippe and Blavette, Didier Atom Probe Tomography I. Early Stages of Precipitation ofNbC andNbN in Ferritic Steels. (2006) Advanced Engineering Materials, 8 (12). 1202-1205. ISSN 1438-1656

Maugis, Philippe and Lacaze, Jacques and Besson, Rémy and Morillo, Joseph Ab Initio Calculations of Phase Stabilities in the Fe-Al-C System and CALPHAD-Type Assessment of the Iron-Rich Corner. (2006) Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 37 (12). 3397-3401. ISSN 1073-5623

Maugis, Philippe and Gouné, Mohamed Kinetics of vanadium carbonitride precipitation in steel: A computer model. (2005) Acta Materialia, 5 (12). 3359-3367. ISSN 1359-6454

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