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Lopes, Mailys and Fauvel, Mathieu and Ouin, Annie and Girard, Stéphane Spectro-temporal heterogeneity measures from dense high spatial resolution satellite image time series: application to grassland species diversity estimation. (2017) Remote Sensing, vol. 9 (n° 10). pp. 1-23. ISSN 2072-4292

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albetis de la cruz, Johanna and Duthoit, Sylvie and Nor Guttler, Fabio and Jacquin, Anne and Goulard, Michel and Poilvé, Hervé and Féret, Jean-Baptiste and Dedieu, Gérard Detection of "Flavescence dorée" Grapevine Disease Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Multispectral Imagery. (2017) Remote Sensing, vol. 9 (n°4). pp.1-20. ISSN 2072-4292

Valladares, Lionel and Courtin, Olivier and Brustel, Hervé Phoracantha semipunctata (Fabricius, 1775) en région toulousaine. Actualisation de son expansion et remarques sur P. recurva Newman, 1840 (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae). (2017) Carnets Natures, vol.4. pp.5-12. ISSN 2427-6111

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L. and Del Mar Alguacil, Maria and Alignier, Audrey and Ancrenaz, Marc and Andersen, Alan N. and Arbeláez-Cortés, Enrique and Armbrecht, Inge and Arroyo-Rodríguez, Víctor and Aumann, Tom and Axmacher, Jan C. and Azhar, Badrul and Azpiroz, Adrián B. and Baeten, Lander and Bakayoko, Adama and Báldi, András and Banks, John E. and Baral, Sharad K. and Barlow, Jos and Barratt, Barbara I. P. and Barrico, Lurdes and Bartolommei, Paola and Barton, Diane M. and Basset, Yves and Batáry, Péter and Bates, Adam J. and Baur, Bruno and Bayne, Erin M. and Beja, Pedro and Benedick, Suzan and Berg, Åke and Bernard, Henry and Berry, Nicholas J. and Bhatt, Dinesh and Bicknell, Jake E. and Bihn, Jochen H. and Blake, Robin J. and Bobo, Kadiri S. and Bóçon, Roberto and Boekhout, Teun and Böhning-Gaese, Katrin and Bonham, Kevin J. and Borges, Paulo A. V. and Borges, Sérgio H. and Boutin, Céline and Bouyer, Jérémy and Bragagnolo, Cibele and Brandt, Jodi S. and Brearley, Francis Q. and Brito, Isabel and Bros, Vicenç and Brunet, Jörg and Buczkowski, Grzegorz and Buddle, Christopher M. and Bugter, Rob and Buscardo, Erika and Buse, Jörn and Cabra-García, Jimmy and Cáceres, Nilton C. and Cagle, Nicolette L. and Calviño-Cancela, María and Cameron, Sydney A. and Cancello, Eliana M. and Caparrós, Rut and Cardoso, Pedro and Carpenter, Dan and Carrijo, Tiago F. and Carvalho, Anelena L. and Cassano, Camila R. and Castro, Helena and Castro-Luna, Alejandro A. and Rolando, Cerda B. and Cerezo, Alexis and Chapman, Kim Alan and Chauvat, Matthieu and Christensen, Morten and Clarke, Francis M. and Cleary, Daniel F.R. and Colombo, Giorgio and Connop, Stuart P. and Craig, Michael D. and Cruz-López, Leopoldo and Cunningham, Saul A. and D'Aniello, Biagio and D'Cruze, Neil and da Silva, Pedro Giovâni and Dallimer, Martin and Danquah, Emmanuel and Darvill, Ben and Dauber, Jens and Davis, Adrian L. V. and Dawson, Jeff and de Sassi, Claudio and de Thoisy, Benoit and Deheuvels, Olivier and Dejean, Alain and Devineau, Jean-Louis and Diekötter, Tim and Dolia, Jignasu V. and Domínguez, Erwin and Dominguez-Haydar, Yamileth and Dorn, Silvia and Draper, Isabel and Dreber, Niels and Dumont, Bertrand and Dures, Simon G. and Dynesius, Mats and Edenius, Lars and Eggleton, Paul and Eigenbrod, Felix and Elek, Zoltán and Entling, Martin H. and Esler, Karen J. and de Lima, Ricardo F. and Faruk, Aisyah and Farwig, Nina and Fayle, Tom M. and Felicioli, Antonio and Felton, Annika M. and Fensham, Roderick J. and Fernandez, Ignacio C. and Ferreira, Catarina C. and Ficetola, Gentile F. and Fiera, Cristina and Filgueiras, Bruno K. C. and Fırıncıoğlu, Hüseyin K. and Flaspohler, David and Floren, Andreas and Fonte, Steven J. and Fournier, Anne and Fowler, Robert E. and Franzén, Markus and Fraser, Lauchlan H. and Fredriksson, Gabriella M. and Freire, Geraldo B. and Frizzo, Tiago L. M. and Fukuda, Daisuke and Furlani, Dario and Gaigher, René and Ganzhorn, Jörg U. and García, Karla P. and Garcia-R, Juan C. and Garden, Jenni G. and Garilleti, Ricardo and Ge, Bao-Ming and Gendreau-Berthiaume, Benoit and Gerard, Philippa J. and Gheler-Costa, Carla and Gilbert, Benjamin and Giordani, Paolo and Giordano, Simonetta and Golodets, Carly and Gomes, Laurens G. L. and Gould, Rachelle K. and Goulson, Dave and Gove, Aaron D. and Granjon, Laurent and Grass, Ingo and Gray, Claudia L. and Grogan, James and Gu, Weibin and Guardiola, Moisès and Gunawardene, Nihara R. and Gutierrez, Alvaro G. and Gutiérrez-Lamus, Doris L. and Haarmeyer, Daniela H. and Hanley, Mick E. and Hanson, Thor and Hashim, Nor R. and Hassan, Shombe N. and Hatfield, Richard G. and Hawes, Joseph E. and Hayward, Matt W. and Hébert, Christian and Helden, Alvin J. and Henden, John-André and Henschel, Philipp and Hernández, Lionel and Herrera, James P. and Herrmann, Farina and Herzog, Felix and Higuera-Diaz, Diego and Hilje, Branko and Höfer, Hubert and Hoffmann, Anke and Horgan, Finbarr G. and Hornung, Elisabeth and Horváth, Roland and Hylander, Kristoffer and Isaacs-Cubides, Paola and Ishida, Hiroaki and Ishitani, Masahiro and Jacobs, Carmen T. and Jaramillo, Víctor J. and Jauker, Birgit and Hernández, F. Jiménez and Johnson, McKenzie F. and Jolli, Virat and Jonsell, Mats and Juliani, S. Nur and Jung, Thomas S. and Kapoor, Vena and Kappes, Heike and Kati, Vassiliki and Katovai, Eric and Kellner, Klaus and Kessler, Michael and Kirby, Kathryn R. and Kittle, Andrew M. and Knight, Mairi E. and Knop, Eva and Kohler, Florian and Koivula, Matti and Kolb, Annette and Kone, Mouhamadou and Kőrösi, Ádám and Krauss, Jochen and Kumar, Ajith and Kumar, Raman and Kurz, David J. and Kutt, Alex S. and Lachat, Thibault and Lantschner, Victoria and Lara, Francisco and Lasky, Jesse R. and Latta, Steven C. and Laurance, William F. and Lavelle, Patrick and Le Feon, Violette and LeBuhn, Gretchen and Légaré, Jean-Philippe and Lehouck, Valérie and Lencinas, María V. and Lentini, Pia E. and Letcher, Susan G. and Li, Qi and Litchwark, Simon A. and Littlewood, Nick A. and Liu, Yunhui and Lo-Man-Hung, Nancy and López-Quintero, Carlos A. and Louhaichi, Mounir and Lövei, Gabor L. and Lucas-Borja, Manuel Esteban and Luja, Victor H. and Luskin, Matthew S. and MacSwiney G, M Cristina and Maeto, Kaoru and Magura, Tibor and Mallari, Neil Aldrin and Malone, Louise A. and Malonza, Patrick K. and Malumbres-Olarte, Jagoba and Mandujano, Salvador and Måren, Inger E. and Marin-Spiotta, Erika and Marsh, Charles J. and Marshall, E. 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F. and Naidoo, Robin and Naithani, A. and Nakagawa, Michiko and Nakamura, Akihiro and Nakashima, Yoshihiro and Naoe, Shoji and Nates-Parra, Guiomar and Navarrete Gutierrez, Dario A. and Navarro-Iriarte, Luis and Ndang'ang'a, Paul K. and Neuschulz, Eike L. and Ngai, Jacqueline T. and Nicolas, Violaine and Nilsson, Sven G. and Noreika, Norbertas and Norfolk, Olivia and Noriega, Jorge Ari and Norton, David A. and Nöske, Nicole M. and Nowakowski, A. Justin and Numa, Catherine and O'Dea, Niall and O'Farrell, Patrick J. and Oduro, William and Oertli, Sabine and Ofori-Boateng, Caleb and Oke, Christopher Omamoke and Oostra, Vicencio and Osgathorpe, Lynne M. and Otavo, Samuel Eduardo and Page, Navendu V. and Paritsis, Juan and Parra-H, Alejandro and Parry, Luke and Pe'er, Guy and Pearman, Peter B. and Pelegrin, Nicolás and Pélissier, Raphaël and Peres, Carlos A. and Peri, Pablo L. and Persson, Anna S. and Petanidou, Theodora and Peters, Marcell K. and Pethiyagoda, Rohan S. and Phalan, Ben and Philips, T. Keith and Pillsbury, Finn C. and Pincheira-Ulbrich, Jimmy and Pineda, Eduardo and Pino, Joan and Pizarro-Araya, Jaime and Plumptre, A. J. and Poggio, Santiago L. and Politi, Natalia and Pons, Pere and Poveda, Katja and Power, Eileen F. and Presley, Steven J. and Proença, Vânia and Quaranta, Marino and Quintero, Carolina and Rader, Romina and Ramesh, B. 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Leighton and Reis, Yana T. and Rey Benayas, José M. and Rey-Velasco, Juan Carlos and Reynolds, Chevonne and Ribeiro, Danilo Bandini and Richards, Miriam H. and Richardson, Barbara A. and Richardson, Michael J. and Ríos, Rodrigo Macip and Robinson, Richard and Robles, Carolina A. and Römbke, Jörg and Romero-Duque, Luz Piedad and Rös, Matthias and Rosselli, Loreta and Rossiter, Stephen J. and Roth, Dana S. and Roulston, T'ai H. and Rousseau, Laurent and Rubio, André V. and Ruel, Jean-Claude and Sadler, Jonathan P. and Sáfián, Szabolcs and Saldaña-Vázquez, Romeo A. and Sam, Katerina and Samnegård, Ulrika and Santana, Joana and Santos, Xavier and Savage, Jade and Schellhorn, Nancy A. and Schilthuizen, Menno and Schmiedel, Ute and Schmitt, Christine B. and Schon, Nicole L. and Schüepp, Christof and Schumann, Katharina and Schweiger, Oliver and Scott, Dawn M. and Scott, Kenneth A. and Sedlock, Jodi L. and Seefeldt, Steven S. and Shahabuddin, Ghazala and Shannon, Graeme and Sheil, Douglas and Sheldon, Frederick H. and Shochat, Eyal and Siebert, Stefan J. and Silva, Fernando A. B. and Simonetti, Javier A. and Slade, Eleanor M. and Smith, Jo and Smith-Pardo, Allan H. and Sodhi, Navjot S. and Somarriba, Eduardo J. and Sosa, Ramón A. and Soto Quiroga, Grimaldo and St-Laurent, Martin-Hugues and Starzomski, Brian M. and Stefanescu, Constanti and Steffan-Dewenter, Ingolf and Stouffer, Philip C. and Stout, Jane C. and Strauch, Ayron M. and Struebig, Matthew J. and Su, Zhimin and Suarez-Rubio, Marcela and Sugiura, Shinji and Summerville, Keith S. and Sung, Yik-Hei and Sutrisno, Hari and Svenning, Jens-Christian and Teder, Tiit and Threlfall, Caragh G. and Tiitsaar, Anu and Todd, Jacqui H. and Tonietto, Rebecca K. and Torre, Ignasi and Tóthmérész, Béla and Tscharntke, Teja and Turner, Edgar C. and Tylianakis, Jason M. and Uehara-Prado, Marcio and Urbina-Cardona, Nicolas and Vallan, Denis and Vanbergen, Adam J. and Vasconcelos, Heraldo L. and Vassilev, Kiril and Verboven, Hans A. F. and Verdasca, Maria João and Verdú, José R. and Vergara, Carlos H. and Vergara, Pablo M. and Verhulst, Jort and Virgilio, Massimiliano and Vu, Lien Van and Waite, Edward M. and Walker, Tony R. and Wang, Hua-Feng and Wang, Yanping and Watling, James I. and Weller, Britta and Wells, Konstans and Westphal, Catrin and Wiafe, Edward D. and Williams, Christopher D. and Willig, Michael R. and Woinarski, John C. Z. and Wolf, Jan H. D. and Wolters, Volkmar and Woodcock, Ben A. and Wu, Jihua and Wunderle, Joseph M. and Yamaura, Yuichi and Yoshikura, Satoko and Yu, Douglas W. and Zaitsev, Andrey S. and Zeidler, Juliane and Zou, Fasheng and Collen, Ben and Ewers, Rob M. and Mace, Georgina M. and Purves, Drew W. and Scharlemann, Jörn P. W. and Purvis, Andy The database of the Predicts (Projecting responses of ecological diversity in changing terrestrial systems) project. (2017) Ecology and Evolution, vol. 7 (n° 1). pp. 145-188. ISSN 2045-7758

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