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Elrifai, Emad and Grzeskowiak, Marjorie and Lissorgues, Gaëlle and Deshours, Frédérique and Bourcier, Christophe and Carrer, Gérard and Richalot, Elodie and Picon, Odile 60 GHz square open-loop resonator (SOLR) based on planar Goubau line (PGL) technology. (2019) IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation, 13 (5). 660-665. ISSN 1751-8725

Diet, Antoine and Grzeskowiak, Marjorie and Biancheri-Astier, Marc and Le Bihan, Yann and Labouré, Eric and Bouklachi, Madjda and Lissorgues, Gaëlle Flexible serialized complementary coils for the detection of moving LF RFID tags. (2019) IEEE Journal of Radio Frequency Identification. 1. ISSN 2469-7281

Tegegne, Zerihun Gedeb and Viana, Carlos and Polleux, Jean-Luc and Grzeskowiak, Marjorie and Richalot, Elodie Study of lateral scaling impact on the frequency performance of SiGe Heterojunction Bipolar Phototransistor. (2018) IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 54 (3). 1-9. ISSN 0018-9197

Puentes, Cristian and Joulia, Xavier and Paricaud, Patrice and Giampaoli, Pierre and Athès, Violaine and Esteban-Decloux, Martine Vapor–Liquid Equilibrium of Ethyl Lactate Highly Diluted in Ethanol–Water Mixtures at 101.3 kPa. Experimental Measurements and Thermodynamic Modeling Using Semiempirical Models. (2018) Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 63 (2). 365-379. ISSN 0021-9568

Grzeskowiak, Marjorie and Diet, Antoine and Benamara, Megdouda and Conessa, Christophe and Protat, Stephane and Biancheri-Astier, Marc and Oliviera Alves, Francisco de and Le Bihan, Yann and Lissorgues, Gaelle Enhanced HF RFID Detection Area of Mobile Small Tag via Distributed Diameter Coil Resonator. (2018) Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, 82. 237-249. ISSN 1937-8718

Dos Santos, Victor and Roux, Nicolas and Revol, Bertrand and Sareni, Bruno and Cougo, Bernardo and Carayon, Jean-Pierre Unshielded Cable modeling for Conducted Emissions Issues in Electrical Power Drive Systems. (2017) In: EMC Europe 2017, 4 September 2017 - 8 September 2017 (Angers, France).

Dos Santos, Victor and Cougo, Bernardo and Roux, Nicolas and Sareni, Bruno and Revol, Bertrand and Carayon, Jean-Pierre Trade-off between Losses and EMI Issues in Three-Phase SiC Inverters for Aircraft Applications. (2017) In: EMC 2017 (Electromagnetic Compatibility, Signal and Power Integrity), 7 August 2017 - 11 August 2017 (Washington, United States).

Dupont, Laurent and Avenas, Yvan and Vidal, Paul-Etienne Evaluation de la température des composants actifs de puissance. (2017) In: Techniques de l'ingénieur. Techniques de l'ingénieur.

Abdelhedi, Fatma and Ait Brahim, Amal and Atigui, Faten and Zurfluh, Gilles MDA-based approach for NoSQL Databases Modelling. (2017) In: 19th International Conference on Big Data Analytics and Knowledge Discovery (DaWaK 2017), 28 August 2017 - 31 August 2017 (Lyon, France).

Kbayer, Nabil and Galy, Jerome and Chaumette, Eric and Vincent, François and Renaux, Alexandre and Larzabal, Pascal On Lower Bounds for Non Standard Deterministic Estimation. (2017) IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 65 (6). 1538-1553. ISSN 1053-587X

Renouard, Sullivan and Hano, Christophe and Ouagne, Pierre and Doussot, Joël and Blondeau, Jean-Philippe and Lainé, Eric Cellulose coating and chelation of antibacterial compounds for the protection of flax yarns against natural soil degradation. (2017) Polymer Degradation and Stability, 138. 12-17. ISSN 0141-3910

Abdelhedi, Fatma and Ait Brahim, Amal and Atigui, Faten and Zurfluh, Gilles Logical Unified Modeling For NoSQL DataBases. (2017) In: 19th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS 2017), 26 April 2017 - 29 April 2017 (Porto, Portugal).

Deü, Jean-Francois and Rouleau, Lucie and Matignon, Denis Time domain finite element analysis of structures with fractional viscoelastic damping using time-diffusive scheme. (2017) In: 2nd Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Structural Dynamics and Vibroacoustics (MEDYNA 2017), 25 April 2017 - 27 April 2017 (Sevilla, Spain).

Abdelhedi, Fatma and Ait Brahim, Amal and Atigui, Faten and Zurfluh, Gilles UMLtoNoSQL: Automatic Transformation of Conceptual Schema to NoSQL Databases. (2017) In: 14th International Conference on computer Systems And Applications (AICCSA 2017), 30 October 2017 - 3 November 2017 (Hammamet, Tunisia).

Galy, Jerome and Chaumette, Eric and Vincent, François and Renaux, Alexandre and Larzabal, Pascal Lower bounds for non standard deterministic estimation. (2016) In: IEEE Sensor Array Multichannel Workshop 2016, 10 July 2016 - 13 July 2016 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

Ariouat, Hanane and Cairns, Awatef Hicheur and Barkaoui, Kamel and Akoka, Jacky and Khelifa, Nasser A two-step clustering approach for improving educational process model discovery. (2016) In: 25th IEEE International Workshop on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises (WETICE 2016), 13 June 2016 - 15 June 2016 (Paris, France).

Galy, Jerome and Renaux, Alexandre and Chaumette, Eric and Vincent, François and Larzabal, Pascal Recursive hybrid CRB for Markovian systems with time-variant measurement parameters. (2016) In: CAMSAP 2015, 13 December 2015 - 16 December 2015 (Cancun, Mexico).

Abdelhedi, Fatma and Ait Brahim, Amal and Atigui, Faten and Zurfluh, Gilles Big Data and Knowledge Management: How to implement conceptual models in NoSQL systems? (2016) In: 8th International Conference on Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (IC3K 2016), 9 November 2016 - 11 November 2016 (Porto, Portugal).

Gui, Linqing and Val, Thierry and Wei, Anne and Dalce, Rejane Improvement of range-free localization technology by a novel DV-hop protocol in wireless sensor networks. (2015) Ad Hoc Networks, 24 (Part B). 55-73. ISSN 1570-8705

Atigui, Faten and Ravat, Franck and Song, Jiefu and Teste, Olivier and Zurfluh, Gilles Facilitate effective decision-making by warehousing reduced data: is it feasible? (2015) International Journal of Decision Support System Technology, 7 (3). 36-64. ISSN 1941-6296

Nasri, Behzad and Fouché, Olivier and Ramier, David Monitoring infiltration under a real on-site treatment system of domestic wastewater and evaluation of soil transfer function (Paris Basin, France). (2014) Environmental Earth Sciences, 73 (11). 7435-7444. ISSN 1866-6280

Gomar, Adrien and Bouvy, Quentin and Sicot, Frédéric and Dufour, Guillaume and Cinnella, Paola and François, Benjamin Convergence of Fourier-based time methods for turbomachinery wake passing problems. (2014) Journal of Computational Physics, 278. 229-256. ISSN 0021-9991

Esteban-Decloux, Martine and Deterre, Sophie and Kadir, Samir and Giampaoli, Pierre and Albet, Joël and Joulia, Xavier and Baudouin, Olivier Two industrial examples of coupling experiments and simulations for increasing quality and yield of distilled beverages. (2014) Food and Bioproducts Processing, 92 (4). 343-354. ISSN 0960-3085

Yang, Zhibin and Hu, Kai and Ma, Dianfu and Bodeveix, Jean-Paul and Pi, Lei and Talpin, Jean-Pierre From AADL to Timed Abstract State Machines: A Verified Model Transformation. (2014) Journal of Systems and Software, 93. 42-68. ISSN 0164-1212

Berkoune, Karima and Ben sedrine, Emna and Vido, Lionel and Le Ballois, Sandrine Control And Operating Point Optimization Of Hybrid Excitation Synchronous Generator Applied For Wind Application. (2014) In: 11th International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Electric Machines, Converters and Systems (ELECTRIMACS’2014), 19 May 2014 - 22 May 2014 (Valence, Spain).

Lechevalier, Arnaud and Laruffa, Fransesco and Salles, Maryse and Colletis, Gabriel Representations of Social Europe. (2014) In: Colloque "Les usages de la sociologie des politiques sociales" 2014, 2 October 2014 - 3 October 2014 (Dijon, France).

Iturralde Ruiz, Geovanny Mauricio and Ali-Yahiya, Tara and Wei, Anne and Beylot, André-Luc Resource Allocation for Real Time Services in LTE Networks: Resource Allocation Using Cooperative Game Theory and Virtual Token Mechanism. (2013) Wireless Personal Communications, 72 (2). 1415-1435. ISSN 0929-6212

Pintor, Marie-Julie and Jean-Marius, Corine and Jeanne-Rose, Valérie and Taberna, Pierre-Louis and Simon, Patrice and Gamby, Jean and Gadiou, Roger and Gaspard, Sarra Preparation of activated carbon from Turbinaria turbinata seaweeds and its use as supercapacitor electrode materials. (2013) Comptes Rendus Chimie, 16 (1). 73-79. ISSN 1631-0748

Deü, Jean-Francois and Matignon, Denis A Numerical Scheme for Time-Domain FE Analysis of Viscoelastic Structures with Fractional Derivative Constitutive Equations. (2013) In: 4th international conference on Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering - CompDyn'13, 12 June 2013 - 14 June 2013 (Kos Island, Greece).

Deterre, Sophie and Albet, Joël and Joulia, Xavier and Baudouin, Olivier and Giampaoli, Pierre and Decloux, Martine and Athès, Violaine Vapor-liquid equilibria measurements of bitter orange aroma compounds highly diluted in boiling hydro-alcoholic solutions at 101.3 kPa. (2012) Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 57 (12). 3344-3356. ISSN 0021-9568

Deü, Jean-Francois and Matignon, Denis Simulation of fractionally damped mechanical systems by means of a Newmark-diffusive scheme. (2010) Computers and Mathematics with Applications, 5 (5). 1745-1753 . ISSN 0898-1221

Chaumette, Eric and Renaux, Alexandre and Larzabal, Pascal and Galy, Jerome and Vincent, François and Quinlan, Angela MSE lower bounds for deterministic parameter estimation. (2010) In: 2nd SONDRA workshop on electromagnetic modeling, new concepts and signal processing for radar detection and remote sensing, 25-28 May 2010, Cargèse, France . (Unpublished)

Escrig, Benoît and Roviras, Daniel DMT Optimal On-Demand Relaying for Mesh Networks. (2009) In: 5th IEEE Workshop On Broadband Wireless Access (BWA), 30 Nov - 04 Dec 2009, Honolulu, US .

Escrig, Benoît and Roviras, Daniel Optimal Cooperative MAC Protocol for IEEE 802.11-based Mesh Networks. (2009) In: Firt International Conference on New Generation Wireless Systems, 12-14 Oct 2009, Melbourne, Australia . (Unpublished)

Destuynder, Philippe and Moguen, Yann and Salaün, Michel Adaptive mesh refinements for thin shells whose middle surface is not exactly known. (2008) Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 19 (51-). 4789-4811.

Brandam, Cédric and Bonazzi, Catherine and Courel, Mathilde and Fehaili, Souad and Giampaoli, Pierre and Meyer, Michel and Rega, Barbara Reaction Engineering for Sponge Cake Baking: Development of a Methodology to extract an Apparent Identifiable Reaction Scheme. (2008) In: 5th International conference on Simulation in Food and Bio Industries, 26-28 juin 2008, Irlande .

Chaumette, Eric and Galy, Jerome and Vincent, François and Larzabal, Pascal Computable lower bounds for deterministic parameter estimation. (2007) In: Computational Advances in Multi-Sensor Adaptive Processing, 2007. CAMPSAP 2007, 12-14 Dec 2007, Virgin Islands, United States .

Mallouki, Mohammed and Tran-Van, François and Sarrazin, Christian and Simon, Patrice and Daffos, Barbara and De, Amitabha and Chevrot, Claude and Fauvarque, Jean-François Polypyrrole-Fe2O3 nanohybrid materials for electrochemical storage. (2007) Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, 11 (3). 398-406. ISSN 1432-8488

Destuynder, Philippe and Moguen, Yann and Salaün, Michel Adaptation de maillage avec approximation de la géométrie pour le calcul de coques minces. (2007) In: 8ème colloque national en calcul des structures, 21-25 mai 2007, Giens, France .

Chaumette, Eric and Galy, Jerome and Vincent, François and Renaux, Alexandre and Larzabal, Pascal MSE lower bounds conditioned by the energy detector. (2007) In: EUSIPCO 2007 : 15th European Signal Processing Conference, 03-07 Sep 2007, Posnan, Poland .

Anne-Archard, Dominique and Du Colombier, Daniel and Boisson, Henri-Claude and Herbert, Vincent Analyse des enduits de visualisation pariétale utilisés en aérodynamique. (2006) In: 41ème congrès annuel du Groupe Français de Rhéologie, 18-20 Oct 2006, Cherbourg, France .

Chaumette, Eric and Vincent, François and Galy, Jerome and Larzabal, Pascal On the influence of detection tests on deterministic parameters estimation. (2006) In: EUSIPCO 2006 : 14th European Signal Processing Conference, 04-08 Sept 2006, Florence, Italy .

Abboud, Toufic and Salaün, Michel and Salmon, Stéphanie Coupling Harmonic Functions-Finite Elements for Solving the Stream Function-Vorticity Stokes Problem. (2004) Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations, 20 (5). 765-788. ISSN 0749-159X

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