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Abdelhedi, Fatma and Ait Brahim, Amal and Atigui, Faten and Zurfluh, Gilles Big Data and Knowledge Management: How to implement conceptual models in NoSQL systems? (2016) In: 8th International Conference on Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (IC3K 2016), 9 November 2016 - 11 November 2016 (Porto, Portugal).

Gui, Linqing and Val, Thierry and Wei, Anne and Dalce, Rejane Improvement of range-free localization technology by a novel DV-hop protocol in wireless sensor networks. (2015) Ad Hoc Networks, vol. 24 (Part B). pp. 55-73. ISSN 1570-8705

Atigui, Faten and Ravat, Franck and Song, Jiefu and Teste, Olivier and Zurfluh, Gilles Facilitate effective decision-making by warehousing reduced data: is it feasible? (2015) International Journal of Decision Support System Technology, vol. 7 (n° 3). pp. 36-64. ISSN 1941-6296

Nasri, Behzad and Fouché, Olivier and Ramier, David Monitoring infiltration under a real on-site treatment system of domestic wastewater and evaluation of soil transfer function (Paris Basin, France). (2014) Environmental Earth Sciences, vol. 73 (n° 11). pp. 7435-7444. ISSN 1866-6280

Yang, Zhibin and Hu, Kai and Ma, Dianfu and Bodeveix, Jean-Paul and Pi, Lei and Talpin, Jean-Pierre From AADL to Timed Abstract State Machines: A Verified Model Transformation. (2014) Journal of Systems and Software, vol. 93. pp. 42-68. ISSN 0164-1212

Berkoune, Karima and Ben sedrine, Emna and Vido, Lionel and Le Ballois, Sandrine Control And Operating Point Optimization Of Hybrid Excitation Synchronous Generator Applied For Wind Application. (2014) In: 11th International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Electric Machines, Converters and Systems (ELECTRIMACS’2014), 19 May 2014 - 22 May 2014 (Valence, Spain).

Gomar, Adrien and Bouvy, Quentin and Sicot, Frédéric and Dufour, Guillaume and Cinnella, Paola and François, Benjamin Convergence of Fourier-based time methods for turbomachinery wake passing problems. (2014) Journal of Computational Physics, vol. 278. pp. 229-256. ISSN 0021-9991

Lechevalier, Arnaud and Laruffa, Fransesco and Salles, Maryse and Colletis, Gabriel Representations of Social Europe. (2014) In: Colloque "Les usages de la sociologie des politiques sociales" 2014, 2 October 2014 - 3 October 2014 (Dijon, France).

Iturralde Ruiz, Geovanny Mauricio and Ali-Yahiya, Tara and Wei, Anne and Beylot, André-Luc Resource Allocation for Real Time Services in LTE Networks: Resource Allocation Using Cooperative Game Theory and Virtual Token Mechanism. (2013) Wireless Personal Communications, vol. 72 (n° 2). pp. 1415-1435. ISSN 0929-6212

Deü, Jean-Francois and Matignon, Denis A Numerical Scheme for Time-Domain FE Analysis of Viscoelastic Structures with Fractional Derivative Constitutive Equations. ( In Press: 2013) In: 4th internat. conference on Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering - CompDyn'13, 12-14 Jun 2013, Kos Island, Greece .

Deterre, Sophie and Albet, Joël and Joulia, Xavier and Baudouin, Olivier and Giampaoli, Pierre and Decloux, Martine and Athès, Violaine Vapor-liquid equilibria measurements of bitter orange aroma compounds highly diluted in boiling hydro-alcoholic solutions at 101.3 kPa. (2012) Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, vol. 57 (n° 12). pp. 3344-3356. ISSN 0021-9568

Deü, Jean-Francois and Matignon, Denis Simulation of fractionally damped mechanical systems by means of a Newmark-diffusive scheme. (2010) Computers and Mathematics with Applications, vol. 5 (n° 5). pp. 1745-1753 . ISSN 0898-1221

Chaumette, Eric and Renaux, Alexandre and Larzabal, Pascal and Galy, Jerome and Vincent, François and Quinlan, Angela MSE lower bounds for deterministic parameter estimation. (2010) In: 2nd SONDRA workshop on electromagnetic modeling, new concepts and signal processing for radar detection and remote sensing, 25-28 May 2010, Cargèse, France . (Unpublished)

Escrig, Benoît and Roviras, Daniel DMT Optimal On-Demand Relaying for Mesh Networks. (2009) In: 5th IEEE Workshop On Broadband Wireless Access (BWA), 30 Nov - 04 Dec 2009, Honolulu, US .

Escrig, Benoît and Roviras, Daniel Optimal Cooperative MAC Protocol for IEEE 802.11-based Mesh Networks. (2009) In: Firt International Conference on New Generation Wireless Systems, 12-14 Oct 2009, Melbourne, Australia . (Unpublished)

Destuynder, Philippe and Moguen, Yann and Salaün, Michel Adaptive mesh refinements for thin shells whose middle surface is not exactly known. (2008) Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, vol.19 (n° 51-). pp. 4789-4811.

Brandam, Cédric and Bonazzi, Catherine and Courel, Mathilde and Fehaili, Souad and Giampaoli, Pierre and Meyer, Michel and Rega, Barbara Reaction Engineering for Sponge Cake Baking: Development of a Methodology to extract an Apparent Identifiable Reaction Scheme. (2008) In: 5th International conference on Simulation in Food and Bio Industries, 26-28 juin 2008, Irlande .

Chaumette, Eric and Galy, Jerome and Vincent, François and Larzabal, Pascal Computable lower bounds for deterministic parameter estimation. (2007) In: Computational Advances in Multi-Sensor Adaptive Processing, 2007. CAMPSAP 2007, 12-14 Dec 2007, Virgin Islands, United States .

Mallouki, Mohammed and Tran-Van, François and Sarrazin, Christian and Simon, Patrice and Daffos, Barbara and De, Amitabha and Chevrot, Claude and Fauvarque, Jean-François Polypyrrole-Fe2O3 nanohybrid materials for electrochemical storage. (2007) Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, vol. 11 (n° 3). pp. 398-406. ISSN 1432-8488

Destuynder, Philippe and Moguen, Yann and Salaün, Michel Adaptation de maillage avec approximation de la géométrie pour le calcul de coques minces. (2007) In: 8ème colloque national en calcul des structures, 21-25 mai 2007, Giens, France .

Chaumette, Eric and Galy, Jerome and Vincent, François and Renaux, Alexandre and Larzabal, Pascal MSE lower bounds conditioned by the energy detector. (2007) In: EUSIPCO 2007 : 15th European Signal Processing Conference, 03-07 Sep 2007, Posnan, Poland .

Anne-Archard, Dominique and Du Colombier, Daniel and Boisson, Henri-Claude and Herbert, Vincent Analyse des enduits de visualisation pariétale utilisés en aérodynamique. (2006) In: 41ème congrès annuel du Groupe Français de Rhéologie, 18-20 Oct 2006, Cherbourg, France .

Chaumette, Eric and Vincent, François and Galy, Jerome and Larzabal, Pascal On the influence of detection tests on deterministic parameters estimation. (2006) In: EUSIPCO 2006 : 14th European Signal Processing Conference, 04-08 Sept 2006, Florence, Italy .

Abboud, Toufic and Salaün, Michel and Salmon, Stéphanie Coupling Harmonic Functions-Finite Elements for Solving the Stream Function-Vorticity Stokes Problem. (2004) Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations, vol. 20 (n° 5). pp. 765-788. ISSN 0749-159X

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