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Proton, Vincent and Alexis, Joël and Andrieu, Eric and Delfosse, Jérôme and Deschamps, Alexis and De Geuser, Frédéric and Lafont, Marie-Christine and Blanc, Christine The influence of artificial ageing on the corrosion behaviour of a 2050 aluminium--copper--lithium alloy. (2014) Corrosion Science, vol. 80. pp. 494-502. ISSN 0010-938X

Proton, Vincent and Alexis, Joël and Andrieu, Eric and Delfosse, Jérôme and Lafont, Marie-Christine and Blanc, Christine Characterisation and understanding of the corrosion behaviour of the nugget in a 2050 aluminium alloy Friction Stir Welding joint. (2013) Corrosion Science, vol. 73. pp. 130-142. ISSN 0010-938X

Theuwissen, Koenraad and Lafont, Marie-Christine and Laffont, Lydia and Viguier, Bernard and Lacaze, Jacques Microstructural Characterization of Graphite Spheroids in Ductile Iron. (2012) Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals, vol. 65 (n° 6). pp. 627-631. ISSN 0972-2815

Bouna, Lahcen and Rhouta, Benaïssa and Amjoud, M'barek and Maury, Francis and Jada, Amane and Daoudi, Lahcen and Senocq, François and Lafont, Marie-Christine and Drouet, Christophe Synthèse, caractérisations et tests photocatalytiques d’un matériau argileux d’origine naturelle à base de beidellite fonctionnalisée par TiO2. (2012) Matériaux & Techniques, vol. 100 (n° 3). pp. 241-252. ISSN 0032-6895

Cissé, Sarata and Laffont-Dantras, Lydia and Tanguy, Benoit and Lafont, Marie-Christine and Andrieu, Eric Effect of surface preparation on the corrosion of austenitic stainless steel 304L in high temperature steam and simulated PWR primary water. (2012) Corrosion Science, vol. 56. pp. 209-216. ISSN 0010-938X

Bouna, Lahcen and Rhouta, Benaïssa and Amjoud, M'barek and Maury, Francis and Lafont, Marie-Christine and Jada, Amane and Senocq, François and Daoudi, Lahcen Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic activity of TiO2 supported natural palygorskite microfibers. (2011) Applied Clay Science, vol. 52 (n° 3). pp. 301-311. ISSN 0169-1317

Vande Put, Aurélie and Lafont, Marie-Christine and Oquab, Djar and Raffaitin, Aymeric and Monceau, Daniel Effect of modification by Pt and manufacturing processes on the microstructure of two NiCoCrAlYTa bond coatings intended for thermal barrier system applications. (2010) Surface and Coatings Technology, vol. 205 (n° 3). pp. 717-727. ISSN 0257-8972

Tchoupé Ngnekou, Paul Ervé and Lafont, Marie-Christine and Senocq, François and Laffont-Dantras, Lydia and Viguier, Bernard and Lacaze, Jacques Structural characterization of the scale formed on a Ti–46Al–8Nb alloy oxidised in air at 700 C. (2010) Intermetallics, vol. 18 (n° 2). pp. 226-232. ISSN 0966-9795

Ngnekou, Paul Erve T. and Lafont, Marie-Christine and Senocq, François and Lacaze, Jacques and Viguier, Bernard Short Term Oxidation of a Ti-46Al-8Nb Alloy at 700°C in Air. (2010) Materials Science Forum, vol. 636-637. pp. 485-490. ISSN 0255-5476

Bertrand, Nathalie and Desgranges, Clara and Poquillon, Dominique and Lafont, Marie-Christine and Monceau, Daniel Iron oxidation at low temperature (260–500 C) in air and the effect of water vapor. (2009) Oxidation of Metals, vol. 73 (n° 1-2). pp. 139-162. ISSN 1573-4889

Idrac, Jonathan and Blanc, Christine and Kihn, Yolande and Lafont, Marie-Christine and Mankowski, Georges and Skeldon, Peter and Thompson, George Electrochemical Behavior of Magnetron-Sputtered Al–Cu Alloy Films in Sulfate Solutions. (2007) Journal of The Electrochemical Society (JES), vol. 154 (n° 6). C286-C293. ISSN 0013-4651

Gleizes, Alain and Vahlas, Constantin and Sovar, Maria-Magdalena and Samélor, Diane and Lafont, Marie-Christine CVD-Fabricated Aluminum Oxide Coatings from Aluminum tri-iso-propoxide: Correlation Between Processing Conditions and Composition. (2007) Chemical Vapor Deposition, vol. 13 (n° 1). pp. 23-29. ISSN 0948-1907

Blanc, Christine and Freulon, Alexandre and Lafont, Marie-Christine and Kihn, Yolande and Mankowski, Georges Modelling the corrosion behaviour of Al2CuMg coarse particles in copper-rich aluminium alloys. (2006) Corrosion Science, vol. 4 (n°11). pp. 3838-3851 . ISSN 0010-938X

Dehmas, Moukrane and Valdés, Rocio and Lafont, Marie-Christine and Lacaze, Jacques and Viguier, Bernard Identification of intermetallic precipitates formed during re-solidification of brazed aluminium alloys. (2006) Scripta Materialia, vol. 5 (n°2). pp. 191-194. ISSN 1359-6462

Lacaze, Jacques and Tierce, Séverin and Lafont, Marie-Christine and Thebault, Yannick and Pébère, Nadine and Mankowski, Georges and Blanc, Christine and Robidou, Herveline and Vaumousse, David and Daloz, Dominique Study of the microstructure resulting from brazed aluminium materials used in heat exchangers. (2005) Materials Science and Engineering: A, vol. 4. pp. 317-321. ISSN 0921-5093

Oquab, Djar and Lafont, Marie-Christine and Viguier, Bernard and Poquillon, Dominique and Monceau, Daniel On the Understanding of TGO Growth and Spallation in Nickel Aluminides. (2004) Materials Science Forum, vol. 461 - 4. pp. 289-296. ISSN 0255-5476

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