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Ben Hadj Mohamed, Asma and Val, Thierry and Andrieux, Laurent and Kachouri, Abdennaceur A help for assisting people based on a depth cameras system dedicated to elderly and dependent people. (2015) Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Imaging, vol. 1 (n° 6). pp. 56-66. ISSN 2055-1266

Keskes, Iskander and Benamara Zitoune, Farah and Hadrich Belguith, Lamia Splitting Arabic Texts into Elementary Discourse Units. (2014) ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing, vol. 13 (n° 2). pp. 1-23. ISSN 1530-0226

Hammami, Khaled and Elloumi, Jihene and Aifa, Sami and Drouet, Christophe and El Feki, Hafed Synthesis and Characterization of Hydroxyapatite Ceramics Organofunctionalized with ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). (2014) Journal of Advances in Chemistry, vol. 9 (n° 1). pp. 1787-1797. ISSN 2321-807X

Zaïbi, Ghada and Peyrard, Fabrice and Kachouri, Abdennaceur and Fournier-Prunaret, Daniele and Samet, Mounir Efficient and Secure Chaotic S-Box for Wireless Sensor Network. (2014) Security and Communication Networks, vol. 7 (n° 2). pp. 279-292. ISSN 1939-0114

Bouaziz, Rahma and Kallel, Slim and Coulette, Bernard A collaborative process for developing secure component-based applications. (2014) In: IEEE International Workshop on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises - WETICE 2014, 23 June 2014 - 25 June 2014 (Parma, Italy).

Ben Kraiem, Maha and Feki, Jamel and Khrouf, Kaïs and Ravat, Franck and Teste, Olivier OLAP of the tweets: From modeling to exploitation. (2014) In: IEEE International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science - IEEE RCIS 2014, 28 May 2014 - 30 May 2014 (Marrakesh, Morocco).

Ben Meftah, Salma and Khrouf, Kaïs and Feki, Jamel and Soulé-Dupuy, Chantal Structuration sémantique des documents XML : Expérimentations et évaluation. (2014) In: Conférence francophone en Recherche d'Information et Applications - CORIA 2014, 19 March 2014 - 21 March 2014 (Nancy, France).

Torjmen-Khemakhem, Mouna and Pinel-Sauvagnat, Karen and Boughanem, Mohand Investigating the document structure as a source of evidence for multimedia fragment retrieval. (2013) Information Processing & Management, vol. 49 (n° 6). pp. 1281-1300. ISSN 0306-4573

Ayedi, Mohamed Ali and Le Bigot, Yves and Ammar, Houcine and Abid, Souhir and El Gharbi, Rachid and Delmas, Michel Synthesis of primary amines by one-pot reductive amination of aldehydes. (2013) Synthetic Communications, vol. 43 (n° 6). pp. 2127-2133. ISSN 0039-7911

Gassara, Bassem and Baili, Maher and Dessein, Gilles and Hbaieb, Moncef and Bouzid Saï, Wassila Feed rate modeling in circular–circular interpolation discontinuity for high-speed milling. (2013) The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, vol. 65 (n° 9 -12). pp. 1619-1634. ISSN 0268-3768

Gassara, Bassem and Dessein, Gilles and Baili, Maher and Hbaieb, Moncef and Saï, Wassila Bouzid Analytical and experimental study of feed rate in high-speed milling. (2013) Machining Science and Technology, vol. 17 (n° 2). pp. 181-208. ISSN 1091-0344

Feki, Jamel and Ben Messaoud, Ines and Zurfluh, Gilles Building an XML document warehouse. (2013) Journal of Decision Systems, vol. 22 (n° 2). pp. 122-148. ISSN 1246-0125

Krichen, Fatma and Hamid, Brahim and Zalila, Bechir and Jmaiel, Mohamed and Coulette, Bernard Development of Reconfigurable Distributed Embedded Systems with a Model-Driven Approach. (2013) Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience. ISSN 1532-0626

Gassara, Bassem and Dessein, Gilles and Baili, Maher and Hbaieb, Moncef and Bouzid Saï, Wassila Kinematic behaviour modeling of the axes of a machining center in high speed milling. (2013) Advanced Materials Research, vol. 698. pp. 39-48. ISSN 1022-6680

Bouaziz, Donia and Pirrello, Julien and Ben Amor, Hela and Hammami, Asma and Charfeddine, Mariam and Dhieb, Amina and Bouzayen, Mondher and Gargouri-Bouzid, Radhia Ectopic expression of dehydration responsive element binding proteins (StDREB2) confers higher tolerance to salt stress in potato. (2012) Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, vol. 60. pp. 98-108. ISSN 0981-9428

Gassara, Bassem and Dessein, Gilles and Baili, Maher and Hbaieb, Moncef and Bouzid Saï, Wassila Modélisation du comportement cinématique des axes d'un centre d'usinage en fraisage à grande vitesse. (2012) In: 4th International Symposium on Aircraft Materials, 09-12 May 2012, Fez, Morocco .

Ammar, Houcine and Abdelkafi, Fatma and Abid, Souhir and Benjelloun-Mlayah, Bouchra and El Gharbi, Rachid and Delmas, Michel Production, bleaching and characterization of pulp from Stipa tenacissima. (2012) Chemistry of Natural Compounds, vol. 48 (n° 1). pp. 99-102. ISSN 0009-3130

Ibrahim, Hany and Furiga, Aurélie and Najahi, Ennaji and Pigasse Hénocq, Christel and Nallet, Jean-Pierre and Roques, Christine and Aubouy, Agnes and Sauvain, Michel and Constant, Patricia and Daffé, Mamadou and Nepveu, Françoise Antibacterial, antifungal and antileishmanial activities of indolone-N-oxide derivatives. (2012) The Journal of Antibiotics, vol. 65 (n° 10). pp 499-504. ISSN 0021-8820 (Unpublished)

Smaoui, Slim and Mathieu, Florence and Elleuch, Lobna and Coppel, Yannick and Merlina, Georges and Karray-Rebai, Ines and Mellouli, Lofti Taxonomy, purification and chemical characterization of four bioactive compounds from new Streptomyces sp. TN256 strain. (2012) World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, vol. 28 (n° 3). pp. 793-804. ISSN 0959-3993

Smaoui, Slim and Mellouli, Lofti and Lebrihi, Ahmed and Coppel, Yannick and Fourati Ben Fguira, Lilia and Mathieu, Florence Purification and structure elucidation of three naturally bioactive molecules from the new terrestrial Streptomyces sp. TN17 strain. (2011) Natural Product Research, vol. 25 (n° 8). pp. 806-814. ISSN 1478-6419

Benmaktouf, Leila and Ammar, Houcine and Le Bigot, Yves and Abid, Souhir Synthesis of New Iminocoumarins Bearing Parabanic Moieties. (2011) Synthetic Communications , vol. 41 (n° 7). pp. 1017-1026. ISSN 0039-7911

Smaoui, Slim and Mathieu, Florence and Fourati Ben Fguira, Lilia and Merlina, Georges and Mellouli, Lofti Taxonomy and antimicrobial activities of a new Streptomyces sp. TN17 isolated in the soil from an oasis in Tunis. (2011) Archives of Biological Sciences, vol. 63 (n°4). pp. 1047-1056. ISSN 0354-4664

Smaoui, Slim and Elleuch, Lobna and Bejar, Wacim and Karray-Rebai, Ines and Ayadi, Imen and Jaouadi, Bassem and Mathieu, Florence and Chouayekh, Hichem and Bejar, Samir and Mellouli, Lofti Inhibition of Fungi and Gram-Negative Bacteria by Bacteriocin BacTN635 Produced by Lactobacillus plantarum sp. TN635. (2010) Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology, vol. 162 (n° 4). pp. 1132-1146. ISSN 0273-2289

Belhadj Tahar, Noureddine and Abdelhédi, Ridha and Savall, André Electrochemical polymerisation of phenol in aqueous solution on a Ta/PbO2 anode. (2009) Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, vol. 39 (n° 5). pp. 663-669. ISSN 0021-891X

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