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Multifractal analysis for multivariate data with application to remote sensing

Combrexelle, Sébastien. Multifractal analysis for multivariate data with application to remote sensing. PhD, Signal, Image, Acoustique et Optimisation, Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse, 2016

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Texture characterization is a central element in many image processing applications. Texture analysis can be embedded in the mathematical framework of multifractal analysis, enabling the study of the fluctuations in regularity of image intensity and providing practical tools for their assessment, the coefficients or wavelet leaders. Although successfully applied in various contexts, multi fractal analysis suffers at present from two major limitations. First, the accurate estimation of multifractal parameters for image texture remains a challenge, notably for small sample sizes. Second, multifractal analysis has so far been limited to the analysis of a single image, while the data available in applications are increasingly multivariate. The main goal of this thesis is to develop practical contributions to overcome these limitations. The first limitation is tackled by introducing a generic statistical model for the logarithm of wavelet leaders, parametrized by multifractal parameters of interest. This statistical model enables us to counterbalance the variability induced by small sample sizes and to embed the estimation in a Bayesian framework. This yields robust and accurate estimation procedures, effective both for small and large images. The multifractal analysis of multivariate images is then addressed by generalizing this Bayesian framework to hierarchical models able to account for the assumption that multifractal properties evolve smoothly in the dataset. This is achieved via the design of suitable priors relating the dynamical properties of the multifractal parameters of the different components composing the dataset. Different priors are investigated and compared in this thesis by means of numerical simulations conducted on synthetic multivariate multifractal images. This work is further completed by the investigation of the potential benefit of multifractal analysis and the proposed Bayesian methodology for remote sensing via the example of hyperspectral imaging.

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Institution:Université de Toulouse > Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse - Toulouse INP (FRANCE)
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Tourneret, Jean-Yves and McLaughlin, Steve
Deposited On:26 Oct 2016 11:08

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