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Polynuclear lanthanide hydroxo complexes: new chemical precursors for coordination polymers

Mahé, Nathalie and Guillou, Olivier and Daiguebonne, Carole and Gérault, Yves and Caneschi, Andrea and Sangregorio, Claudio and Chane-Ching, Jean-Yves and Car, P. E. and Roisnel, Thierry Polynuclear lanthanide hydroxo complexes: new chemical precursors for coordination polymers. (2005) Inorganic Chemistry, 44 (22). 7743-7750. ISSN 1531-8613

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Official URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/ic0401086


The synthesis of hexanuclear lanthanide hydroxo complexes by controlled hydrolysis led to polymorphic compounds. The hexanuclear entities crystallize in four different ways that depend on the extent of their hydration. The four structures can be described as hexanuclear lanthanide entities with formula [Ln6(í6-O)(í3-OH)8(NO3)6(H2O)12]2+. Two additional NO3 - ions intercalate between the hexanuclear entities in order to ensure the electroneutrality of the crystal structure. Some crystallization water molecules fill the intermolecular space. The three first families of compounds (1-3) exhibit crystal structures that have previously been reported. The fourth family of compounds (4) is described here for the first time. Its chemical formula is [Ln6(í6-O)(í3-OH)8(NO3)6(H2O)12](NO3)2â2H2O (Ln ) Gd, Er, and Y). In this paper, the chemical and thermal stabilities of the hexanuclear lanthanide compounds are reported together with the magnetic properties of the Gd(III)-containing species. To use these entities as precursors for new materials, the substitution of the nitrato groups by chloride ions has been studied. Two byproduct compounds have so been obtained: The first (compound 5) is a nitrato/chloride hexanuclear compound of chemical formula [Er6(í6-O)(í3-OH)8(NO3)6(H2O)12](NO3)Clâ2H2O. The second one (compound 6) is a polymeric compound in which the hexanuclear entities are linked by an unexpected and original N2O4 bridge. Its chemical formula is [Er6(í6-O)-(í3-OH)8(NO3)4(H2O)11(OH)(ONONO2)]Cl3â2H2O. Its crystal structure can be described as the juxtaposition of chainlike molecular motifs. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first example of a coordination polymer synthesized from an isolated polylanthanide hydroxo complex.

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