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Sareni, Bruno and Krähenbühl, Laurent and Beroual, Abderrahmane and Nicolas, Alain and Brosseau, Christian A boundary integral equation method for the calculation of the effective permittivity of periodic composites. (1997) IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, vol. 33 (n° 2). pp. 1580-1583. ISSN 0018-9464

Ewers, Bernd and Bordeneuve-Guibé, Joël and Langlois, Corinne A symbolic sensor for an Antilock brake system of a commercial aircraft. (1997) In: IEEE Mediterranean Conference on Control and Systems, 21-23 July 1997, Paphos, Cyprus .

Fiederling, Franck and Boury, Michèle and Petit, Claude and Milon, Alain Adhesive factor/rabbit 2, a new fimbrial adhesin and a virulence factor from Escherichia coli O103, a serogroup enteropathogenic for rabbits. (1997) Infection and Immunity, vol. 6 (n° 2). pp. 847-851. ISSN 0019-9567

Parnaud, Géraldine and Corpet, Denis E. Cancer colorectal : le rôle controversé de la consommation de viande. (1997) Bulletin du Cancer, vol. 8 (n° 9). pp. 899-911. ISSN 0007-4551

Peigney, Alain and Laurent, Christophe and Dobigeon, F. and Rousset, Abel Carbon nanotubes grown in situ by a novel catalytic method. (1997) Journal of Materials Research, vol. 12 (n° 3). pp. 613-615. ISSN 0884-2914

Corpet, Denis E. and Taché, Sylviane and Peiffer, Ginette Colon tumor promotion, is it a selection process? Effects of cholate, phytate, and food restriction in rats on proliferation and apoptosis in normal and aberrant crypts. (1997) Cancer Letters, vol. 1 (n° 1-2). pp. 135-138. ISSN 0304-3835

Henaux, Carole and Astier, Stéphan and Lefèvre, Yvan and Lajoie-Mazenc, Michel Design of electrical machines aided by field calculation and factorial experiments method. (1997) ACES Journal, vol. 12 (n° 1). pp. 69-73. ISSN 1054-4887

Lachaud, Frédéric. Délaminage de matériaux composites à fibres de carbone et à matrices organiques : étude numérique et expérimentale, suivi par émission acoustique. PhD, Génie Mécanique, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace, 1997, 295 p.

Zegzouti, Hicham and Jones, Brian and Marty, Christel and Lelièvre, Jean-Marc and Latché, Alain and Pech, Jean-Claude and Bouzayen, Mondher ER5, a tomato cDNA encoding an ethylene-responsive LEA-like protein: characterization and expression in response to drought, ABA and wounding. (1997) Plant Molecular Biology, vol. 3 (n° 6). pp. 847-854. ISSN 0167-4412

Hafidi, Mohamed and Checkouri, Isabelle and Kaemmerer, Michel and Revel, Jean-Claude and Bailly, Jean-René Effect of humic substances on phosphorus absorption in italian Ray-Grass. (1997) Agrochimica, vol. 41 (n° 1-2). pp. 42-48. ISSN 0002-1857

Sareni, Bruno and Krähenbühl, Laurent and Beroual, Abderrahmane and Brosseau, Christian Effective dielectric constant of random composite materials. (1997) Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 81 (n° 5). pp. 2375-2383. ISSN 0021-8979

Lelièvre, Jean-Marc and Tichit, Line and Dao, Patrick and Fillion, Laurent and Nam, Young-Woo and Pech, Jean-Claude and Latché, Alain Effects of chilling on the expression of ethylene biosynthetic genes in Passe-Crassane pear (Pyrus communis L.) fruits. (1997) Plant Molecular Biology, vol. 3 (n° 5). pp. 847-855. ISSN 0167-4412

Comayras, Chrystel and Tasca, Christian and Pérès, Sylvie Yvonne and Ducommun, Bernard and Oswald, Eric and Rycke, Jean de Escherichia coli cytolethal distending toxin blocks the HeLa cell cycle at the G2/M transition by preventing cdc2 protein kinase dephosphorylation and activation. (1997) Infection and immunity, vol. 6 (n° 12). pp. 5088-5095. ISSN 0019-9567

Sareni, Bruno Etude de la permittivité effective de matériaux composites. (1997) Journal de Physique III, vol. 7 (n° 4). pp. 793-801. ISSN 1155-4320

Montseny, Gérard and Audounet, Jacques and Matignon, Denis Fractional integro-differential boundary control of the Euler-Bernoulli beam. (1997) In: The 36th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 1997 (San Diego, United States).

Chapin, Vincent and Sers, Florence and Chassaing, Patrick Global self-excited oscillations in a two-dimensional heated jet : a numerical simulation. (1997) Fluid mechanics and its application, vol. 4. pp. 9-15. ISSN 0926-5112

Arrate, Iñaki and Sanchez-Pérez, José-Miguel and Antigüedad, Iñaki and Vallecillo, M. A. and Iribar, Vicente and Ruiz, M. Groundwater pollution in quaternary aquifer of Vitoria - Gasteiz (Basque Country, Spain). (1997) Environmental Geology, vol. 3 (n° 3-4). pp. 257-265. ISSN 0943-0105

Gessner, Mark O. and Chauvet, Eric Growth and production of aquatic hyphomycetes in decomposing leaf litter. (1997) Limnology and Oceanography, vol. 42 (n° 3). pp. 496-505. ISSN 0024-3590

Gilbert, Franck and Stora, Georges and Bonin, Patricia and Le Dréau, Yveline and Mille, Gilbert and Bertrand, Jean-Claude Hydrocarbon influence on denitrification in bioturbated Mediterranean coastal sediments. (1997) Hydrobiologia, vol. 345 (n° 1). pp. 67-77. ISSN 0018-8158

Idir, Samir and Ladouche, Bernard and Viville, Daniel and Probst, Anne and Loubet, M. and Probst, Jean-Luc and Bariac, Thierry Hydrograph separation of stormflow components in a small catchment (Stengbach, Vosges) using hydrological measurements, and chemical and isotopic tracers. (1997) In: Sixth Conference of the European Network of Experimental and Representative Basins (ERB), 24-26 Sep 1996, Strabourg, France .

Zegzouti, Hicham and Marty, Christel and Jones, Brian and Bouquin, Thomas and Latché, Alain and Pech, Jean-Claude and Bouzayen, Mondher Improved Screening of cDNAs Generated by mRNA Differential Display Enables the Selection of True Positives and the Isolation of Weakly Expressed Messages. (1997) Plant Molecular Biology Reporter, vol. 1 (n° 3). pp. 236-245. ISSN 0735-9640

Bénard, Emmanuel and Gaillard, L. and Alziary de Roquefort, Thierry Influence of roughness on attachment line boundary layer transition in hypersonic flow. (1997) Experiments in Fluids, vol. 22 (n° 4). pp. 286-291. ISSN 0723-4864

Gilbert, Franck and Souchu, Philippe and Bianchi, Micheline and Bonin, Patricia Influence of shellfish farming activities on nitrification, nitrate reduction to ammonium and denitrification at the water-sediment interface of the Thau lagoon, France. (1997) Marine Ecology Progress Series, vol. 151. pp. 143-153. ISSN 0171-8630

Gilbert, Franck and François, Frédérique and Stora, Georges and Bertrand, Jean-Claude Inhibition of denitrification by hydrocarbons in marine sediments. Role of Nereis diversicolor. (1997) Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences - Series III - Sciences de la Vie, vol. 320 (n° 10). pp. 819-824. ISSN 0764-4469

Corpet, Denis E. and Jacquinet, Claire and Peiffer, Ginette and Taché, Sylviane Insulin Injections Promote the Growth of Aberrant Crypt Foci in the Colon of Rats. (1997) Nutrition and Cancer.

Briere, Yves and Reboulet, Claude and Plihon, Yann Interest of the dual hybrid control scheme for teleoperation with time delays. (1997) In: Experimental Robotics IV. (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences). Springer-Verlag, pp. 498-506. ISBN 9783540761334

Muller, Etienne Mapping riparian vegetation along rivers : old concepts and new methods. (1997) Aquatic Botany, vol. 58 (n°3-4). pp. 411-437. ISSN 0304-3770

Monceau, Daniel and Müller-Lorenz, E. M. and Grabke, Hans Jürgen Metal Dusting of Stainless Steels. (1997) Materials Science Forum , vol. 251 - 2. pp. 665-670. ISSN 0255-5476

Joly, Laurent and Purwanto, Aji and Harran, Gilles and Chassaing, Patrick Modélisation des jets subsoniques fortement chauffés. (1997) Revue Générale de Thermique, vol. 3 (n° 2). pp. 99-112. ISSN 0035-3159

Bourgeois, Florent and Lyman, Geoffrey Morphological analysis and modelling of fine coal filter cake microstructure. (1997) Chemical Engineering Science, vol. 5 (n° 7). pp. 1151-1162. ISSN 0009-2509

Vaucoret, Cyril and Bordeneuve-Guibé, Joël Multivariable predictive controller for a test stand of air conditionning. (1997) In: IEEE Mediterranean Conference on Control and Systems, 21-23 July 1997, Paphos, Cyprus .

Tourneret, Jean-Yves Normality of a non-linear transformation of AR parameters: application to reflection and cepstrum coefficients. (1997) Signal Processing, vol. 6 (n° 1). pp. 1-14. ISSN 0165-1684

Matignon, Denis and Andrea-Novel, Brigitte d' Observer-based controllers for fractional differential systems. (1997) In: The 36th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 12 December 1997 (San Diego, United States).

Gauvrit, Michel and Alazard, Daniel Parametric worst-case analysis by prabi method : application to flexible space structures. (1997) In: 2nd IFAC Symposium on Robust Control Design - ROCOND'97, 25-27 June 1997 , Budapest, Hungary .

Hétreux, Gilles and Mercé, Colette and Fontan, Gérard Planification hiérarchisée de la production. (1997) In: Concepts et Outils pour les systèmes de production. Cépaduès. ISBN 2-85428-437-2

Fabre, Jean-Charles and Pérennou, Tanguy Processing of confidential information in distributed systems by fragmentation. (1997) Computer Communications, vol. 2 (n° 3). pp. 177-188. ISSN 0140-3664

Ewers, Bernd and Bordeneuve-Guibé, Joël Supervision des régulateurs par logique floue. (1997) Revue française de mécanique (n° 2). pp. 135-141. ISSN 0373-6601

Quénard, Olivier and De Grave, Eddy and Laurent, Christophe and Rousset, Abel Synthesis, characterization and thermal behaviour of Fe0.65Co0.35-MgAl2O4 and Fe0.65Ni0.35-MgAl2O4 nanocomposite powders. (1997) Journal of Materials Chemistry, vol. 7 (n° 12). pp. 2457-2467. ISSN 0959-9428

Chauvet, Eric and Fabre, Eric and Elosegi, Arturo and Pozo, Jesús The impact of eucalypt on the leaf-associate aquatic hyphomycetes in Spanish streams. (1997) Canadian Journal of Botany, vol. 75 (n° 6). pp. 880-887. ISSN 1916-2790

Le Dréau, Yveline and Gilbert, Franck and Doumenq, Pierre and Asia, Laurence and Bertrand, Jean-Claude and Mille, Gilbert The use of hopanes to track in situ variations in petroleum composition in surface sediments. (1997) Chemosphere, vol. 34 (n° 8). pp. 1663-1672. ISSN 0045-6535

Simonneaux, Laurence Une démarche pour élaborer des panneaux de préfiguration d'une exposition sur les biotechnologies de la reproduction bovine. (1997) Didaskalia (n° 11). pp. 119-148. ISSN 1250-0739

Sanchez-Pérez, José-Miguel and Trémolières, Michèle Variation in nutrient levels of the groundwater in the Upper Rhine alluvial forests as a consequence of hydrological regime and soil texture. (1997) Global ecology and biogeography letters, vol. 6 (n° 3/4). pp. 211-217.

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