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Herpin, Sophie and Perret, Laurent and Mathis, Romain and Tanguy, Christian and Lasserre, Jean-Jacques Investigation of the flow inside an urban canopy immersed into an atmospheric boundary layer using laser Doppler anemometry. (2018) Experiments in Fluids, 59 (5). 2-24. ISSN 0723-4864

Jantzi, Hugo and Carozza, Jean-Michel and Probst, Jean-Luc and Valette, Philippe Ajustements géomorphologiques du chenal de la moyenne Garonne en aval de Toulouse au cours des 200 dernières années (sud-ouest, France). (2017) Géomorphologie: relief, processus, environnement, 23 (2). 139-153. ISSN 1957-777X

Favre, Cécile and Artaud, Chloé and Duffau, Clément and Fraisier, Ophélie and Kotto Kombi, Roland Forum Jeunes Chercheurs à Inforsid 2016. (2017) Ingenierie des systemes d'information, 22 (2). 121-147. ISSN 1633-1311

Jantzi, Hugo and Carozza, Jean-Michel and Probst, Jean-Luc and Valette, Philippe Les extractions de granulats dans le lit mineur de la moyenne Garonne toulousaine durant la seconde moitié du xxe siècle. (2017) Sud-Ouest Européen (44). 83-96. ISSN 1276-4930

Andrade, Thiago Oliveira and Outreman, Yannick and Krespi, Liliane and Plantegenest, Manuel and Vialatte, Aude and Gauffre, Bertrand and Van Baaren, Joan Spatiotemporal variations in aphid-parasitoid relative abundance patterns and food webs in agricultural ecosystems. (2015) Ecosphere, 6 (7). 1-14. ISSN 2150-8925

Caillard, Daniel and Martin, Rautenberg and Feaugas, Xavier Dislocation mechanisms in a zirconium alloy in the high-temperature regime: An in situ TEM investigation. (2015) Acta Materialia, 87. 283-292. ISSN 1359-6454

Raymond, Lucie and Plantegenest, Manuel and Gauffre, Bertrand and Sarthou, Jean-Pierre and Vialatte, Aude Lack of genetic differentiation between contrasted overwintering strategies of a major pest predator Episyrphus balteatus (Diptera: Syrphidae): implications for biocontrol. (2013) PLoS ONE, 8 (9). ISSN 1932-6203

Tekwani, Nerea and Majdi, Nabil and Mialet, Benoît and Tornès, Elisabeth and Urrea, Gemma and Buffan-Dubau, Evelyne and Sabater, Sergi and Tackx, Michèle Contribution of epilithic diatoms to benthic−pelagic coupling in a temperate river. (2013) Aquatic Microbial Ecology (AME), 69 (1). 47-57. ISSN 0948-3055

Bellot, Patrice and Doucet, Antoine and Geva, Shlomo and Gurajada, Sairam and Kamps, Jaap and Kazai, Gabriella and Koolen, Marijn and Mishra, Arunav and Moriceau, Véronique and Mothe, Josiane and Preminger, Michael and San Juan, Eric and Schenkel, Ralf and Tannier, Xavier and Theobald, Martin and Trappett, Matthew and Trotman, Andrew and Sanderson, Mark and Scholer, Falk and Wang, Qiuyue Report on INEX 2013. (2013) SIGIR Forum, 47 (2). 21-32. ISSN 0163-5840

Martin, Rautenberg and Feaugas, Xavier and Poquillon, Dominique and Cloué, Jean-Marc Microstructural characterization of creep anisotropy at 673K in the M5® alloy. (2012) Acta Materialia, 60 (10). 4319-4327. ISSN 1359-6454

Bretagnolle, Vincent and Balent, Gérard and Thenail, Claudine and Berthet, Elsa Gestion de la biodiversité en milieu céréalier intensif : importance des prairies aux échelles locales et régionales. (2012) Innovations agronomiques, 22. 31-43. ISSN 1958-5853

Dupuy, Jean-François and Loubes, Jean-Michel and Maza, Elie Non parametric estimation of the structural expectation of a stochastic increasing function. (2011) Statistics and Computing, 21 (1). 121-136. ISSN 0960-3174

Gaucherel, Cedric and Martinet, Vincent and Inchausti, Pablo and Schaller, Noémie and Bamière, Laure and Sheeren, David and Gibon, Annick and Joannon, Alexandre and Castellazzi, Marie and Boussard, Hugues and Barraquand, Frédéric and Lazrak, El-Ghali and Mari, Jean-Francois and Houet, Thomas and Bretagnolle, Vincent A multidisciplinary modelling approach to understand the effects of landscape dynamics on biodiversity. (2010) In: 2010 International Conference on Integrative Landscape Modelling, 3 February 2010 - 5 February 2010 (Montpellier, France). (Unpublished)

Erable, Benjamin and Goubet, Isabelle and Seltana, Amira and Maugard, Thierry Non-conventional gas phase remediation of volatile halogenated compounds by dehydrated bacteria. (2009) Journal of environmental management, 90 (8). 2841-2844. ISSN 1095-8630

Marchand, Pierre and Rosenfeld, Eric and Erable, Benjamin and Maugard, Thierry and Lamare, Sylvain and Goubet, Isabelle Coupled oxidation–reduction of butanol–hexanal by resting Rhodococcus erythropolis NCIMB 13064 cells in liquid and gas phases. (2008) Enzyme and Microbial Technology, 43 (6). 423-430. ISSN 0141-0229

Acou, Anthony and Gabriel, Gaëlle and Feunteun, Eric and Laffaille, Pascal Differentiable production and condition indices of premigrant eels (Anguilla anguilla) in two Atlantic coastal catchments of France. (2008) In: Eels at the edge : science, status, and conservation concerns, 11-13 Août 2003, Québec, Canada .

Erable, Benjamin and Goubet, Isabelle and Lamare, Sylvain and Legoy, Marie Dominique and Maugard, Thierry Bioremediation of halogenated compounds: comparison of dehalogenating bacteria and improvement of catalyst stability. (2006) Chemosphere, 65 (7). 1146-1152. ISSN 0045-6535

Erable, Benjamin and Goubet, Isabelle and Lamare, Sylvain and Seltana, Amira and Legoy, Marie Dominique and Maugard, Thierry Nonconventional hydrolytic dehalogenation of 1-chlorobutane by dehydrated bacteria in a continuous solid-gas biofilter. (2005) Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 91 (3). 304-313. ISSN 0006-3592

Erable, Benjamin and Maugard, Thierry and Goubet, Isabelle and Lamare, Sylvain and Legoy, Marie Dominique Biotransformation of halogenated compounds by lyophilized cells of Rhodococcus erythropolis in a continuous solid-gas biofilter. (2005) Process Biochemistry, 40 (1). 45-51. ISSN 1359-5113

Acou, Anthony and Boury, Pauline and Laffaille, Pascal and Crivelli, Alain Jean and Feunteun, Eric Towards a standardized characterization of the potentially migrating silver European eel (Anguilla anguilla L.). (2005) Archiv für Hydrobiologie, 164 (2). 237-255. ISSN 0003-9136

Haida, Souad and Snoussi, Maria and Probst, Jean-Luc Sediment fluxes of the Sebou river (Morocco). (2004) Le Journal de l'Eau et de l'Environnement LJEE, 3 (4). 21-24. ISSN 1112-3834

Erable, Benjamin and Goubet, Isabelle and Lamare, Sylvain and Legoy, Marie Dominique and Maugard, Thierry Haloalkane hydrolysis by Rhodococcus erythropolis cells: Comparison of conventional aqueous phase dehalogenation and nonconventional gas phase dehalogenation. (2004) Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 86 (1). 47-54. ISSN 0006-3592

Feunteun, Eric and Laffaille, Pascal and Robinet, Tony and Briand, Cédric and Baisez, Aurore and Olivier, Jean-Michel and Acou, Anthony A Review of Upstream Migration and Movements in Inland Waters by Anguillid Eels: Toward a General Theory. (2003) In: Eel Biology. Springer, 191-213. ISBN 978-4-431-00458-5

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