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Simon, Patrice and Knauth, Philippe and Tirado, José L. and Plocharski, Janusz and Wieczorek, Wladyslaw and Barnabé, Antoine and Tarascon, Jean-Marie and Masquelier, Christian “Give Energy to Your Study”: Students Worldwide Gather in Europe To Design Future Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion. (2011) Journal of Chemical Education, vol. 88 (n° 9). pp. 1203-1206. ISSN 0021-9584

Roberts, Matthew and Johns, Phil and Owen, John and Brandell, Daniel and Edström, Kristina and El Enany, Gaber and Guéry, Claude and Golodnitsky, Diana and Lacey, Matt and Lecoeur, Cyrille and Mazor, Hadar and Peled, Emanuel and Perre, Emilie and Shaijumon, Manikoth M. and Simon, Patrice and Taberna, Pierre-Louis 3D lithium ion batteries—from fundamentals to fabrication. (2011) Journal of Materials Chemistry, vol. 21 (n° 27). pp. 9876-9890. ISSN 0959-9428

Come, Jérémy and Taberna, Pierre-Louis and Hamelet, Stephane and Masquelier, Christian and Simon, Patrice Electrochemical Kinetic Study of LiFePO4 Using Cavity Microelectrode. (2011) Journal of The Electrochemical Society (JES), vol. 158 (n° 10). pp. 1090-1093. ISSN 0013-4651

Shaijumon, Manikoth M. and Perre, Emilie and Daffos, Barbara and Taberna, Pierre-Louis and Tarascon, Jean-Marie and Simon, Patrice Nanoarchitectured 3D cathodes for Li-Ion microbatteries. (2010) Advanced Materials, vol. 22 (n° 44). pp. 4978-4981. ISSN 0935-9648

Laffont-Dantras, Lydia and Gibot, Pierre High resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy of manganese oxides: application to Mn3O4 nanoparticles. (2010) Materials Characterization, vol. 61 (n° 11). pp. 1268-1273. ISSN 1044-5803

Recham, Nadir and Chotard, Jean-Noël and Jumas, Jean-Claude and Laffont-Dantras, Lydia and Armand, Michel and Tarascon, Jean-Marie Ionothermal synthesis of Li-based fluorophosphates electrodes. (2010) Chemistry of Materials, vol. 22 (n° 3). pp. 1142-1148. ISSN 1520-5002

Larcher, Dominique and Delobel, Bruno and Dantras-Laffont, Lydia and Simon, Evelyne and Blach, Jean-François and Baudrin, Emmanuel Formation of nanometric HT-LiCoO2 by a precipitation and aging process in an alcoholic solution. (2010) Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 49 (n° 23). pp. 10949-10955. ISSN 0020-1669

Bazin, Laurent and Mitra, S. and Taberna, Pierre-Louis and Poizot, Philippe and Gressier, Marie and Menu, Marie-Joëlle and Barnabé, Antoine and Simon, Patrice and Tarascon, Jean-Marie High rate capability pure Sn-based nano-architectured electrode assembly for rechargeable lithium batteries. (2009) Journal of Solid State Chemistry, vol. 188 (n° 2). pp. 578-582. ISSN 0022-4596

Recham, Nadir and Armand, Michel and Laffont-Dantras, Lydia and Tarascon, Jean-Marie Eco-Efficient Synthesis of LiFePO4 with Different Morphologies for Li-Ion Batteries. (2009) Electrochemical and Solid State Letters, vol. 12 (n° 2). A39-A44. ISSN 1099-0062

Poizot, Philippe and Laffont-Dantras, Lydia and Simonet, Jacques The one-electron cleavage and reductive homo-coupling of alkyl bromides at silver–palladium cathodes. (2008) Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, vol. 624 (n° 1 - 2). pp. 52-58. ISSN 0022-0728

Poizot, Philippe and Laffont-Dantras, Lydia and Simonet, Jacques Palladized silver as new cathode material: Evidence of a one-electron scission for primary alkyl iodides. (2008) Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, vol. 622 (n° 2). pp. 204-210. ISSN 0022-0728

Gibot, Pierre and Casas-Cabanas, Montse and Laffont-Dantras, Lydia and Levasseur, Stephane and Carlach, Philippe and Hamelet, Stephane and Tarascon, Jean-Marie and Masquelier, Christian Room-temperature single-phase Li insertion/extraction in nanoscale LixFePO4. (2008) Nature Materials, vol. 7. pp. 741-747. ISSN 1476-1122

Bardé, Fanny and Taberna, Pierre-Louis and Tarascon, Jean-Marie and Palacin, M.R. Evidence for electronic and ionic limitations at the origin of the second voltage plateau in nickel electrodes, as deduced from impedance spectroscopy measurements. (2008) Journal of Power Sources, vol. 179 (n° 2). pp. 830-836. ISSN 0378-7753

Finke, Alexandre and Poizot, Philippe and Guéry, Claude and Dupont, Loïc and Taberna, Pierre-Louis and Simon, Patrice and Tarascon, Jean-Marie Electrochemical Method for Direct Deposition of Nanometric Bismuth and Its Electrochemical Properties vs Li. (2008) Electrochemical and Solid State Letters, vol. 11 (n° 3). E5-E9. ISSN 1099-0062

Sender, Cyril and Dantras, Eric and Laffont-Dantras, Lydia and Lacoste-Ferré, Marie-Hélène and Dandurand, Jany and Mauzac, Monique and Lacout , Jean-Louis and Lavergne, Claudine and Demont, Philippe and Bernès, Alain and Lacabanne, Colette Dynamic Mechanical Properties of a Biomimetic Hydroxyapatite/Polyamide 6,9 Nanocomposite. (2007) Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials, vol. 83B (n° 2). pp. 628-635. ISSN 1552-4973

Taberna, Pierre-Louis and Mitra, S. and Poizot, Philippe and Simon, Patrice and Tarascon, Jean-Marie High rate capabilities Fe3O4-based Cu nano-architectured electrodes for lithium-ion battery applications. (2006) Nature Materials, vol. 5. pp. 567-573. ISSN 1476-1122

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