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Gaudron, Renaud and Gatti, Marco and Mirat, Clément and Schuller, Thierry Flame describing functions of a confined premixed swirled combustor with upstream and downstream forcing. (2019) Journal Of Engineering For Gas Turbines And Power, 141 (5). 1-9. ISSN 0742-4795

Lapeyre, Corentin J. and Misdariis, Antony and Cazard, Nicolas and Veynante, Denis and Poinsot, Thierry Training convolutional neural networks to estimate turbulent sub-grid scale reaction rates. (2019) Combustion and Flame, 203. 255-264. ISSN 0010-2180

Biancheri-Astier, Marc and Diet, Antoine and Le Bihan, Yann and Grzeskowiak, Marjorie UWB Vivaldi Antenna Array Lower Band Improvement for Ground Penetrating Radar Applications. (2019) Radioengineering, 28 (1). 92-98. ISSN 1210-2512

Bacharach, Lucien and El-Korso, Mohammed Nabil and Renaux, Alexandre and Tourneret, Jean-Yves A hybrid lower bound for parameter estimation of signals with multiple change-points. (2019) IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 67 (5). 1267-1279. ISSN 1053-587X

Ding, Yi and Durox, Daniel and Darabiha, Nasser and Schuller, Thierry Chemiluminescence based operating point control of domestic gas boilers with variable natural gas composition. (2019) Applied Thermal Engineering, 149. 1052-1060. ISSN 1359-4311

Merk, Malte and Silva, Camilo and Polifke, Wolfgang and Gaudron, Renaud and Gatti, Marco and Mirat, Clément and Schuller, Thierry Direct assessment of the acoustic scattering matrix of a turbulent swirl combustor by combining system identification, large eddy simulation and analytical approaches. (2019) Journal of engineering for gas turbines and power, 141 (2). 1-9. ISSN 0742-4795

Degenève, Arthur and Jourdaine, Paul and Mirat, Clément and Caudal, Jean and Vicqueline, Ronan and Schuller, Thierry Analysis of wall temperature and heat flux distributions in a swirled combustor powered by a methane-air and a CO2-diluted oxyflame. (2019) Fuel, 236. 1540-1547. ISSN 0016-2361

Prieur, Kevin and Vignat, Guillaume and Durox, Daniel and Schuller, Thierry and Candel, Sébastien Flame and spray dynamics during the light-round process in an annular system equipped with multiple swirl spray injectors. (2019) Journal Of Engineering For Gas Turbines And Power, 141 (6). 061007. ISSN 0742-4795

Gatti, Marco and Gaudron, Renaud and Mirat, Clément and Zimmer, Laurent and Schuller, Thierry Impact of swirl and bluff-body on the transfer function of premixed flames. (2019) Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 37 (4). 5197-5204. ISSN 1540-7489

Derennes, Pierre and Chabridon, Vincent and Morio, Jérôme and Balesdent, Mathieu and Simatos, Florian and Bourinet, Jean-marc and Gayton, Nicolas Nonparametric importance sampling techniques for sensitivity analysis and reliability assessment of a launcher stage fallout. (2019) In: Modeling and Optimization in Space Engineering : State of the Art and New Challenges. (Springer Optimization and Its Applications ; 144). Springer. ISBN 978-3-030-10500-6

Fraslin, Clémence and Dechamp, Nicolas and Bernard, Maria and Krieg, Francine and Hervet, Caroline and Guyomard, René and Esquerré, Diane and Barbieri, Johanna and Kuchly, Claire and Duchaud, Eric and Boudinot, Pierre and Rochat, Tatiana and Bernardet, Jean Francois and Quillet, Edwige Quantitative trait loci for resistance to Flavobacterium psychrophilum in rainbow trout: effect of the mode of infection and evidence of epistatic interactions. (2018) Genetics Selection Evolution, 50 (1). 50-60. ISSN 0999-193X

Puentes, Cristian and Joulia, Xavier and Vidal, Jean-Paul and Esteban-Decloux, Martine Simulation of spirits distillation for a better understanding of volatile aroma compounds behavior: Application to Armagnac production. (2018) Food and Bioproducts Processing, 112. 31-62. ISSN 0960-3085

Michau, Alexandre and Maury, Francis and Schuster, Frédéric and Lomello, Fernando and Brachet, Jean-Christophe and Rouesne, Elodie and Le Saux, Matthieu and Boichot, Raphaël and Pons, Michel High-temperature oxidation resistance of chromium-based coatings deposited by DLI-MOCVD for enhanced protection of the inner surface of long tubes. (2018) Surface and Coatings Technology, 349. 1048-1057. ISSN 0257-8972

Mazères, Benoît and Desgranges, Clara and Toffolon-Masclet, Caroline and Monceau, Daniel Modeling Two- and Three-Stage Oxygen Tracer Experiments during High-Temperature Oxidation of Metals with a High Oxygen Solubility. (2018) Oxidation of Metals, 89 (5-6). 517-529. ISSN 0030-770X

El Mocayd, Nabil and Ricci, Sophie and Goutal, Nicole and Rochoux, Mélanie C. and Boyaval, Sébastien and Goeury, Cédric and Lucor, Didier and Thual, Olivier Polynomial surrogates for open-channel flows in random steady state. (2018) Environmental modeling & assessement, 23 (3). 309-331. ISSN 1420-2026

Jourdaine, Paul and Mirat, Clément and Caudal, Jean and Schuller, Thierry Stabilization mechanisms of sdwirling premixed flames with an axial-plus-tangential swirler. (2018) Journal Of Engineering For Gas Turbines And Power, 140 (8). 1-9. ISSN 0742-4795

Benamara, Megdouda and Grzeskowiak, Marjorie and Diet, Antoine and Conessa, Christophe and Lissorgues, Gaëlle and Le Bihan, Yann Effect of added resonators in RFID system at 13.56 MHz. (2018) IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation, 12 (5). 684-691. ISSN 1751-8725

Puentes, Cristian and Joulia, Xavier and Athès, Violaine and Esteban-Decloux, Martine Review and Thermodynamic Modeling with NRTL Model of Vapor–Liquid Equilibria (VLE) of Aroma Compounds Highly Diluted in Ethanol–Water Mixtures at 101.3 kPa. (2018) Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 57 (10). 3443-3470. ISSN 0888-5885

Puentes, Cristian and Joulia, Xavier and Paricaud, Patrice and Giampaoli, Pierre and Athès, Violaine and Esteban-Decloux, Martine Vapor–Liquid Equilibrium of Ethyl Lactate Highly Diluted in Ethanol–Water Mixtures at 101.3 kPa. Experimental Measurements and Thermodynamic Modeling Using Semiempirical Models. (2018) Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 63 (2). 365-379. ISSN 0021-9568

Grzeskowiak, Marjorie and Diet, Antoine and Benamara, Megdouda and Poulichet, Patrick and Conessa, Christophe and Protat, Stéphane and Biancheri-Astier, Marc and De Oliveira Alves, Francisco and Le Bihan, Yann and Lissorgues, Gaëlle Distributed Diameter Subcoil Twisted Loop Antenna in Nonradiative WPT. (2018) IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, 17 (1). 4-7. ISSN 1536-1225

Barth, Jacson and Condomines, Jean-Philippe and Bronz, Murat and Ribeiro Lustosa, Leandro and Moschetta, Jean-Marc and Join, Cédric and Fliess, Michel Fixed-wing UAV with transitioning flight capabilities : Model-Based or Model-Free Control approach? A preliminary study. (2018) In: 2018 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS), 12 June 2018 - 15 June 2018 (Dallas, United States).

Losada, Pedro Gonzalez and Grzeskowiak, Marjorie and Rousseau, Lionel and Lissorgues, Gaëlle and Scorsone, Emmanuel Life time assessment of microelectrodes for neural stimulation applications. (2018) In: 2018 Symposium on Design, Test, Integration & Packaging of MEMS and MOEMS (DTIP 2018), 22 May 2018 - 25 May 2018 (Rome, Italy).

Chabridon, Sophie and Bouzeghoub, Amel and Ahmed-Nacer, Anis and Marie, Pierrick and Desprats, Thierry Unified Modeling of Quality of Context and Quality of Situation for Context-Aware Applications in the Internet of Things. (2017) In: 10th International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Modeling and Using Context (CONTEXT 2017), 20 June 2017 - 23 June 2017 (Paris, France).

Benamara, Farah and Grouin, Cyril and Karoui, Jihen and Moriceau, Véronique and Robba, Isabelle Analyse d'opinion et langage figuratif dans des tweets : présentation et résultats du Défi Fouille de Textes DEFT2017. (2017) In: Atelier TALN 2017 : Défi Fouille de Textes (DEFT 2017), 26 June 2017 - 26 June 2017 (Orléans, France).

Belardinelli, Francesco and Herzig, Andreas Dynamic Logic for Data-aware Systems: Decidability Results. (2017) In: 26th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI 2017), 19 August 2017 - 25 August 2017 (Melbourne, Australia).

Monier, Etienne and Oberlin, Thomas and Brun, Nathalie and Dobigeon, Nicolas Reconstruction de spectres-images partiellement échantillonnés en microscopie EELS. (2017) In: 26eme Colloque GRETSI sur le Traitement du Signal et des Images (GRETSI 2017), 5 September 2017 - 8 September 2017 (Juan-les-Pins, France).

Mehanna, Maha and Rouvre, Ingrid and Délia, Marie-Line and Féron, Damien and Bergel, Alain and Basséguy, Régine Discerning different and opposite effects of hydrogenase on the corrosion of mild steel in the presence of phosphate species. (2016) Bioelectrochemistry, 111. 31-40. ISSN 1567-5394

Botet, Robert and Roger, Kevin How do interactions control droplet size during nanoprecipitation? (2016) Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science, 22. 108-112. ISSN 1359-0294

Diet, Antoine and Grzeskowiak, Marjorie and Le Bihan, Yann and Biancheri-Astier, Marc and Lahrar, Maati and Conessa, Christophe and Benamara, Megdouda and Lissorgues, Gaëlle and De Oliveira Alves, Francisco Improvement of HF RFID Tag Detection With a Distributed Diameter Reader Coil. (2016) IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, 15. 1943-1946. ISSN 1536-1225

Mojtabi, Abdelkader and Charrier-Mojtabi, Marie-Catherine and Elhajjar, Bilal and Razi, Yazdan Pedram Thermogravitational Diffusion in a Porous Medium Saturated by a Binary Fluid. (2015) In: Handbook of Porous Media, 3rd Edition. CRC Press, Boca Raton, 713-765. ISBN 978-1-4398-8554-3

Aïssat, Hakim and Cirio, Laurent and Grzeskowiak, Marjorie and Laheurte, Jean-Marc and Picon, Odile Reconfigurable circularly polarized antenna for short-range communication systems. (2006) IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, 54 (6). 2856-2863. ISSN 0018-9480

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