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Di Chiara Roupert, Raphael and Schäfer, Gerhard and Quintard, Michel and Marcoux, Manuel and Chastanet, Juliette and Côme, Jean-Marie and Duclos, Yves Multiphase multicomponent modelling of the NAPL transfer in the subsurface using Method of Lines. (2017) In: MAMERN VII, 17 May 2017 - 20 May 2017 (Oujda, Morocco). (Unpublished)

Naillon, Antoine and Duru, Paul and Marcoux, Manuel and Prat, Marc Evaporation with sodium chloride crystallization in a capillary tube. (2015) Journal of Crystal Growth, vol. 422. pp. 52-61. ISSN 0022-0248

Dorai, Ferdaous and Moura Teixeira, Carlos and Rolland, Matthieu and Climent, Eric and Marcoux, Manuel and Wachs, Anthony Fully resolved simulations of the flow through a packed bed of cylinders: Effect of size distribution. (2015) Chemical Engineering Science, vol. 129. pp.180-192. ISSN 0009-2509

Ababou, Rachid and Alastal, Khalil and Astruc, Dominique and Al-Bitar, Ahmad and Marcoux, Manuel and Wang, Yunli Model Coupling for Environmental Flows, with Applications in Hydrology and Coastal Hydrodynamics. (2015) La Houille Blanche (n° 2). pp. 9-26. ISSN 0018-6368

Musielak, Marion and Brusseau, Mark L. and Marcoux, Manuel and Morrison, Candice and Quintard, Michel Determination of Chlorinated Solvent Sorption by Porous Material-Application to Trichloroethene Vapor on Cement Mortar. (2014) Transport in Porous Media. ISSN 0169-3913

Assouline, Shmuel and Narkis, Kfir and Veran-Tissoires, Stéphanie and Marcoux, Manuel and Prat, Marc Chapitre 6. Impact of Heterogeneity on Evaporation from Bare Soils. (2014) In: Transport and Reactivity of Solutions in Confined Hydrosystems. Springer Netherlands, pp. 67-76. ISBN 978-94-007-7533-6

Dueñas Velasco, Mauricio and Duru, Paul and Marcoux, Manuel and Prat, Marc Efflorescence fairy ring and salt centripetal colonization at the surface of a drying porous medium containing a salt solution. Impact on drying curve. (2013) In: 4th European Drying Conference (EuroDrying'2013), 2 October 2013 - 4 October 2013 (Paris, France). (Unpublished)

Sghaier-Ben Chiekh, Nour and Prat, Marc and Marcoux, Manuel and Ben Nasrallah, Sassi The impact of salt crusts and salt cauliflowers on evaporation from a porous medium. (2013) In: 5th International Conference on Porous Media, InterPore , 21 May 2013 - 24 May 2013 (Prague, Czech Republic). (Unpublished)

Veran-Tissoires, Stéphanie and Geoffroy, Sandrine and Marcoux, Manuel and Prat, Marc Chapter 8. Evaporation and Wicking. (2012) In: Wicking in Porous Materials: Traditional and Modern Modeling Approaches. CRC Press, pp. 201-236. ISBN 978-1-4398-7432-5

Veran-Tissoires, Stéphanie and Marcoux, Manuel and Prat, Marc Discrete Salt Crystallization at the Surface of a Porous Medium. (2012) Physical Review Letters, vol. 108 (n° 5). 054502-p1. ISSN 0031-9007

Wang, Yunli and Ababou, Rachid and Marcoux, Manuel Effect and propagation of water level fluctuations in a sloping sandy beach -- Unsaturated porous media II: numerical simulation test of single harmonic wave (long run). (2012) In: ICETCE 2012 (18-20 May 2012) : The 2nd International Conference on Electric and Civil Engineering , 18 May 2012 - 20 May 2012 (Three Gorges , China).

Dorai, Ferdaous and Rolland, Matthieu and Wachs, Anthony and Marcoux, Manuel and Climent, Eric Packing fixed bed reactors with cylinders: influence of particle length distribution. (2012) In: 20th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering - CHISA 2012, 25 August 2012 - 29 August 2012 (Prague, Czech Republic).

Veran-Tissoires, Stéphanie and Marcoux, Manuel and Prat, Marc Salt crystallisation at the surface of a heterogeneous porous medium. (2012) EPL (Europhysics Letters), vol. 98 (n° 3). 34005-p1. ISSN 0295-5075

Davarzani, Hossein and Marcoux, Manuel Influence of solid phase thermal conductivity on species separation rate in packed thermogravitational columns: A direct numerical simulation model. (2011) Comptes Rendus Mécanique, vol. 339 (n° 5). pp. 355-361. ISSN 1631-0721

Davarzani, Hossein and Marcoux, Manuel and Quintard, Michel Effect of solid thermal conductivity and particle-particle contact on effective thermodiffusion coefficient in porous media. (2011) International Journal of Thermal Sciences, vol. 50. pp. 2328-2339. ISSN 1290-0729

Wang, Yunli and Ababou, Rachid and Marcoux, Manuel Signal processing of water level fluctuations in a laboratory experiment: Sloping sandy beach in a wave canal (Hydralab Project Barcelona). (2010) In: GeoShanghai International Conference 2010, 3 June 2010 - 5 June 2010 (Shanghai (China), China).

Elhajjar, Bilal and Mojtabi, Abdelkader and Marcoux, Manuel and Charrier-Mojtabi, Marie-Catherine Etude de la thermogravitation dans une couche fluide horizontale. (2006) Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences - Series IIB - Mechanics, vol. 3 (n° 10). pp. 621-627. ISSN 1631-0721

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