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Cohen, David and Cooper, Martin C. and Escamocher, Guillaume and Zivny, Stanislas Variable and Value Elimination in Binary Constraint Satisfaction via Forbidden Patterns. (2015) Journal of Computer and System Sciences, vol. 81 (n° 7). pp. 1127-1143. ISSN 0022-0000

Ferreira, Verónica and Castagneyrol, Bastien and Koricheva, Julia and Gulis, Vladislav and Chauvet, Eric and Graça, Manuel A. S. A meta-analysis of the effects of nutrient enrichment on litter decomposition in streams. (2015) Biological Reviews, vol. 90 (n° 3). pp.669-688. ISSN 1464-7931

Luo, Zhaohui and Soloviev, Sergei and Xue, Tao Coercive subtyping: Theory and implementation. (2013) Information and Computation, vol. 223. pp. 18-42. ISSN 0890-5401

Cohen, David and Cooper, Martin C. and Creed, Paidi and Jeavons, Peter and Zivny, Stanislas An Algebraic Theory of Complexity for Discrete Optimization. (2013) SIAM Journal on Computing, vol. 42 (n° 5). pp. 1915-1939. ISSN 0097-5397

Osman, Nardine and D'Inverno, Marc and Sierra, Carles and Amgoud, Leila and Prade, Henri and Yee-King, Matthew and Confalonieri, Roberto and De Jonge, Dave and Hazelden, Katina An Experience-Based BDI Logic: Motivating Shared Experiences and Intentionality. (2013) In: Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society - IECON 2013, 10 November 2013 - 13 November 2013 (Vienna, Austria).

Balbiani, Philippe and Mikulás, Szabolcs Decidability and complexity via mosaics of the temporal logic of the lexicographic products of unbounded dense linear orders. (2013) In: 9th International Symposium Frontiers of Combining Systems (FroCoS), 18 September 2013 - 20 September 2013 (Nancy, France).

Cohen, David and Cooper, Martin C. and Escamocher, Guillaume and Zivny, Stanislas Variable Elimination in Binary CSP via Forbidden Patterns. (2013) In: International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence - IJCAI 2013, 3 August 2013 - 9 August 2013 (Beijing, China).

Wolf, Pierre and Staffelbach, Gabriel and Gicquel, Laurent Y.M. and Müller, Jens-Dominik and Poinsot, Thierry Acoustic and Large Eddy Simulation studies of azimuthal modes in annular combustion chambers. (2012) Combustion and Flame, vol. 159 (n° 11). pp. 3398-3413. ISSN 0010-2180

Forray, Ferenc Lázár and Smith, A.M.L. and Drouet, Christophe and Navrotsky, Alexandra and Wright, K. and Hudson-Edwards, K.A. and Dubbin, W.E. Synthesis, characterization and thermochemistry of a Pb-jarosite. (2010) Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, vol. 74 (n° 1). pp. 215-224. ISSN 0016-7037

Puech, Pascal and Anwar, Abdul Waheed and Flahaut, Emmanuel and Dunstan, David J. and Bassil, Ayman and Bacsa, Wolfgang Raman G and D band in strongly photoexcited carbon nanotubes. (2009) Physical Review B (PRB), vol. 79 (n° 8). 085418-1. ISSN 1098-0121

Puech, Pascal and Ghandour, Ahmad and Sapelkin, Andrei and Tinguely, Cyril and Flahaut, Emmanuel and Dunstan, David J. and Bacsa, Wolfgang Raman G band in double-wall carbon nanotubes combining p doping and high pressure. (2008) Physical Review B: Condensed Matter, vol. 78 (n° 4). 045413-1. ISSN 1098-0121

Sloan, Jeremy and Matthewman, Gemma and Dyer-Smith, Clare and Sung, A-Young and Liu, Zheng and Suenaga, Kazu and Kirkland, Angus I. and Flahaut, Emmanuel Direct Imaging of the Structure, Relaxation, and Sterically Constrained Motion of Encapsulated Tungsten Polyoxometalate Lindqvist Ions within Carbon Nanotubes. (2008) ACS Nano, vol. 2 (n° 5). pp. 966-976. ISSN 1936-0851

Genchi, Claudio and Trees, Alexander J. and Jacobs, Dennis E. and Dorchies, Philippe Veterinary parasitologists: not lost but proactive! (2007) Trends in Parasitology, vol. 2 (n° 4). pp. 139-141. ISSN 1471-4922

Puech, Pascal and Flahaut, Emmanuel and Sapelkin, Andrei and Hubel, Hannes and Dunstan, David J. and Landa, Georges and Bacsa, Wolfgang Nanoscale pressure effects in individual double-wall carbon nanotubes. (2006) Physical Review B (PRB), vol. 73 (n° 23). pp. 233408-1. ISSN 1098-0121

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