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Multilevel optimization in infinity norm and associated stopping criteria

Mouffe, Mélodie. Multilevel optimization in infinity norm and associated stopping criteria. PhD, Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse, 2009

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This thesis concerns the study of a multilevel trust-region algorithm in infinity norm, designed for the solution of nonlinear optimization problems of high size, possibly submitted to bound constraints. The study looks at both theoretical and numerical sides. The multilevel algorithm RMTR∞ that we study has been developed on the basis of the algorithm created by Gratton, Sartenaer and Toint (2008b), which was modified first by replacing the use of the Euclidean norm by the infinity norm and also by adapting it to solve bound-constrained problems. In a first part, the main features of the new algorithm are exposed and discussed. The algorithm is then proved globally convergent in the sense of Conn, Gould and Toint (2000), which means that it converges to a local minimum when starting from any feasible point. Moreover, it is shown that the active constraints identification property of the trust-region methods based on the use of a Cauchy step can be extended to any internal solver that satisfies a sufficient decrease property. As a consequence, this identification property also holds for a specific variant of our new algorithm. Later, we study several stopping criteria for nonlinear bound-constrained algorithms, in order to determine their meaning and their advantages from specific points of view, and such that we can choose easily the one that suits best specific situations. In particular, the stopping criteria are examined in terms of backward error analysis, which has to be understood both in the usual meaning (using a product norm) and in a multicriteria optimization framework. In the end, a practical algorithm is set on, that uses a Gauss-Seidel-like smoothing technique as an internal solver. Numerical tests are run on a FORTRAN 95 version of the algorithm in order to define a set of efficient default parameters for our method, as well as to compare the algorithm with other classical algorithms like the mesh refinement technique and the conjugate gradient method, on both unconstrained and bound-constrained problems. These comparisons seem to give the advantage to the designed multilevel algorithm, particularly on nearly quadratic problems, which is the behavior expected from an algorithm inspired by multigrid techniques. In conclusion, the multilevel trust-region algorithm presented in this thesis is an improvement of the previous algorithm of this kind because of the use of the infinity norm as well as because of its handling of bound constraints. Its convergence, its behavior concerning the bounds and the definition of its stopping criteria are studied. Moreover, it shows a promising numerical behavior.

Item Type:PhD Thesis
Institution:Université de Toulouse > Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse - Toulouse INP (FRANCE)
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Gratton, Serge and Toint, Philippe
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