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Controlled synthesis and characterization of ru-fullerene nanostructures and their catalyticapllications

Leng, Faqiang. Controlled synthesis and characterization of ru-fullerene nanostructures and their catalyticapllications. PhD, Chimie Organométallique et de Coordination, Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse, 2016

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The work described in this thesis aims to produce well-ordered nanostructures presenting high catalytic activity, on the bases of the assembly of ruthenium nanoparticles and fullerene/functionalized fullerene. Chapter 1 provides a review on the use of fullerene and fullerene-based materials in heterogeneous catalysis, emphasizing their specific properties such as thermal stability, high capacity for hydrogen adsorption and the ability of various coordination modes. Chapter 2 describes the synthesis and characterization of Ru@C60 nanostructures produced by the decomposition reaction of [Ru(COD)(COT)] in the presence of C60. The effect of the solvent and ratios of Ru/C60 on the course of the reaction have been investigated. Several characterizations of spherical Ru@C60 objects and DFT calculations allow us to propose a pathway for their formation. Chapter 3 presents new nano-assembly preparation based on [Ru(COD)(COT)] and functionalized fullerene using the same method as they are described in chapter 2. First, the synthesis of functionalized fullerene C66(COOH)12 is detailed, and then the synthesis and characterization of Ru@C66(COOH)12 is studied. Chapter 4 describes the use of these nanomaterials in catalysis. We have prepared three Ru@fullerene catalysts, which are Ru@C60 in dichloromethane, T-Ru@C60 in toluene, and Ru@C66(COOH)12. Then, the catalytic activity and selectivity of the prepared catalyst Ru@C60, T-Ru@C60 and Ru@C66(COOH)12 are studied for the hydrogenation of nitrobenzene and cinnamaldehyde. DFT calculations allow to rationalize the results obtained for the selective hydrogenation of nitrobenzene over Ru@C60.

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Serp, Philippe and Axet Marti, Maria Rosa
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