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Straubhaar, Benjamin and Prat, Marc and Pauchet, Joël Pore network modelling of condensation in gas diffusion layers of proton exchange membrane fuel cells. (2016) International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, vol. 102. pp. 891-901. ISSN 0017-9310

Straubhaar, Benjamin and Pauchet, Joël and Prat, Marc Water transport in gas diffusion layer of a polymer electrolyte fuel cell in the presence of a temperature gradient. Phase change effect. (2015) International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. pp. 1-8. ISSN 0360-3199

Kaddeche, Slim and Garandet, Jean-Paul and Henry, Daniel and Ben Hadid, Hamda and Mojtabi, Abdelkader On the effect of natural convection on solute segregation in the horizontal Bridgman configuration: Convergence of a theoretical model with numerical and experimental data. (2015) Journal of Crystal Growth, vol. 409. pp. 89-94. ISSN 0022-0248

El Hannach, Mohamed and Soboleva, Tatyana and Malek, Kourosh and Franco, Alejandro A. and Prat, Marc and Pauchet, Joël and Holdcroft, Steven Characterization of pore network structure in catalyst layers of polymer electrolyte fuel cells. (2014) Journal of Power Sources, vol. 247 (n° 1). pp. 322-326. ISSN 0378-7753

Bernical, Quentin and Joulia, Xavier and Noirot-Le Borgne, Isabelle and Floquet, Pascal and Baurens, Pierre and Boissonnet, Guillaume Sustainability assessment of an integrated High Temperature Steam Electrolysis - enhanced Biomass to Liquid Fuel process. (2013) Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. pp. A-G. ISSN 0888-5885

Anxionnaz-Minvielle, Zoé and Cabassud, Michel and Gourdon, Christophe and Tochon, Patrice Influence of the meandering channel geometry on the thermo-hydraulic performances of an intensified heatexchanger/reactor. (2013) Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification, vol. 73. pp. 67-80. ISSN 0255-2701

Bedel, Laurent and Cayron, Cyril and Jouve, Michel and Maury, Francis Embedded layer of Ag nanoparticles prepared by a combined PECVD/PVD process producing SiOxCy-Ag nanocomposite thin films. (2012) Nanotechnology, vol. 23 (n° 1). p. 015603(1) -015603(8). ISSN 1361-6528

El Hannach, Mohamed and Prat, Marc and Pauchet, Joël Pore network model of the cathode catalyst layer of proton exchange membrane fuel cells: Analysis of water management and electrical performance. (2012) International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, vol. 37 (n° 24). pp. 18996-19006. ISSN 0360-3199

Theron, Félicie and Anxionnaz-Minvielle, Zoé and Le Sauze, Nathalie and Cabassud, Michel Transposition from a batch to a continuous process for microencapsulation by interfacial polycondensation. (2012) Chemical Engineering and Processing, vol. 54. pp. 42-54. ISSN 0255-2701

Pauchet, Joël and Prat, Marc and Schott, Pascal and Pulloor Kuttanikkad, Srijith Performance loss of proton exchange membrane fuel cell due to hydrophobicity loss in gas diffusion layer: Analysis by multiscale approach combining pore network and performance modelling. (2012) International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, vol. 37 (n° 2). pp. 1628-1641. ISSN 0360-3199

Moro, Isabelle and Briottet, Laurent and Lemoine, P. and Andrieu, Eric and Blanc, Christine and Odemer, Grégory Hydrogen embrittlement susceptibility of a high strength steel X80. (2010) Materials Science and Engineering A, vol. 527 (n° 27-28). pp. 7252-7260. ISSN 0921-5093

Tochon, Patrice and Couturier, Raphael and Anxionnaz, Zoé and Lomel, Sebastien and Runser, Hélène and Picard, Florian and Niclou, Alice and Gourdon, Christophe and Cabassud, Michel and Peerhossaini, Hassan and Della valle, Dominique and Lemenand , Thierry Toward a Competitive Process Intensification:A New Generation of Heat Exchanger-Reactors. (2010) Oil & Gas Science and Technology, vol. 65 (n° 5). pp. 785-792. ISSN 1294-4475

Chomette, Sébastien and Gentzbittel, Jean-Marie and Viguier, Bernard Creep behaviour of as received, aged and cold worked INCONEL 617 at 850 °C and 950 °C. (2010) Journal of Nuclear Materials, vol. 399 (n° 2-3). pp. 266-274. ISSN 0022-3115

Terzi, Sofiane and Couturier, Raphael and Guétaz, Laure and Viguier, Bernard Modelling the plastic deformation during high-temperature creep of a powder-metallurgy coarse-grained superalloy. (2008) Materials Science and Engineering A, vol. 483 - 4. pp. 598-601. ISSN 0921-5093

Conference or Workshop Item

Straubhaar, Benjamin and Pauchet, Joël and Prat, Marc Pore network simulation of water condensation in Gas Diffusion Layers of PEM Fuel Cells. (2015) In: 7th International Conference on Porous Media - InterPore 2015, 18 May 2015 - 21 May 2015 (Padova, Italy). (Unpublished)

Straubhaar, Benjamin and Pauchet, Joël and Prat, Marc Water condensation in Gas Diffusion Layers of PEM Fuel cells. (2015) In: 6th International Conference on Fundamentals & Development of Fuel Cells, 3 February 2015 - 5 February 2015 (Toulouse, France). (Unpublished)

Della valle, Dominique and Anxionnaz, Zoé and Cabassud, Michel and Carriere, Philippe and Fourmigue, Jean-François and Lemenand , Thierry and Gonzalez, Michel and Goroghovsky, Mikhael and Gourdon, Christophe and Mohand, Hakim and Paranthoen, Pierre and Peerhossaini, Hassan and Raynal, Florence and Tochon, Patrice Extrapolation of multifunctional heat exchangers at industrial scale - The extrapolis project. (2009) In: 2nd International Congress on Green Process Engineering,2nd European Process Intensification Conference, 14-17 June 2009, Venise,Italie .

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